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  1. Hav0c

    Raspberry Pi cases

    Okay a bit of topic here But this will make a Pi more fun http://mybroadband.co.za/news/wireless/131492-anonymously-connect-to-a-wi-fi-network-from-4-kilometres-away.html
  2. Hav0c

    Raspberry Pi cases

    It's $AUD 58,54 here (ZAR 549.00). That is excluding delivery. Some other things one can learn form the Pi https://www.raspberrypi.org/
  3. Maybe JRT did something that MBAM never could (successful) achieve and so dealing a double blow 'strengthening our technologies' and 'remove the competition'.
  4. Hav0c

    Raspberry Pi cases

    The Raspberry Pi 2 looks interesting, just sad it's so expensive her. Looking in to getting one when the price comes down a bit. MS Win10 Pi compatible version will change the way people look at the Pi and what they can do with it.
  5. Hav0c

    Raspberry Pi cases

    Have to say that is one snazy case, just need a Pi first hahaha. DO you have one mta ? if so what you use it for ?
  6. Hey all, Been a while since I last posted something let alone logged in. (Hope all the regulars are all okay ) So, after getting another phishing website ESET send me this link to report phishing sites http://phishing.eset.com/report/enu Just fill in the blocks and send it, easy as that.
  7. Well this can help USB Condom and No it's not a joke.
  8. Has anyone heard of this host file ? Not sure if it's included within MVPS as well but this one targets Malware domains not ads Got it from this site.
  9. That is true. That part of the brain isn't there as of yet. But at least he is trying.
  10. No need as it only effects the small search box that appears at the top of the browser.
  11. I think I was running wild and free at that time, how about you ? http://news.filehippo.com/2014/11/5-year-old-becomes-youngest-ever-microsoft-certified-professional/
  12. I would agree with you on option 3 but only if the the other piece of software provide more usable functions and not the exact same functions as currently used software. +1
  13. http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/114572-firefox-drops-google-for-yahoo.html Your move Google.
  14. Every thing changes over time some for the better and others for the worse. More gray hear, different car models, new girl/boy friend(s) /wife/husband. Well you all get the picture . But when it comes to software, things are a bit different in my opinion. There are only two ways to go. 1) Stick to what the developers provide and get use to it over time, which most users does or 2) the developers can implement Customization. Case in point Winrar, FireFox and couple more. But not all developers go down this path, could be due to security reasons or some other things. CCleaner 5 I have to say does not look good in XP and even Win7 but I am going with number 1, why, easy as I do not look at the UI much, I look at the functions the software provides me to complete my tasks. Granted the UI does make the task a but easier .
  15. Was this your first Defrag using Defraggler? Was there a lot of fragmented files ? The age old questions; were you using your system, was your anti virus listening in on the defrag ?
  16. You have written it down.... that is better then most people that I know that only knows they have a card and it woks that's it. I got a GTX 760 (standard) I get my NVidia drivers here, maybe that is why I never needed to get that Java Applet
  17. Hmmmm So one only needs Java if you install the GPU Reader which collects information about your system to recommend the drivers needed. Find this strange, who gets a card and not know what card they are getting or currently installed and what drivers to use? :blink: What card do you have ?
  18. Hello mister Bill This is the first time that I am reading this that Nvidia needs Java to function or at least perform some sort of function. Andavari, mta, Winapp2 did this ever happened to one of you where you needed to install Java for Nvidia ?
  19. So I did did my test in reverse this time. Took the portable version and ran it from the 120 I formatted and tried to get the data from the semi clean hdd (the one on the left)
  20. This got my attention, so I did this little test, Took a 120gb HDD and format it, had about 50gb of data on it. Plugged it in in another semi clean PC and only ran Recuva trying to recover the files form the 120 I think that Recuva does use drive space to store the found files and build its filing list. The amount of space used is in correlation of the amount of files and size trying to be recovered.
  21. Mister Bill, Did you download the Java's search or did your driver download it ? Hopefully it wasn't your driver. I have not used nor install any Java application in so many years I will be the wrong person to ask. Hopefully your gaming experience will be pleasant and that you get hours of joy !!
  22. Please read this regarding slow defrag time.
  23. Yes, the article is specifically about Social Media platforms and the law part is not just for social media platforms. Forums has Private messaging which can be abused as well...
  24. This is something you can try if you want to uninstall the 3D drivers and some other drivers from Nvidia to be on the save side you do not uninstall something that is needed. Run the latest Nvidia driver installation, Select Custom (Advanced) Deselect 3D Vision Controller Driver 3D Vision Driver HD Audio Driver (if you like, I did mine) Check Perform a clean installation Click next
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