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  1. I am using Norton Anti Virus 2009. Norton been known for their bad product in the past, seem to do a alot better job with the 2009 edition and free licence i receive see no reason to uninstall it.
  2. Why not try IE8 Beta. As usual Internet Explorer is not the best browser of all, but at least to me it seem IE8 Beta is way better than IE7. It dont crush that frequency on my computer, it dont lag much anymore so better surfing experience than IE7. Firefox is my main browser btw.
  3. Thanks alot Hazelnut for such a good find.
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for recommend for offline email client. So far I only know abt Thunderbird and Window Outlook Express. Is there any other better option out there? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Hazel. Use this software before and quite a decent software.
  6. Be patient. The 7 day is just a estimation.
  7. To me, Spybot and Ad-Aware has been serving me well for the past few year without fail. So I am going to stick it them. But now I do use other software along with them such as SpyCatcher which I think isn't a bad software.
  8. Thanks alot. Recently use Opera and seem to good browser to use.
  9. I would recommend u to use VLC if you are just viewing encoded video clips. If not, perhaps u might want to manually install all the codecs u need. Not a fan of using codec packs.
  10. xd3vilx

    Ram Problem

    Hi, recently my friend got into a ram problem. He currently run on 756mb of ram (one 512 and another one is a 256). His mobo has 3 slot when he insert another 256mb to it. The 1GB ram seem to be slower than 756mb worth of ram. Anyone can advise him what is the problem going on? Thanks.
  11. i got mine in 3 - 4 weeks...i am Singapore and it airmail all the way from Holland.
  12. i am currently using Kerio and Nod32...have use this two for quite a long time already, no problem with it at all.
  13. Do anyone know any computer online store that is secure and able to ship worldwide?...thanks alot
  14. my experience with VLC player is good...no problem at all...i use it to view all those video can't be view with my WMP with K-Lite Codecs Pack...
  15. i stand in a netural stand...i don't support the toolbar however i learn that unless no other build is given and spyware is installed to my computer we should not complain...
  16. xd3vilx

    Audio In Plug

    As you know a desktop cpu has 3 audio jack...audio in,audio out and mic...however my laptop has only 2...a mic one and a out one (the one with earphone picture)...so if i need to use the audio in jack for a external video capture...where do i place that audio cable?...my mic jack?... thanks...
  17. Nero is a useful software...if you use the whole package it will be a very good software if you just use the burning tool than i can say there are some freeware better than nero one...
  18. Can anyone recommend me a software that allowed me to change to another proxy ip?...thanks...
  19. i would believe...Yes...i install ccleaner without any warning from my nod32 antivirus...
  20. the yahoo toolbar is really crap...has Crap Cleaner really become so crap?... i expect many freeware suggestion site to remove ccleaner until at least yahoo toolbar is gone...ccleaner should be cleaning useless stuff not install useless stuff...if thing don't change...i may have to change too...
  21. Kerio has block-ads tools...so far i use them block most of the ads other than Yahoo one...
  22. Hi i am looking for one and i need one that is not buggy and don't take too much system resources...
  23. xd3vilx

    Forum Update

    Cool...i like v2.1x IPBoard...lot of useful function...
  24. xd3vilx


    i myself use Winrar and no complain at all...if u want to use freeware than 7-Zip would be a good one...
  25. the new header is way better than the last one...the last one feel like it is save in extra low pixel...this new one is clearer and better look better
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