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  1. I bought one of these...wires. Takes 3 to 4 days to get here. That'll work fine.
  2. I'm waiting till someone yells "They fixed it!", that's usually a good sign. Doesn't matter what was wrong in the first place.
  3. Thanks everybody, but I think I'm gonna go with a 75 foot ethernet wire. Ticky tacky & all, but at worst it'll look goth/steam punk. Now let's see if I can find a PC store that won't rip me off for friggin wire.
  4. Should I get the award winner, or the one with speed booster?
  5. Basically it's my sis's PC with an ADSL modem on the 1st floor, and another PC with no modem on the 2nd floor. Do I need 2 routers (1 for each PC) or just one router set up at my sisters' modem? I've heard of Linksys before. My sis's modem "speedtest.com" carriage is about 5000 download and 450 upload. What range $$$ (per router) am I looking at? I don't want to spend an arm & a leg. Sorry for the extremely basic questions. I've never had routers in my life before.
  6. I'm trying to get info on cost & set-up for a wireless router between 2 home PCs. I'm checking online now. Anybody know of what's good and what to stay away from? They usually don't tell you that kind of stuff in reviews.
  7. I even had partitioned my drive so it would be WinME Fat 32 / WinXP Fat 32 / WinXP NTFS. All defragmentations ran slow in each partition.
  8. I wonder why the extensions are in toolbars instead of in the side panel. Yeesh, what a waste of real estate.
  9. Coronagold


    Neither do I. I want functionality. The heck with their religion.
  10. Coronagold


    I replied to this thread earlier, but it didn't take. Hmmm.... I did what you said and it worked. Thanks! I find it weird that I had to enter 'restricted' in the search feature. That's one thing I hate about brand new OS's, I feel like such a noob.
  11. Coronagold


    Too late, I already did. I know what you're talking about, but I didn't see anything that fit the task description in that choice box. I'll look at it again, but I'm gonna keep an eye on my slippy mouse fingers around the desktop. Ooo, quick question... I'm trying to download Adobe Flash Player for Linux. Which one? (Ubuntu, Hardy Heron) tar.gz? rpm? or YUM?
  12. Coronagold


    While running Ubuntu I had Firefox running. During that time I was discovering the Panels options (those top and bottom panel bars). And I found the Add/Remove features of them. While trying to remove the 'space bracket' between the "show desktop" icon and Firefoxs' running application tab, I accidentally grabbed FFs' app tab and removed it. I've looked all over for it, yelled its name out loud a few times, but I dinna find it. Now, it seems that whole feature is missing. No matter what app I open, its respective running app tab doesn't appear on the lower panel. Is there a way to return that feature to the lower panel (or any panel) that doen't involve uninstalling & reinstalling Ubuntu, or learning code? I haven't found a way so far.
  13. The extentions in FF make it my #1 browser. IE7 is my 2nd choice because I'm very familiar with it. Opera seems very good though I've only played around with it for a short time.
  14. Well whaddaya know. I did register here in Dec. 2006 to make an HJT help post. I didn't know CC even existed then. I forgot about that. Oh great, so now I have 2 accounts which is basically a message board no-no. If I have to get rid of one I guess it should be the old Corona one. My newer Coronagold account has more activity. Okay, I've hijacked this thread way too long. I'll post my misadventures in a more approppriate thread.
  15. The only place with lights is Kim Il's palace.
  16. Woah, I'm downloading it now. I chose Ubuntu. Should I have chosen Kubuntu or another? I had 4 options. Hardy Herring wasn't one of them.
  17. Okay, I'm about 8 years late in asking this but I might as well ask now. My pooter is a Hewlett Packard Pavillion 9895 desktop. I bought it in 99 or 2000. It came with WindowsME. (Don't spit soda on your monitor.) When I first got it up & running it came installed with MS Money, MS Word, & MS Works, Encarta, not the full versions. I didn't need that junk. I tried uninstalling them (normal Add/Remove function) and my pooter died. I had to reformat. Of course I got XP when it came out. I did what I thought was a clean install, but now I'm pretty sure it never was a clean install because I needed to use the Hewlett Packard disks first before I put in the XP disk. Anyway, the same MS programs are still in there but not useable. They just don't work and I couldn't care less about using them. But I'm a-scared to remove them. I know Revo would do the job. Can I remove them? Maybe? ---------- Another thing... When I did have ME, defrag would take about 5 to 10 minutes. Ever since I got XP, no matter which defragger I use (I tried them all, believe me) it has to be an overnight job because it takes about 8 hours, easy. I remember years ago someone telling me that maybe the hardware, motherboard, whatever was set to be used by ME and it might not recognize XP in that area. Oooookaaaaaaay.... Anybody have any ideas about that?
  18. After reading your well constructed post I just had to throw that ditty in there. Sorta like a record scratch.
  19. Is MS saying that .NET and Silverlight are neccessary updates? Gimme a break.
  20. Exactly. I was about to post the same thing.
  21. I used to have Partition Magic way back when. Any good free partitioners out there that are user friendly (for non-coding maroons like me)? I'd love to try Hardy Heron. I was almost tempted by an earlier version of Ubuntu but I think I got lazy.
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