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    New Technology

    I agree with you I also think they will have to work parallel with the power grid not just switch from one to the other overnight. Wonder how that one will work, Inductive effect maybe ? All your points are valid, but as the tech get refined I am sure your first 2 points will be worked out. But point 3, water, if it wants to get in it will get in. This point I think will be the hardest to work out.
  2. I am sure you are just speculating about the full minute to shut down, right ?? Shutdown time is not based on the time it takes to delete the pagefile, it depends on the amount of processes and services that has to end on the pc before it can shut down...(but I am sure you knew that) Another question, you state If it's that obvious to delete the page file on shutdown due to security risks, don't you think that Microsoft will advise the users to delete it ? One more thing, what is negligible for one isn't negligible for someone else.
  3. Just want to make something sure here. By that equation 1.5 x available RAM = general guidance for Pagefile size setting I have 12gb RAM so 1.5 x 12,288mb = 18,432mb of HDD space just to create a pagefile OR Is it available RAM after all process has started and RAM being used, available RAM is what is "free" after this process ?
  4. Want to know about any new technology development, then lets post it here. Okay i know some of this tech isn't new but still for those who isn't aware of them. Raspberry Pi Link does anyone have one ? If so what have you done with it ? Looking in to getting one. Solar Roadways https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qlTA3rnpgzU Man think about the potential around the house
  5. Link And if you like Math read this
  6. Hello neurovir, Welcome to the forum. It will be much easier just to try right click on the drive and format it that way. But any case: What version for CCleaner are you using ? What Operating system are you running ? Was the full drive wipe done or did you try and access the drive while still wiping ?
  7. Hav0c

    June Desktops

    Sorry LuLu but you walked straight into this one How to make a Pitbull song .... My desktop
  8. Hav0c

    Man`s best friend

    This is why I do not kill spider Andavari NOTE: I see I made a typo in my post "Who knew 9gag was just full of funnies and weird stuff" it should have read Who knew 9gag wasn't just full of funnies and weird stuff
  9. Hav0c

    Man`s best friend

    CPR for your pet Link Just may save your pets life with this one Who knew 9gag was just full of funnies and weird stuff
  10. Just making a small contribution for those who want it. Some Language entries. [FileZilla FTP Client (Lng)*] Section=Language Files Detect=HKCU\Software\FileZilla Client Default=False Warning=This will delete all language files excluding the Default language. FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\FileZilla FTP Client\locales|*.*|REMOVESELF [GoodSync (Lng)*] Section=Language Files Detect=HKLM\Software\Siber Systems\GoodSync Default=False Warning=This will delete all language files excluding the Default language. FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\Siber Systems\GoodSync|*.rfi ExcludeKey1=FILE|%ProgramFiles%\Siber Systems\GoodSync|default.rfi [Recuva (Lng)*] Section=Language Files Detect=HKLM\Software\Piriform\Recuva Default=False Warning=This will delete all language files excluding the Default language. FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\Recuva\Lang|*.*|REMOVESELF [Gimp 2 (Lng)*] Section=Language Files DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.8.exe Default=False Warning=This will delete all language files excluding the Default language. FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\GIMP 2\share\locale|*.*|REMOVESELF Note: Gimp 2 I couldn't find a Detect for it if anyone get one let me know please.
  11. Hav0c

    May Desktops

    Man making jokes can be fun.
  12. Hav0c

    Man`s best friend

    Well I stopped reading after Australia . Nicely put about the respect. *tip my hat to you*
  13. Hazelnut is correct but users should please keep in mind that ESET will indicate a warning for Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Google.D when downloading the normal installer. But this can be over come by downloading the Slim (toolbar free) or Portable version from here. The Slim version usually is available a week after the normal installer.
  14. Thanks for the in-depth feedback Let us just hope they get it right !!
  15. Hav0c

    Man`s best friend

    @TheWebAtom You afraid of them ? I had this one
  16. Hav0c

    Man`s best friend

    Middle pic, Not sure if you are dressing him up for His date or Your date ??? I only had Spiders as pets sadly had to set them free. Can't get any dogs due to our yard is way to small
  17. After Alan_B mentioned File Ownership and Access Control Levels, I did some deep digging in File Finder settings again. I started to come to the conclusion it's not the Mach by that will causes the most problems but the Ignore, File Ownership and Access Control Levels settings that will for most users. Thanks Alan_B. Edit: After performing a scan and found new duplicate files and removed them ran in some other problems that Explorer indicates the files are still on the pc even though the folders are empty. But this is just a side note. Image
  18. This issue was raised 28 February 2014 after they introduced, File content duplicate detection to File Finder. Since that date two releases was maid and this problems still remains. With File Finder being so easy to configure, I never had any doubt you did something wrong configuring the variables of finding duplicate file. This coming form someone who has played with File Finder extensively after 4.11.4619
  19. One can not control where your download links are located on the internet. So this is more of an PICNIC if the user download their software from known or suspected dodgy websites. Off topic: Fining it really sad how many people get get phrase "Over and Out" wrong . Stating Over and Out with tag "...for now.." really not the correct radio (2way) ethic. You are either "Over" meaning you letting someone else talk coming back later or waiting for responce or "Out" meaning you and the conversation is done.
  20. As state within #4 link the File Finder capabilities withing CCleaner does need a MD5 (SHA1 or any other) checker. You will not win with the File Finder as of date as it has lots of problems dmitrity1980
  21. Hav0c

    May Desktops

    @Kas Well I really think that warthog settled down nicely with that messy desktop....
  22. Layers are better then nothing. I use visualization software VMware, currently running 4: 1 for testing new software, 1 for Virus testing. Install and see what it does and how to remove it. 1 for destruction. This is to see the amount of files can be deleted from windows before it gos cheers. 1 for development. Makes my world go round. 404 Error on file Brain.exe
  23. Hav0c

    May Desktops

    Mta, one can only dream ......
  24. I agree with this statement. I have played with File Finder for a while now in my opinion rather manually confirm visual by opening the files then delete the files. File Finder needs a lot of work to get it to work. I gave up after trying all combinations possible on sorting my files using File Finder. (Still have the files hoping one day File Finder will work as advertised)
  25. That would be very bad. So if none of you encrypt your data asking your guys though on TrueCrypt may be skipped.
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