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  1. hi er..how do i get into safe mode?? (windows 98) sorry amateur! by the way, thanks guys for all your help. im really stuck here and i appreciate all your suggestions guy
  2. tried the text size, still no change. and also downloaded your suggestion. still no change. plus this is starting to happen on other sites, but not as often. wot is going on with my pc?? im so annoyed. feel like getting a new one lol.
  3. cmon guys?? this seems like such a simple problem, cant believe thers no simple answer im desperate arrr
  4. just downloaded it and tried it those history items are still showing up when i search for them?? any other suggestions guys??
  5. yes its me! and the program i think was IE Privacy Keeper. I downloaded it, and have tried it severall times - no luck.
  6. Ive tried all that - no good, the sites are still there any suggestions??? any
  7. Ive ran adaware and cc cleaners several times, but my yahoo is still appearing funny and im unable to send emails most of the time. anyone else get this? my yahoo is pretty much fine, its just when i access email, the text is completely different - a plain text and the writing is a little bigger, and the page just doesnt look right basically. and when i try to email someone, there is no box to enter my message and will not send anything oh btw, guys i am completly new when it comes to computers, sorry! i dont even know what hijacking means, or what u mean when u post that up?? completly lost with all of that. god i hate computers sometimes lol! any suggestiosn why this is happening? thanx guys
  8. Hey Ive tried that, it didnt do it. Im pretty worried about emailing to microsoft.com?? HOw do i do this?? And how do I explain it lol. Im really getting to my wits end, and really scared. I need to delete these sites. Cant believe its so hard to delete them. whats keeping them saved in that history folder??? anyone with any information please contact me?? pls im desperate lol. thanks guys
  9. does it take up a lot of memory on the computer?? Also Im worried I will not be able to download specific genres, such as bhangra continental music, so forth. Isnt Kazzaa lIGHT THE best, is their any way to get win mx back again??
  10. Basically, when i click on history, and then click the search button in the history column (on the left of my screen), and type in random letters into the search box in history, a list of sites come up which are still saved onto my computer. These sites are from ages ago, things like banking sites (nationwide.co.uk) and continous ebay things ive looked at, just many random sites from nowhere. i dont know why these are saved, some of them ive never even had as favourites in the past. i do not know why the computer has saved them. before the problem was that, i was typing an adress in the address bar, and usually a list would drop under the address bar which shows previous sites and history, and these particular probklem sites would also appear in them. i stopped this by clicking on autocompete. however, the problem is still there and these sites are still saved on my computer somehow. This is proved, as when i click on history, there is nothing there, but when i start searching for sites in the history, a whole list of these sites will come up. ive tried deleting them, but they will not disappear. the properties of these sites state that they are simple 'internet shortcuts?'. Ive tried deleting my cookies, histtory, temp internet files. Ive ran adaware, CCleaner, tweaknow reg cleaner, i just wanna delete thesse sites, but where can i find them in windows or woteva, and just delete them this has been a problem for a while now. and its quite urgent that i delete them. if anyone has any information at all i would hugely appreciate it. im quite an amateur at computers, and do not know much about them! so am having a bit of trouble. i even messed with the registry (i didnt really know what i was doing) and deleted some of the url history from there, but no luck. anyone? Thanks. guy
  11. yeh think thats cured it ! thanks guy
  12. For example, I could be posting this topic here, however if I edited it, and viewed it again, it would appear as before. I would have to press the refresh button to get my edited version. This is constantly happening in other sites and forums also, Im finding myself constantly refreshing to update information ive typed in and stuff. Any ideas? I know this is perhaps something to do with registry or something. I deleted something out of registry in the url folder, to delete my history. Also, I have been messing around with options trying to delete sites. Any information?
  13. Basically, when i go to my yahoo mail, the text font and size is completely different, like it needs refreshing or something. But it is always like this and has been like this for weeks, and also i cannot send emails. when i compose a messge or reply, there is no space to type my message, and im unable to send anything. Is this happening to anyone else. Im worried because the past few weeks ive messed with my comp a little bit trying to delete fodlers and stuff. i messed with the registry a little aswell, i deleted a url key or something, but doubt this would do it? How do i get my yahoo back!
  14. YES Ive got rid of it.dont know what i did tho. think i just kept deleting it and deleting it. also adaware caught it and i kept deleting it. It hasnt showed up since, so hopefully its gone for good! Thanks for all ur help guys
  15. Just tried pie patch no luck im afriad. do u think i should just delete it and get kazaa or something. i dont want kazza to mess up my computer like it did last time tho. kazza light has been recomended but im still scared. i just wanna download songs! any suggestions? thanks guys
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