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  1. Is it possible to look on cd/dvd media for lost files? As in.. what if you incidentally (yes, laugh.. but it happened to me) quickerase a dvd, but want to recover the old files? I've tried isobuster and was able to create a file from the disk that contains EVERYTHING, but can't take my files out of that, altho it sees a lot of them... Would it also be possible to extract files from files like that? More info on this..: http://www.isobuster.com/tips.php?tips_page=9 (sheds a little light on the situation, but.. still want to know IF files could be substracted from a file created by isobuster. I believe it's an ISO file or NFO or something, so...)
  2. In IE, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Content Tab. And then Click on "autocomplete". Click on "Clear Forms" and "Clear passwords". You should also go to the first tab and clear out history in there....
  3. darkon


    You should be able to read your mail (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc) thru a 'plugin' called MrPostman. Pro: should work.. got hotmail to work in Thunderbird Con: haven't gotten yahoo and gmail to work yet.... as for gmail.. I can't get in my account at all actually.... (to set up the pop stuff)
  4. My extentions... (just a few0 chromedit (duh) checky infoRSS forecastfox tabbrowser preferences print it table inspector
  5. Something I miss (eh... as far as I remember.. don't kill me if I'm wrong).. is the deletion of the folders INSIDE the temporary internet files. There are folders there that often have files in them, that you won't see in the temporary internet files folder. I know it's possible, because I had something that did it..(dos batch file), so.. could it be implemented, plz?
  6. It would be nice to have an option under the options (hehe) button to rebuild the registry. It's easy, just a build in command that does "SCANREG /OPT /FIX" (look over here) for more info).
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