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  1. Fresh install of Win7 build 7057 64-bit, and loving this build so far.
  2. Right now I play F.E.A.R.2 Burnout Paradise Resident Evil 5 Trackmania United Forever
  3. My for March, using Rainmeter.
  4. Got my hands on Windows 7 build 7022
  5. For the END of the month?? Here it is only the start of this month LOL
  6. Mine this month. VS: here Wall: here
  7. My new one displaying me and my family
  8. Winapp2.ini got my vote! Think I forgot to post a desktop last month
  9. Nice,thanx. Great apps there man!
  10. The other game is Prince of Persia. It is maybe a bit easy, but it is so much fun. Also a great game!
  11. Hehe I love you man, you really like this game huh? Great passion right there. Anyway, yeah, I totally agree, the game is one of two games lately I put some serious time in! Great game in all areas for sure!!
  12. Why is it that everyone think it is Axl's fault the band split up? Have anyone really followed the band, or do you guys belive everything that is written about him? Axl and Slash had different opinions about what music they wanted to do and basicly Slash left and took Matt Sorum and Duff with him. They wanted to make more Appetite(ish) stuff while Axl wanted to go a step further. If you have seen recent interviews with Slash, it is obvious that he wants back in GNR. He talks about Axl as he is Jesus himself and is a**licking as hell. No bad words there, and it is understandable as VR is never gonna be anything again. Yes,Axl is eccentric and he have AD\HD and is wierd, but it was not his fault alone that old gn'r broke up! Axl is a music genious and he has proven that with this record. I get angry when I see bad reviews only focusing on how long it took to give out this album rather than focusing on the music part. Stupid!! p.s. I am a big Slash fan(even met him once) but I did not miss Slash a second on this album. Do I want a reunion? Yes of course I do, and I also think it will happen some day. But until then I am enjoying Chinese Democracy!
  13. Yeah "Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide" was an EP that came out in 85-86 I think. Before "Appetite". In 89 "Lies" was released with the first 4-5 songs the same as "Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide" and filled it with the acoustic stuff like "Patience" etc.
  14. Trust me, I remember it too very well. Been a fan since "Appetite" came out and saw the original band (exept Steven Adler) 4 times and the "new" Guns 2 times. Actually I heard the "Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide" EP in '86 I think, but it didnt really caught me ears until "Appetite" came out. "Chinese" is an awesome album, I dont skip a song on it, but still it is more Axl Rose than a real Guns album if you know what I mean. Anyway, gotta go listen to "Sorry"..later guys
  15. Best album I have heard in a loong time period! @rridgely, happy to hear you like it mate..told you
  16. Just to celebrate that is is only 24 days left until Chinese Democracy is actually out!! full
  17. Agreed,good update. I like the additions of icons also. Great move!
  18. It is a WB skin, get it here.
  19. oh, I think my Vista broke.... FULL
  20. It is a intel core 2 quad q9400 Geforce gtx 260
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