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  1. My new rig,quadcore with 8gb ram. Very happy with it! Default Vista 64 bit with custom orb. full view wallpaper
  2. Hehe,my wife is first in line lol.
  3. Last desktop with this rig, just ordered a intel core quad q9400 with a nvidia gtx 280 and 8gb memory. Anyways, here's goes full view
  4. I always welcome a new Piriform fan:) Welcome to the club!
  5. Yeah, just noticed on my Vista Ultimate 64-bit that the hotfix uninstallers option is gone in the new version???
  6. I recommend System TuneUp! Great features and also the regcleaner is very safe to use, the same as with CCleaner. It is not free tho, but well worth the money. I use it together with CCleaner, and that is all i need:)
  7. Hehe, nice vid..I am more a cat person myself
  8. Andavari, have you tried System TuneUp ? For me (on Vista 64 bit), it is the only other app I need together with CCleaner. The reg clean function is also very careful and does not show unsafe entries. Also the app gives you complete freedom to delete\not delete what you want!
  9. I am very sorry DennisD, but that desk is horrible hehe. I just hate spiders...yeez
  10. The desk I am currently using. I know the date on the desktop says August, but I am still using it so... Full view
  11. Ok, that is good to hear, thanx
  12. So...the winapp.ini file from this site is safe to use now, or do we have to edit it ourself? I ask because I cant see that twistedmetal has updated his thread.
  13. So I sat here just surfing the net with my 1 year old boy on my lap and came across these Stickers icons, and the little one just started to laugh and laugh. So I decided to make a desktop with these "funny" icons, and he couldnt stop looking at my desk hehe. It was pretty funny...so if you have a young one, let him take a look at my desk lol. Large
  14. hi shodan:) i just did the same tests as you did, i put the test folders in both program files and program files(86) since i am on vista home premium 64 bit. anyway, nothing got deleted and the new build is working great for me. btw, i dont use winapp2, so i suspect there is some problems with it.
  15. Hehe, I see you. I am 36, and a couple of weeks ago I was buying some beers. Here in Norway you have to be 18 to buy beer...and the lady behind the counter asks me for legitimatation! Hehe, I felt young then and thanked her with a big grin on my face when she saw how old I was
  16. Thanx guys:) @jfj, it is CD Art Display
  17. My desktop for August... Went to see the new Batman, and I was blown away by the performance of Heath Ledger. I thought all the talk about his performance was because he died a tragic death..but let me tell you, he did GREAT! This is my tribute to the late Heath Ledger, may you rest in peace! Full view
  18. Recycle bin icon is easy to get rid of via gpedit.msc or tweakui.
  19. Thanx guys. Many nice d-tops to choose from!
  20. My Vista desk for July Full View Hope you like it
  21. Thank you for new version I see you re-added the option to clean old prefetch data in Vista. Is that intentional or a bug?
  22. Did I win? Wow, thanx Gonna post my July desk soon!
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