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  1. Why do you care? It's not your problem. If MrG feels that he needs any more Moderators, he will deal with it, I am sure.
  2. Ben

    The Beatles

    Before you think I'm an oldie, well, I'm not. But let's be honest, The Beatles are the best. I just wanted to ask if anybody knew if the Live 8 show was the first time Paul McCartney has performed any BEATLES songs since they split?
  3. I've seen quite a few of those spread across the NET. Not that one in particular though I have to say.
  4. Never heard about being able to run it on shut-down, but it definetly can be ran on start-up.
  5. I'm running that now. It certainly seems to be a reasonable piece of software, and quick too.
  6. Exactly, I mean, I'm sure it hasn't crossed their minds. But the whole workforce that is involved in making the Anti-Virus program (whichever one it may be) would be pretty big. Somewhere there would bound to be a leak if it was true.
  7. I can't sway either way without any proof on either side. Do you have any proof that they do in fact make the viruses themselves?
  8. Having that many posts on such a small forum is a great thing. But a bad thing would be if it was all spam, I hate spam. Thankfully the majority is helping people. Keep it up Tarun!
  9. Well that's a first! Thanks, you guys are pretty cool too. And just to make the record clear, it's only been three days.
  10. That forum's cool. You get banned for arguing, or at least warned. So there should be no problem there. If you are good at HijackThis go into that section and apply for a job as a member of the HJT Team. They fix logs which people post. It has a section dedicated to HJT logs. It's not bad. Not bad at all.
  11. You ever been on www.bleepingcomputer.com? I used to help a few people out on there but other than that it's just been my mates that i do remote assistance with. Gets in the practice!
  12. I'd say postaholic. Sounds more, smooth and less original.
  13. On most forums that isn't a high post count at all. On some forums they have 20'000 or more posts. I have about 3500 on one forum, the highest person on that board is 5000.
  14. After a long haul with Norton, I gave it up after much consideration about 2 years ago now. I never installed it on my current computer. I would suggest kaspersky (Pronounced kass-per-skee not kass-per-skyy). It is fantastic and when you scan with it, it scans for spyware and viruses. It protects your PC from letting spware and viruses in and warns you when they are attempting. I would suggest it to anyone. However, AntiVir is the best free one I think. It is ideal, it definetly gets the most files. And it's humerous too, Luke Filewalker is the name of the scan.
  15. Yeah exactly. But I would try that, see if helps at all.
  16. I would suggest you load up in Safe Mode so that less proccesses are running. Make sure it's not Safe Mode with Networking, you want just Safe Mode.
  17. I should hope not. It certainly doesn't happen on any forums I have been to in the past.
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