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  1. Hello there! After long time i've wanted to do this but all i got is being rejected from entering this forum after about 6 month. Well i guess, i can't do anything to it. So, i have a language file requested for submit. The language are Indonesian and i hope the admin may help me here. Thanks in advance, and please if something advance to this, please email me at: {EMAIL Adress removed by nergal to prevent spammers from the site and the Member, don't worry the developers have access to your email if they need it} lang-1057.dll lang-1057.zip
  2. Really helpful than post nothing but just a s**t. All you guys, your reply here are helpful, thanks for the response and also for MrT i can't send you a PM cuz i post this using my phone. Just sent me a mail at xxxxxxxxx Thanks a lot
  3. Hey i need to improve my CCleaner by adding my language to them. But, i don't know the .dll file which will be named. example: 1045.dll I means the code which can be used to read my language is. My language is Indonesia, then i need the answer right now will helpful. Thanks
  4. I have a suggestions for next version of CCleaner. Why dont you add skin chooser section to change the old interface of CCleaner. Also, where the replies for my questions on how to submit my language (indonesia). Also i need a language code for indonesia language. Ex: english (1033). Replies or respons to this topic are needed and much appreciated. Help me to be a part of my best cleaner tools that is CCleaner! Thanks before... Ijonk
  5. Thanks a lot. I was sending a message to developer. May i can get the reply soon. Once again, thanks a lot.
  6. The language is Indonesia. I need ur help sir, ASAP. My problems will be fix, hope. Thanks in advance.
  7. ijonkmaeda


    Hi guys!!! I don't see any replies to my topic and yes, now i need your help. For the professional user of this forum, i want to add my language to CCleaner. And i don't know ho to edit the .dll file in language folder in CCleaner installation folders. Please help me by reply to this topic or send me a message.
  8. Hello... I want to submit my language thats= indonesia language. 1. How to translate CClener default language (english), the lang file on the lang directory inside CCleaner directory just have a .dll file that can't be edited. 2. How to send or submit my language to CCleaner and include my language on the CCleaner installation? Sorry for my bad english... Very helpfull if you send me a reply... Thanks....
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