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  1. looks good..only thing i would change is the icon for issues.
  2. cool new look. how about placing the tools and options under cleaner -issues, and placing exit next to analyze- run cleaner? just a suggestion.
  3. Tarun, it's in the icandy jr set. The set is split in 3 or 4 zip files. Make sure you get them all. @ rridgely, it's perfectly safe to download from deviantart
  4. thanx i get most of it on deviantart.com
  5. biggie Spidey wall, I modded it a little- Here's the original. Custom shell with bits n' pieces I put together. Konfabulator dashboard weather Winamp unusual with WCC Avedesk- iCandy jr.
  6. cant remember where i got it, but pm your email, and i'll send it to you .)
  7. Thanx Lately I've used Avedesk to display my icons and also widgets like weather etc. Very nice freeware app. No ad\spyware. Icons are collected over the years, mostly from deviantart.com and foood.net. off topic: skid row, faith no more and iron maiden are all great bands. And of course Velvet Revolver since Slash, Duff and Matt Sorum is in it Rock on dude!
  8. i change my d-top icons and theme all the time. you can view my desktops right HERE
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