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This may be ignorance on my (newbie) part, but Cclean seems to lack several features

that are all but standard on other cleaners:


When removing files, present a list of files to the user and let him or her

CHOOSE which ones to delete: either by checking a box, or marking

individual files or choosing ``delete all"


Actually it would be nice to have this mechanism for the registry also,

instead of just the option to restore the entire set of keys that were



Instead cclean uses the more awkward mechanism of ``analyzing'' or previewing

the files that will be deleted and letting you look them over before actually deleting

them. The only way you can prevent a valuable file from being deleted is, thus, to

go into the file system and actually move or change the name of the file, before

using cclean to delete files. Alternately, I guess, you can choose delete to recycle

bin and go into the recycle bin and restore the file that cclean deleted.


I think the ``analyze'' feature is inferior to the ability to choose what to

delete, because it provides you only with a ``do it all'' or nothing option.


When deleting ``temp'' files, I assume that cclean deletes files with

certain standard suffixes like, tmp, gid, ~, bak and so on. But I can

not find anywhere in the program where cclean TELLS you which types

of files it deletes. In fact, it may only delete files in tmp or temp directories,

without paying attention to file suffixes.


Therefore a user can not decide which custom files to add to deletion.


Generally there are categories of things cclean does, that could use some more

explaining. The only way the user can tell about details, is to use the analyze

or preview function and try to figure out from the candidate files, directories,

or registry keys, which cclean is doing. For instance, the ``applications''

tab shows the list of applications one would see in the add/remove programs

part of the control panel. But you are not told that. You just see the word, ``applications''. Then it is not clear if in deleting an application, cclean will

uninstall the program, or just delete all registry keys associated with it.

This could be solved by simply changing the tab to ``Uninstall Programs?''

or similar phrase.

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Great tool.

I agree with those who have multible users on a single workstation scenario.

C-Cleaner should be able to clean everyone's account via an Admin login.


I also would like it if there was an enterprise solution with running the application from a central server and connecting to a small agent local to the PC's connected on the LAN.


Any plans for a Registry cleaner and defragger?



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It will be nice to obtain a list of the file in 2 columns "files" and "sizes".

And It will be nice to sort on Names or Sizes this list.


And when you choose export, you could export this in cvs format to keep the 2 columns.





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The ability to list the uninstall applications is great. A further enhancement that would be really usefull would be the ability to Print out a list of all installed software on the machine. Since I use Crap Cleaner to clean out clueless peoples computers having the ability to print their app list would be handy to document all the crap they have installed. Personally I would use it to keep track of what I have installed on my machine in case of a system failure. my 2 cents.

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How about becoming spyware removal and anti virus hehe because of it remove spy from cookies and remove trohan from temporary files based from my experience because i got trohan from temporary files.



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Something I miss (eh... as far as I remember.. don't kill me if I'm wrong).. is the deletion of the folders INSIDE the temporary internet files. There are folders there that often have files in them, that you won't see in the temporary internet files folder. I know it's possible, because I had something that did it..(dos batch file), so.. could it be implemented, plz?

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hi, i have used CC for nearly a year now and i love it :) thank you. but, i too would love it to be able to overwrite the data it deletes, using pseudorandom patterns and options for the number of overwriting passes made. what are the chances of it happening? thanks. :)

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Love the package.. I know other folks have commented on the ability to clean the temp folders of other profiles on the machine... if that's tricky might I suggest a slight modification to the custom folders option?


Allow us the option to type in the path as well as leaving the option to browse to the path... that way I can put in the name of the current profile's path to that profiles temp folder... say C:\Documents and Settings\dariena\Local Settings\Temp, then I can just copy that and paste in the above and just go in and type the name of the other user that uses the PC.



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great product.


Can you add clean-up of OpenOffice version 2.0 (recently used files etc)


Also an option to delete the My eBooks, My Pictures etc that MS insists on recreating all the time, even though I never use them.

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Thanks for the great program. I already reclaimed 1G of disk space! :)


As for the issues, though, this tool is way above me. :( I have a suggestion that may prove helpful to those of us that are weening themselves from other expen$ive commercial offerings that have a little more built-in help than CClean. The suggestion is to provide a simple description of what the "issues" CClean finds actually are. From the web site, and the program, I don't know if a "font issue" is a font that's installed in the wrong directory, a missing font file, or simply a registry entry gone bad. Included in the description of the "issue" should be a statement indicating what typically causes this type of issue (e.g., left over from an uninstall) and what risks you may run by removing the entry (e.g., there is a slight possibility that no text will appear in MS Word). I'm not suggesting this be provided for each and every issue found, but rather for each type of issue (e.g., font, application, Active X, etc) that you can select. I am wary of "repairing" things when I really don't know what the problem is. It would certainly help me.


PS - If these are defined somewhere already, I couldn't find it. Please point me in the right direction.


Thanks again for the great program.

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Implement a feature that (like CWShredder) will warn that any open browser windows (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc) will be closed before the cleaning begins. This would help to resolve many issues that people are having with the style layouts of websites in Firefox, IE, etc.

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I am running version 1.18.099 and I noticed that I can run the program at boot up. I would like to run the program every time that I log in.


Also, it would be nice if I could install the program so that all users on the computer can use it. Currently, I would install the program as one user, and then log in as another and put a shotcut on their desktop to the executable.



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To make CCleaner execute automatically/silently, do CCleaner.exe /AUTO.


To run it every time you log in, throw a shortcut in your Startup folder. To make it work on every person's login, throw it in the common startup folder (\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)


and for a desktop icon for all users, throw the shortcut on the common desktop (\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop)

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CCleaner so small that it probably wouldn't be too much trouble to copy the setup, install, then delete if necessary





While this is true, the idea I believe was to have a version of CCleaner that does not require installation. This would appeal to those of us who prefer to only run optimization tools (and scan tools) from time to time, and have multiple computers we wish to scan.


Installing and removing each time.. on may computers... takes time, and while it may seem to take very little time... it adds up the more machines you use an application on.

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I know how to make CCleaner work without installing it, but I'm not going to tell anyone unless MrG specifically says that I can share that information. I'm sure he would prefer to support the officially bundled CCleaner rather than my "hack" (it's not really a hack though).


EDIT> actually, I can't get it to work in win98 yet ;)

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