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windows 7 doesnt find updates...

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- After installing some 120 security updates & all the .Net security updates (in total about 150 updates in 2 separate update "runs") I didn't experience (up to now) any WU problems. But I still have to see which of the 67 "optional" updates I want to install. I installed only 1 "optional" update. See: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=46454


The situation I describe here would suggest that one or more of those "Optional" updates pushes CPU of svchost.exe through the roof.


- The only update I installed to get WU working (smoothly) was KB 3102810. Then WU came up with a list of updates after only say 10 minutes and with low CPU). That was right after I re-installed Win 7 SP1 a few days ago. (See reply #19 in this thread).

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- On the topic "Installing IE 11":

    - I have a copy of the IE 11 stand alone installation program and a copy of the latest "Cumulative Security Update for IE 11". It allows me to install IE 11 even when WU "doesn't work". IE 11 checks whether or not a number of Updates are installed and will automatically download & install those Updates before it installs itself. Those updates are (I have those installation files as well):


       KB 2533623

       KB 2639308

       KB 2670838

       KB 2729094

       KB 2731771

       KB 2786081

       KB 2834140

       KB 2882822

       KB 2888049


kb2639308, 2882822 and 2888049 are optional --> not to forget: "for a better experience..." ;):D


link in hazelnuts post...

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- Well, then the IE 11 installation program doesn't bother to check whether or not those 3 Updates are optional. Those 3 were simply downloaded & installed along with the other updates. I don't have control over that once that installation is running.

- By default, Win 7 (SP 1) comes with IE 8 and some websites explicitely say: "This website doesn't support IE 8". So, updating to IE 11 is the 1st I'll do, to be able to go online.


- "For a better experience" ????? I GOOGLEd those three Updates and I found no info that indicated that these 3 are "better experience" related. Those updates simply add some extra odd functionality.

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I would recommend to install the "optional" KB 2852386 update. It updates the build-in "Disk Clean Up" tool. After that a user can SAFELY delete A LOT OF files from the bloated "C:\Windows\winsxs" folder.



supp: there is a advanced disk cleanup



C:\Windows\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr /sageset:65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535


create shortcut...



with adminrights the systemfiles are be cleaned too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This was done last week. 

First off, based on suggestions found here and elsewhere, I manually installed these:  KB3161664, KB3161608, KB3102810. 

Then the game was on.  :)


On a fairly fast win 7 laptop the search process required about 9 hours and is not finished yet.  Have not had time to watch it finish. 

On a fairly fast win 7 desktop, the time required was about 20 hours.  That includes 7 hours of reading about each update before deciding.  That computer is finished for now. 


Pitch moves faster.   https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=38569

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- Seems WU hasn't been fixed at all. Today "Svchost.exe" & the Service "Wuauserv" (See Resource Monitor, Processor tab) were using A LOT OF CPU again.

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- There's one improvement in the behaviour of "Svchost.exe" in comparison with the previous "Windows Update tuesday" nightmare. It doesn't use over ~ 200 to 350 MB anymore. But apart from that it's still a nightmare.

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- This webpage




provided the solution. Installed manually the right (security ??) Update, rebooted and all was OK (WU found the updates within say 10 minutes).

Although on my laptop WU has to wait with its update procedure until I shut down my system and NOT a second sooner.

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Willy2, help me out here, please. 


That page linked in post #36 recommends to install KB3138612 into win7.  It's in that first table. 


The microsoft page for update KB3138612 says this:

"This update includes Windows Update support for Windows 10 updates (feature updates) that are distributed though WSUS (content released after May 1, 2016). See related update 3159706."


I have marked KB3138612 as hidden in the list I have, and hid it in the 2 updates I have in progress.


Question:  if KB3138612 is installed, will the win7 computer then start popping up those offers for win10? 



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- Haven't got the faintest clue. As long as WU works well I would avoid installing that update. Only the words "Win 10" alone makes this update for me VERY suspicious. Don't want too much junk on my HD (think: Winsxs folder).

- You could install it and if it has some ugly nagware then you Always can remove the update.

- This month I only installed KB 3168965 and that was enough to get WU "rolling" again.

- KB 3033385 is the Win 10 nagware. To be avoided.

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Thanks, Willy2.  I feel the same about the win 10 stuff.


[begin rant]

Win 7 updates are a disgrace. 

Updating a fairly fast win 7 laptop from scratch has taken, so far, 4 or 5 days, probably 36 hours if all added up.

The update popup just sits there, no progress shows, just the little green scroll bar working. 

Can't tell if it is working or not. 

[end rant]


Just this minute the process finished, and windows update now wants 2 more updates.  Ahhh well. 

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Those last 2 updates are still downloading, about 10 hours so far. 

But things are moving along smartly now . . . The little green scroll bar is scrolling nicely. 



After about 14 hours of waiting I just downloaded the last 2 and installed them manually, that worked fine. 

Those were KB3161608 and KB3168965.  After that, win 7 showed up to date. 


Anybody know why the update process hangs up so? 

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- Do you mean "checking for updates" or the the download itself ? Because downloading from the MS websites is FAST !!! The "regular" internet speed I experience is (fairly) good but the download speed of the MS website is actually FAST !!!

- Your internet connection could be a (bit) "buggy". I had the same problem but checking all the connections & resetting the WiFi router made the connection fast again.

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- Do you mean "checking for updates" or the the download itself ? Because downloading from the MS websites is FAST !!! The "regular" internet speed I experience is (fairly) good but the download speed of the MS website is actually FAST !!!

- Your internet connection could be a (bit) "buggy". I had the same problem but checking all the connections & resetting the WiFi router made the connection fast again.


Downloads here were fixed a few months ago, they had been pitiful. 

The serviceman found out that the wires were crumbling all the way between my computer and his servers. 

He replaced them, now downloads are better.  Not blazing fast, but better. 


You are correct, the actual download, when I did it manually, was pretty fast, just a few seconds. 


The part that hung up was the updates window that said it was downloading them. 

In other words, the popup panel you see when you start windows update from the control panel. 


Win update had already found those last 2, and I had clicked on download and install. 

It said "Downloading . . .etc".   Then the wait began. 

So it seems that the delay was somewhere in the innards of win 7 update machinery, not the hardware. 


Maybe I misread it, maybe it said "Download and STALL" . . . MMMuuaahaahaahaa.  <_<

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Just to make things more crazy than ever Microsoft has pulled KB 3161608 (the one to help Win 7 find updates)


Intel and Microsoft are in a stand-off


From Intel...



Thanks for your participation in the Community.


We have confirmed that KB3161608 causes problems with Bluetooth* and currently, the only workaround available is to remove the update.
At this time, we do not have a way to have KB3161608 installed and Bluetooth* working at the same time.


This situation has been reported to the appropriate resources and we expect it to be resolved in the near future. Please keep in mind that Windows* updates are a Microsoft* feature and Intel does not have inherence on these contents, so we cannot provide a specific time for resolution.




In its place, there are a pair of new patches, KB 3172605 for Windows 7, and KB 3172614 for Windows 8.1. Both are optional, unchecked, and should appear in your Windows Update buckets this morning -- if, that is, your machine has had an hour or four or six to work out its update angst.




What a mess :(

KB 3161608
KB 3161608,
KB 3161608,
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a mess indeed, and it's been dragging on for way too long.


it's the main reason I'm just not bothering with Win7 installs, too much grief, with no relief on this update front.  (and I reckon MS quietly likes it that way!)

no more installing Win7, I just  install Win10 use the Win7 key, activate, happy days.


next month might be interesting if MS doesn't extend the free WIn10 upgrade offer. :wacko:

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Yesterday finished updating and imaging my win 8 laptop.  Had not been turned on in 3 years. Battery is as flat as a flounder.


~175 updates in ~ 6 hours, installed.  So it actually went pretty quickly.   No glitches.  Using paid Macrium imaging software. 


I want to upgrade all the way through win 8.1 to win 10, then probably put 8.1 back and run it, keeping win 10 in storage. 


If I make images of each OS as I go, will Macrium be able to put back the one I want to use? 

Or is there some part of the process that is irreversible? 


I am sort of checking around other forums, haven't found a definitive answer yet. 

Anybody know for sure?   Hope someone can say for sure yes do it or no it won't work. 


Thanks in advance.  :) 



The other, easier option is to just update to win 8.1 and stop there.  Win 10 won't be hard to find if it's needed. 

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You should have no problems restoring and using each OS using Macrium. I would advise to do a full system image for this.


Some info here which might set your mind at rest about what you are doing.



When you upgrade to Windows 10 from a PC running a genuine and activated Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system, your PC receives a “digital entitlement.” Basically, Microsoft notes on its servers that your particular PC’s hardware is eligible for Windows 10 going forward.

Once your PC is eligible, it’s always eligible–you can reinstall Windows 10 from scratch and it’ll automatically activate, without you even entering a product key. You can even install a different operating system–like Windows 7 or Linux–and reinstall Windows 10 later, fully activated and genuine.

Note that this is tied to your computer’s specific hardware, not your Microsoft account. The free Windows 10 license you receive will only work on that PC–if you upgrade the motherboard or try to install Windows 10 on another PC that doesn’t have the digital entitlement, it won’t work.



However you'll will have to get your skates on as Win 10 is only free up until the 29th July.

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Well, a little bright spot in the middle of the mess.  :D  Not strictly related to win 7, but sort of. 


I just updated win 8 to win 8.1, went very smoothly, don't know how long it took couldn't watch it. 

Setup options were pretty straightforward.  8.1 seems a bunch faster. 


On the down side, Macrium doesn't work now.  On the way over to their forums to ask about it. 

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OK, fwiw, a summary of sorts.  Maybe everybody already knows this, but . . . The update slowdown seems to be confined to win 7.


The win 7 desktop here basically just froze as described above.

The win 7 laptop belonging to a family member did about the same.

The win 8 laptop here went through the entire process of upgrading from win 8 to 8.1 to win 10 in a relatively short while, no glitches. 

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