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  1. That is vista. Theme here http://k-johnson.deviantart.com/art/Clears...Vista-126471800
  2. I think he means changing skins on the ccleaner app itself Personally dont see a need for that tho...
  3. Well, it is a Wings song and he wrote it Good to hear you had a great time mate
  4. On my own pc I dont run any anti virus app at all, but do online scans every now and then. But on the laptop that the whole family shares I have AVG installed. As Andavari said it is another thing when you dont have control over what others do with it.
  5. I noticed that Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 doesent get detected. Otherwise a good release!
  6. Thanx The XP theme is Novus and I use Vistamizer for the icons.
  7. Mine this month. Thanx to dewaaz for the taskbar guide:)
  8. Wall @interfacelift.com
  9. do you have tuneup utilities installed? that app patches the uxtheme file.
  10. Are you referring to the Tango patcher ?
  11. Yeah..bored. Had to fiddle around with Virtualbox and XP SP3
  12. Another one running meteo fusion(weather) and cd art display.
  13. Still using this setup. It just works.
  14. Boring, but I like the setup.
  15. Great update, thank you! Works with Win7 64 bit (7137), except for cleaning app history in startmenu and history in jump-lists.
  16. I'm back on Vista 64 bit (SP2) until they fix the animation-stutter\lag bug I have whenever opening or closing windows\apps in Win 7.
  17. Same here. I think Firefox have changed the cleaning routine.
  18. Thank you for the update Edit\it is not compatible with the new firefox 3.5 beta 4
  19. Good update, thank you!
  20. To start with, I have 8gb ram..so I have to use 64 bit so it all get used. Also, I have never had problems, at least with my rig, with drivers or apps not working on my comp, so I am happy with my 64 bit
  21. Windows 7 64-bit build 7057
  22. Welcome to the forums...and I agree completely!
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