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  1. My brand new Toshiba Satellite A500 after a clean install. Very happy with it
  2. Last one for now. Mono lite foobar skin and Shine 2.0 VS with startbutton.bmp from somewhere on deviantart.
  3. New one...using CD art display.
  4. New desk using the Omnimo Rainmeter config.
  5. Yeah it is foobar..and I am old too, but it is real simple to configure:)
  6. My new desk:) foobar2000 skin here. @ishan_rulz, love that rainmeter config, I also use it on and off:)
  7. Great tip, thanx:) BTW, what does "recurse subfolders" mean?
  8. Hehehe never thought of that lol
  9. New one...pretty basic as I like it:) I understand Imageban is popup-free now so I use it.
  10. Mine for this month. Wallpaper @themebin.com
  11. Oh never noticed that. Will do that from now on mate:)
  12. Yo man, whats up? And yeah, that guy must have 9 lives or something lol.
  13. Havent done this in like forever, because I never change d-tops anymore..anyway, it looks like this:)
  14. I only get open ccleaner and run ccleaner, not the scan registry option. I am using the portable version 2.26 on Win7. And since the open ccleaner option is pretty pointless since thats what happens when you just click the icon on the taskbar anyway, I suggest replacing that with the run registry scan. -edit- and regarding the run ccleaner jumplist option, it would be nice to have a little progressbar pop up during cleaning so we can see when it is done cleaning instead of guessing when it's done. This is because when cleaning the index files, the machine needs a reeboot to properly clean those. So when the progressbar is gone, I know I can reeboot right away Just a thought.
  15. I have found another bug regarding the startup tool on Win 64 bit machines, in my case Win7, but this happens in Vista 64 as well. When installing Live Messenger, a tool called Windows Live Call also gets installed. When I try to disable it from startup(msgrdvmn.exe), it is turned on again upon restart. So I checked msconfig, and there it shows 2 instances of that service that needs to be disabled. I also checked with Ace Utilities in their startup manager module, and there it also shows 2 instances. So disabling both of them works. Can you take a look at it and fix it please so it shows both instances in Ccleaner as well?
  16. Yeah thanx for info, now it works here also
  17. I really like the Taskbar Jump Lists Cleaning option for Win7, but is it possible to have a choice to NOT clean the PINNED jump list entries?
  18. I am impressed by this addition...and the fact that all your apps comes with a portable choice. Nice!!
  19. Yeah it is..my awesome little dude
  20. Vista themes does not work on xp. but there are similar themes for xp as well, just check out deviantart
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