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  1. I was going to guess that it's owned by Popeye's nemesis, Barnacle Bill the Sailor.
  2. Hello @ DennisD - I've watched that video several times and it never fails to impress me. These guys are going very, very fast. And if you look to the sides there are hedges, stone walls, cobblestone curbs, concrete sidewalks, stone buildings, metal lamp posts, trees, etc. all flying by in a continuous blur. That's scary enough. But the thing I find most disconcerting are the transitions from brilliant sunlight to very deep shade on some portions of the course. To me, it looks like you're running into a black hole. That's disturbing enough even when the course continues straight on. But im
  3. @Augeas - I hate to admit it, but it looks like you're correct about his time being passed. I came across an article that was published just today (6/3/2017) stating that he's a good 8 mph off the pace set by Michael Dunlop during Superbike qualifying. At that pace, over the course of the 6 lap race he'd probably end up a third of a lap behind. Read the last paragraph in this link: http://www.newsletter.co.uk/sport/motorcycling/tt-2017-michael-dunlop-ups-tempo-with-blistering-131mph-lap-1-7991884 BTW, Michael Dunlop is riding a Suzuki for 2017.
  4. I'd like to see Guy Martin win it this year. He's placed second or third so many times in the past. Hopefully, teaming up with John McGuinness this year and switching from a Suzuki to a Honda will give him the edge he needs.
  5. Hello Pauleduc and welcome to the Piriform community forums. I would be extremely cautious here. There is a reason this folder is kept hidden. Microsoft does not want you to mess with it. If you delete anything in AppData, you might find that Internet Explorer no longer works. Or Firefox. Or any of the other applications you have installed. If you have a large number of applications installed, then it stands to reason that the size of the AppData folder will also be large. It's size will change as you install or uninstall any applications/programs. That being said, there is one very sp
  6. It took a while, but I finally trained my dog.
  7. Here's what I do to consolidate all of my files as much as possible and minimize the gaps. 1.) Right-click and open the Command Prompt as Administrator and run "sfc /scannow". If it reports there are no missing/corrupted system files***, close the Command Prompt, go into your settings for system recovery (Control Panel>All>Recovery>Configure System Restore>Configure) and delete all of your system restore points. ***If you find there are missing/corrupted system files, DO NOT delete your system restore points, you just might need them to fix the problem! Fix this problem fir
  8. I've got a similar issue with Ccleaner v. 5.23.5808. Besides taking a long time to analyze, there are times when the analysis will show 10MB, 20MB, or more of files to be removed. But when I ask it to clean these files, only 1-2MB of files are actually removed. This doesn't happen every time, just once in a while.
  9. Thanks for that one. I've got a couple of 4GB USB flash drives that are questionable. In the past, I've copied good .iso files onto them and find the files are corrupted when I copy them back to hdd. Now I won't feel bad about throwing them out if they fail.
  10. Hello Winapp2 - When I posted this afternoon, I figured you would be the one with the answer. I've never had this problem with the earlier versions of Firefox, so I thought it would be the right place to start. However, after posting on the Linux Mint forum, someone put me on the right track by mentioning the path for "mwad0hks.default" might be incorrect in the profiles.ini file. So it seems that it is not a problem with Firefox, instead it appears to be Linux related. Specifically, I'm beginning to think that using Bleachbit is causing my problems, because of the fact I've installed it on bo
  11. I'm not sure if I should be posting this here since it is Firefox related, but not Firefox installed on Windows related. I have Firefox installed on both Linux Mint and openSUSE as the default browser, and both were updated to Firefox version 29 recently. I've gotten the error message "cannot open Firefox due to missing or inaccessible user profile" a total of three times on both systems. This occurred only once on openSUSE and it seems to have fixed itself. By that I mean that every time since then, opening Firefox on openSUSE hasn't produced any error message. However, it has occurred t
  12. Thank you for the links Alan. I had no idea that Palemoon was available for Linux. If it's available as a .tar package, then I shouldn't have any problems with the installation.
  13. I have Firefox installed on Linux Mint and got the updates from the repository this afternoon. I installed them without realizing there was such a radical change, and what a sinking feeling I had when I first looked at it. At least it does not cover over the desktop's taskbar the way Chrome does, that is one of the features I really dislike about Chrome.
  14. Hello Asuna_Yuuki and welcome to the forum. The ones to watch for are 05, C4, C5, and C6. It looks like you do have some values>0 present, but I'm terrible at hexadecimal conversions. In light of the fact that it's a Seagate drive, I think you should download and run Seatools, the manufacturer's analysis software. I always try to use the manufacturer's software rather than third party software, provided it's available. The link is here: http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/item/seatools-win-master/
  15. Hello Paige and welcome to the forum. From what I can see, the warning stems from three items. The first is 05-Reallocated Sectors Count-raw value 8, the second is C4-Reallocation Event Count-raw value 8, and the third is C5-Current Pending Sector Count-raw value 1. What this means is that you have 8 sectors that are viewed as undependable by S.M.A.R.T. analysis and a ninth that is on the fence. It's not the end of the world, especially when you take into account you've used the drive for seven years. Just keep an eye on it and see if these values increase over time. Another one to watch is C6
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