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  1. Do NOT download CCleaner in Zimbabwe. They're having a slight revolution right now.
  2. Test your Credit Card strength. Enter your Credit Card number here... __________________
  3. I never tried making an icon before but this program looks so good I believe I can make one. Just like that!
  4. Coronagold

    Avast! 4.8

    Avast ye? SNL - "...H, I, J, K, L M N O AAAARRRRRRRR!...."
  5. Yeah, FF takes a long time to load. The faster FF3 comes out in June sometime. I can wait a few months. I'm no nightly tester so I have no interest in running betas without extensions. Extensions are what FF is all about.
  6. CCleaner gets rid of all the junk that Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy would normally find. And it's 1000 times faster and way more efficient.
  7. What version of Firefox are you guys using? I have version No AVG browser hijacks, no ads. There are several 'version 3-betas' of FF out now that some people think are legit releases. They're not.
  8. Some people have been complaining about having to pay for downloading the Firefox browser. Anyone who pays for free stuff really doesn't know the internet that well and there are a lot of thieves out there ready to exploit them. Filehippo.com is an excellent source for free necessary software. Start there.
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