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  1. I believe my next release will address this issue completely, and you won't have to worry about anything. It would be interesting to see if it still happens if you promoted a limited user, though, but I must say you should try that only at your own risk. Thanks for being so understanding.
  2. (By forums he means the "DjLizard.net Software" section on Lunarsoft.net) Well, that would work, but they'd get a faster response if they directly email me at the email address listed inside of DAF.
  3. I had this happen on an [unrelated but] extremely infected customer machine. I had to export a working Fonts key and import it on the broken machine, and reboot. Most of the Documents and Settings folder was deleted, and so was most of the registry. It was a huge mess and I ended up having to reformat despite my best efforts. Get an export of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts from a working machine and import it on the broken one. Also, save all future CCleaner issues scan backups
  4. Maybe you should have contacted ME since I actually caused (or revealed) your problem? The repair of this is actually not that hard... you roll back the SAM and SECURITY hives. Article detailing rolling back individual hives using recovery console - but you don't need to do this anymore, I suppose.
  5. Please do not do what Andavari has suggested. It is much easier than starting your account over again or mucking about with your documents and settings. This isn't a CCleaner bug, so you shouldn't really be mad at the CCleaner team. I understand that someone directed you to use the program, but I'm the author of Dial-a-fix; nobody can properly help you here with problems caused (or revealed) by Dial-a-fix. This happens sometimes, and only with limited user accounts. I think I've found out the root cause of it, but for now, you just need to roll back the SAM and SECURITY hives to get your accounts back. Fortunately, this isn't as hard as it sounds, you just have to boot into XP's Recovery Console. A full article detailing how to roll back individual registry hives is located on my wiki: http://wiki.DjLizard.net/SVI Feel free to email me using the Dial-a-fix email address if you need any assistance, and I apologize for the inconvenience. In the future guys, please refer people who have problems after using Dial-a-fix directly to the dial-a-fix email address.
  6. Eld: I thought we already went through this in another thread.... http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=5832 specifically, http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=42948
  7. There's no mechanism in Windows (except with currently running services) to execute code on the way out.
  8. For the bottom part, you might try installing User Profile Hive Cleanup Service. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  9. Partition Magic is, in fact, really good.
  10. An organization of that size should not only have more than two techs, but have already centralized all user systems into logging into a domain and using Active Directory or otherwise to manage resources. If the machines are in fairly similar groups, it wouldn't be that hard to push down a logon script which performs most of the updates automatically. But that's assuming you're using a domain model. Please tell me that your org uses a domain model... :/
  11. I think it's retarded to save anything in the Program Files folder and I will be pissed if this actually happens to CCleaner. A proper UI should only save *anything* in one of four (ok, five) possible locations: the current directory (when the program is standalone, minimal, doesn't require installation, and likely to be run from a writeable device), My Documents (when the file involves art, media, word processing, etc), the %appdata% folder (for profile information such as Favorites/lists), Local Settings\Application Data\ (for temporary files, application-created databases, work area files such as staging folders for CD burning programs), and the registry (HKCU for per-user settings and HKLM for system-wide settings, such as license information). Yeah, that's pretty strict of me to say but that's the way it is supposed to work. The reason that everyone attributes to Windows being god-awful or a bad OS is mostly by part of the quality of 3rd party applications written for it. If all developers for Windows had good UI design and consistency between elements then people would consider Windows to be the way they always see Mac OS X (easy to use, consistent, modern/well-designed). In this case, the documents being created by CCleaner need to be more accessible than being buried in an AppData folder or cramming it into Program Files (which is not where user data is supposed to go). I suggest %userprofile%\My Documents\CCleaner backups\, I guess.
  12. In the U.S., art is copyrighted the instant one creates it. What you're looking for is actually a different term: royalty-free.
  13. Since you have Pro, you just need Light (although it wouldn't have changed anything if you had downloaded Medium - it would have worked as well).
  14. See my signature for what to do when issues reappear. Viruses commonly restrict permissions in the registry (especially HKCR), and my Repair permissions tool in Dial-a-fix can fix it.
  15. DjLizard

    startup error

    You should hit CTRL+ALT+DEL (Task Manager) and see if it's listed under the Applications tab. (Is that Skype in the tray? That's my first guess.)
  16. When one puts a DLL in the root of the drive instead of in its appropriate location (such as System32, or what have you) it will be loaded instead of a file located at the "appropriate" location (this is a "feature"). Basically, this means that these exact versions of these DLLs will be loaded instead of the ones you have elsewhere on your system. Let's say America's Army required a weird 'X' version of a DLL, and everything else on your system uses the typical 'Y' version of the same DLL. If AA puts X version in C:\, then *all* programs are affected. This is not that great of an idea. AA should instead put them in its own folder (and NOT replace the ones in System32, or whatever) so that the only program affected is AA.
  17. The blue screen of death told you that the system's been halted to prevent data loss and other issues. If I understand you correctly, are you saying the blue screen of death also said you had to install a legal copy of Windows? If that's not what you meant, then you're referring to the WGA program that launches before the Welcome screen occurs. At any rate, at no point does WGA ever tell you that you can no longer use your computer or that it will prevent you from doing so. It does tell you that your system may not be genuine, and that you should purchase a legal copy of Windows, but it does not prevent you from using it. At any rate, you still have issues left, no? Let's move on to fixing whatever remaining problems you have. Have you checked out HDtune yet?
  18. Actually, now that it's been tweaked, that page is quite informative and accurate (including the Firefox myths).
  19. I'm very excited about this. It's going to mean great things for Microsoft/Windows, technicians, and administrators.
  20. The blue screen of death had nothing to do with your pirated version of Windows, and there is no kill switch. Even if you are running a pirated version of Windows, Microsoft will allow you to continue using it, even if you have all of the WGA gear installed. I don't believe you at all when you say it told you it was about to shut down (and that no harm would come to your computer). That's ridiculous. It's freezing up because of your hard drive or filesystem, most likely (also noting your blue screen of death referring to the filesystem). I'd run HDtune and make sure your S.M.A.R.T. status/health is okay, and then perform a chkdsk C: /R, at the very least.
  21. The point is, this has nothing to do with speeding up your computer or assisting privacy (which I thought were CCleaner's points of interest), and deleting "old" prefetch entries (which XP would delete to make room for more anyway) really does nothing except free one or two hundred KB.
  22. klumy: The answer to your question is yes.
  23. CCleaner has had this bug for a while. It will sometimes show you nothing when used on Win9x systems. It happens randomly. There's nothing wrong with anyone's individual system (it's a CCleaner fault).
  24. wuauclt.exe /DetectNow Note: Do not disable wuauserv (aka "Automatic Updates" in services.msc). Instead, set it to "Disable automatic updates" on the Automatic Updates tab of System Properties (which doesn't disable the service, allowing you to use wuauclt.exe) and leave wuauserv set to Automatic. Edit: hey cool - fast way to settings dialog -- wuauclt.exe /showsettingsdialog (then choose More Options)
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