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  1. my Asus Transformer Prime screenies. Running stock android ICS with HD widgets and APW.
  2. Hehe nice one Dennis :-D After playing around with win8, I went back to my trusted old Ubuntu running gnome shell. Really love this "poor man's mac" OS :-)
  3. Thanx mate :-D Here's my htc sensation screenie running ics. Gonna post a desk of my asus transformer prime tablet when i get it !
  4. My latest ubuntu 11.10 Faience icons Frieze gnome shell Adwaita Cupertino GTK 3
  5. For those that cant live without the start button http://www.full-windows8.com/2012/03/start8-v085-available-now-from-stardock.html 20 useful tips http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/big_guide_20_tips_and_tricks_get_most_out_windows_8431
  6. running 3 different linux dists. in virtualbox :-)
  7. And my home laptop running Windows 8.
  8. Good update. Is it possible to seperate thunderbird and firefox in the applications tab?
  9. First d-top this year. Using Soft7 VS, elementary rainmeter skin and objectdock.
  10. In that case, thank you so much Concierge ;-)
  11. Ubuntu 11.10 Ambiance blue gnome shell
  12. What did ya think of the gig? I see they added Civil war to the setlist as well as Estranged. Hope they get their asses back to Norway soon!
  13. My Win7 desktop running Uniko VS, Soft7 explorerframe and FF and steelOrb 2 as startbutton. And my Ubuntu 11.10 desk running Zukini Gnome Shell.
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