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  1. Does using Winapp2 prohibit me from having wallpaper?
  2. How does one check performance overall? My gaming performance has improved somewhat, but I would like to check how the whole machine is doing, Thanks Bill
  3. Winapp2.ini : After doing everything you recommended, I was able to get back into changing from aero, but not to that first Windows Basic, which shows in black and white and does not give me the option to select it. Instead what I can do is use any of the others Windows Classic themes (High Contrast 1, 2, etc) and currently it is using #2. In order to get better performance, I am giving up having wallpaper and screensavers, is that correct? Also, using command sfc/ scannow did repair several corrupt files, so this is good, yes? So this is where we are. I haven't checked gaming performance yet but will do so soon. My wife and I volunteer at the polls so tomorrow will be a full day for me until about 9pm GA time when I will have plenty of time to check things out a little more . Thank you, my friend and friends for all you are doing to help me! BIll
  4. Just got back from trying to disable Aero. I followed the instructions on the page, but when it came time to choose, I scrolled down and tried to click on Windows Basic, I couldn't click on anything to choose it. Then I tried to run troubleshoot, but as always an "error" kept it from loading. I have NEVER been able to get troubleshoot or Windows Fix-It. to work for me. At the very top are my "themes", but those aren't clickable either. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!
  5. I missed the "edit" window, sorry. For Winapp2.ini: I meant to add that..... 1. Gaming on this computer is pretty much all I do with it, except writing my blog and checking e-mail. Don't do spreads, not a lot of pictures or music, etc. and I have 311GB free of 465. I have WoW and SWTOR as the only 2 games I play on it. 2. Being a tad mentally challenged, I tend to forget what things I am doing/have done unless I write them down (don't use a printer, and all "important" stuff is done on my wife's machine). However, should the problem or a similar one arise in the future, it's possible I may forget, by that time, that I did write it down. Failing that, I may remember that I did, but forget where it is. All part of the fun that is Alzheimer's Dementia. 3. I read your post about this app, but haven't done anything with it yet. I don't know if it will improve my gaming, since you mentioned there is some lag in the app, so hopefully you'll have time to respond at some time and tell me what you think. 4. No lag, no jumpy action on my toon and just a smooth running game are what I am after, so I'm thinking that after tweaking and following the advice given me here, I probably will still need a new card, which is on the agenda to be bought. Finally, I know I say "thank you" a lot, but it means a lot to me that you and all the others in the thread are taking an interest. All the best! Bill
  6. Catching up....... Hav0c: I downloaded Java on my own after a prompt from NVidia. Apparently Java was needed when I chose them to do an automatic search for my driver. Winapp2.ini: After my machine rebooted itself to SAFE mode while trying to run a clean install a week ago, I have been really leery (Timothy's brother - old Carlin joke) of doing anything similar, but after reading all the advice I got here, I did run one not long after y'all began answering me with no problems. I'll have a look at disabling Windows Aero, though I had never heard of it until you just mentioned it in your post. Is this part of the NVidia card setup and is this where I need to disable it? Also would it affect the FPS and cause lag? Sorry to be so late in answering, both of you, but I sure do appreciate your time and efforts in helping me! Thanks Bil
  7. Dear Guys, First off, my sincere thanks for taking me "under the wing" as it were, and staying with the thread as long as you have. I know you are busy with other things so I also know to appreciate what you did for me. I just finished the "clean install" that you, Havoc, recommended I let the system do. I let the NVidia system find my driver automatically, but before it began looking I had to install Java's search and read only GPU program as it would not have functioned otherwise. I deleted the two programs you suggested and hit "clean install" and this is where I am at present. Havoc, et al, I have read so much about Java/Oracle's problems/non-problems that I bet I have installed the program at least 15 times in order to get various programs to run, so now it's once again loaded on my machine. What do you think I should do? Uninstall it again, but keep the thought "handy" that I may need it again? Admittedly, I have no idea why the service got the bad rep it suddenly did, but felt I needed to tell you because it may be the cause of all my problems. Or maybe not. I was a little reluctant to do the above, because when I tried before to update my driver, my machine booted itself into SAFE mode and I almost NEVER got it too reboot normally. Anyway, I am about to begin playing WoW and cannot wait to see if the FPS has improved. My thanks to Hazelnut as well! Bill
  8. Hey Again, Guys I did go into the NVidia Control Panel/Files, but the only driver file I saw contained "3D", so I didn't mess with it. mta (Get "Poor Charlie" off it, ASAP, ), I also checked my game settings under advanced and made sure the items which are supposed to be unchecked actually are, and that the settings you mentioned are low. There's a quest called "Water, Water Everywhere", and if I mess with one of those settings it causes the target circles to fade to the point where I can't see them, so back I go to trial and error until I get it all back. Sometimes I disable all add-ons to help with performance, but mostly, I back out of the game, go to CCleaner and run a scan. CCleaner also does an internet check for me on a regular basis and tells me it's cleaned "X" amount of MB space, after which the game runs fine again for a while. But here's another thing I'm thinking regarding my video card: Game Population. If I'm in a major city, say, in the middle of the night in real time, and there's hardly a player there, I have a smooth running game. Is that a valid point? But as I said, I believe I have tweaked my machine so much it's going to start screaming pretty soon, so I'll bite the bullet for a few more months with this card. And one thing I forgot to mention: Sometimes, when I come into a situation where there's a lot of action going on and start fighting, I will hear a loud buzz from the computer. I'm pretty ignorant, but I don't think that's a good sign, is it? Thanks once again to all of you for your input! Bill
  9. Andavari, do you have a recommendation as to which areas on my NVidia Control panel I should adjust? Thanks! Bill
  10. PS: To HavOc. I love the ElderGeek site and have bookmarked it. Thanks for the link! And as to the quote you referenced, it seems that this is a belief held by many. That is: Deleting files never speeds up gaming. I hope I have that right. It's meant to coincide with the quote. Bill
  11. Thanks to all three of you! I knew I could get some great answers once I figured out how to ask the questions. I will delete MSE and let AVG run and do as y'all recommended as regards CCleaner and its functions. Also, I know once I get a new video card, I'll see some improvements as well. Once again, my sincere thanks to all of you! Bill
  12. Hi Everyone 64 and in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's (Stage IV). I play World of Warcraft and similar games to preserve my cognitive functions and to interact with people. Maybe you're thinking to yourselves, "So?", but I have a reason for posting and it is as follows: There are many times when, due to an older NVidia 9600 GEForce card, my machine will hang up on me, causing things such as black screens, jittery movement of characters, and very loud cursing from yours truly. So I'd like to ask you gamers for some tips on what services to use and when. I am using AVG free and Microsoft Security Essentials as well as CCleaner, Spybot and Defraggle free. I have virus scans daily on my Windows 7, 4 Gig AMD ATHLON IBUYPower machine with 257 gigs of space left after a very long free CCleaner space wipe, but am still having problems. Since we are on a fixed income, I can't get a new card right away and so I am tweaking my 7 year old computer as much as possible, because the gaming is very important to me. So what can I do on a daily basis and what services should I use regularly in order to keep my computer safe and running as smooth as possible? I thank you in advance for your assistance. Bill
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