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  1. It was installing Edge Chromium that in addition to adding an Edge Chromium entry to CCleaner it also added the Google Chrome entry. I know because I uninstalled Edge Chromium and both entries no longer appear in CCleaner. A good thing to know for the future.
  2. I recently installed the portable version of Google Chrome in order to test something on it that didn't work in Firefox. There was no traditional install of the portable version as far as it showing up in Programs and features, just an extraction of the files contained within the executable I noticed that after installing the portable Google Chrome I had an entry in the Custom Clean section called Google Chrome. I figure it was created due to the portable Google Chrome install. I no longer needed the portable version so I just deleted the folder. There is no uninstall in Programs and Fea
  3. Piriform said their development team is aware of the problem and a fix might be in the next update. Time will tell.
  4. I paid for CCleaner Pro partly for it's Priority support (4 hours response or less). Well... it's been 24 hours and no response. Is this normal for Piriform? My support question was for this problem... CCleaner 5.54 not detecting or deleting cookies - CCleaner Bug Reporting - Piriform Community Forums
  5. Same issue here. I also reported it to Piriform support. I did some testing with the cookies menu. It appears that if you have any entries in the cookies to keep side there are no cookies on the cookies on computer side. Delete all the cookies on the cookies to keep list and the cookies on computer return.
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