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  1. Well I have used the patcher on a good number of computers without any problem at all. And manually changing systemfiles is no need anymore with the help of the above linked orb changer and this system replacer app (http://www.door2windows.com/windows-theme-installer-install-themes-in-windows-7-vista-with-ease/). And whenever u wanna go back to the original files, just run the app and choose restore..simple and easy:) Oh, and if u are not happy with patching files use uxstyle (http://uxstyle.com/)
  2. Thanx:) Patching the files is pretty easy, just run uxtheme patcher (http://deepxw.blogspot.com/2008/11/universal-theme-patcher.html) and patch the 3 files and reboot. Just make sure you run the correct exe for your system, 32 or 64 bit. Then you place the themefile and the blend folder in the themes folder inside the recource folder in windows folder..just like you did in xp. To change startorb just run this little awesome tool (http://www.door2windows.com/windows-7-start-button-changer-change-your-windows-7-start-button-with-one-click/)
  3. Ok, my desks as of now. Ubuntu 10.10 WinXP ...and Win7 Too little time to list up details, just ask if it is something you wanna know:-)
  4. Yeah, what can I say..I like GN'R:-D oh and thanx man!
  5. I used to..after a reformat I am running Ubuntu in Virtualbox:-)
  6. Mine for february. Theme is Metalik Glass Wall is Grunge Rainmeter is Gnometer
  7. Keeping the thread alive lol. A little update on my setup. Added Netspeed monitor and a rainmeter config.
  8. Fresh Windows 7 SP 1 install. Theme: Blend 2.0 Fudge Icons Aurora v1 wallpaper
  9. Ubuntu 10.10 Nautilus-Elementary using the clutterflow view. Wall unknown Theme: Elegant Gnome Icons: Aw0ken Docky and Covergloobus
  10. Ubuntu 10.10 Dock: Docky Wall: Blues by ABH Theme: Elementary
  11. Happy new year everybody! VS: Blend 2 Rainmeter: Macbar 2 Wall
  12. And my freshly installed Win7 box.
  13. Still using the same desk as november. Really like Ubuntu!!
  14. December deskie. Wall by lassekongo.
  15. My November deskie...wall by the great psychopulse!
  16. Ubuntu 10.04.1 Wall: "Stripes" by lassekongo83 Docky CD art: covergloobus with "Tooltip" theme
  17. Little update with some cool changes:)
  18. My first ever Linux desktop screenshot Ubuntu 10.04 with "also calm" wall from lassokongo83.
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