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Avira closes down its forum


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Perhaps the only way they knew to protect their forum website from hackers was to shut it down :rolleyes:


It wasn't too long ago that the Ubuntu forums were hacked, the end of July I think. Something like 1.8 million accounts compromised and the forum shut down for almost two weeks. A black eye for Canonical, raising the question that maybe their version of Linux isn't as secure as they claim it to be.

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To get help with Avira now you either have to use other forums and hope someone is a user there or you have to register with Avira Answers or use your e-shop account info.


The Answers site seems to be just a hope from Avira to use their paid for tech help. Other than that you have to use the faq's .


Support contact




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I forgot avira existed, to some degree.


I completely gave up on them as in no hope after they started packing in a nefarious toolbar, which they also removed from detection in their definitions.

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