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  1. As long as there are free or relatively cheap software out there, there will be "candy". Most AVs now do get hits on Opencandy but if yours does not then I think you have one bad AV.
  2. So my PC got an upgrade to something special......
  3. Some people might have resorted back to a version that does not cause the problem like you indicated, so one has to make sure what specific version you are currently referring to. Do you mind including a screen shot of your Application tab and results if run a analyze only ? As I (and some other users) am using steam but I cant duplicate the result you are getting with version 4.15.4725.
  4. @Kroozer, he stated that he stopped the process before it was finished, so ding the file and folder will be deleted automatically. I have tested this. As hazelnut stated, perhaps just reboot your system.
  5. Okay, so some users said they can't see the download "button" on the MVPS.org website. Here is something to help out the FireFox users. First you will need to install Greasemonkey if you do not got it already. Then navigate to %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ {random}.default \gm_scripts Create a folder called "Hosts" , within the newly created folder create a file called "Hosts.user.js" open the .js file with notepad copy the following code in and save the file. I know the code is sloppy but it works.
  6. Mta is this what you want ??
  7. Hey and welcome to the forum, What version of CCleaner are you using and what version of winapp2.ini (if any) are you using ?
  8. Hav0c

    Java on XP

    Yea, maybe I have been a little hard on XPers (really XPers ??? ). Sorryyyyy
  9. Hav0c

    Java on XP

    What is Java ?????? Java just went down hill really fast, what a shame . XP users will need to decide when, not if, they are going to get with the times.
  10. Just wonderful man, bravo !! :D To lisp from now on....
  11. @Winapp2.ini yea man and i am trying to hide it with my trash bin..... (good one btw) No it's not that, it's kids that think HTTP and HTTPS is the same thing.
  12. Well here is mine, There is something about it that just state the mood I am in right now....
  13. Question: This thread was about MBAM, now it is about other services how ??. @Saurabhdua: Read this about services that can be disable, suspended or start. NOTE: I am pritty sure that no perifourm member will take or can be held liable if you perform ANY of the modivications on your services . We only provide the info YOU perform the action/s. So be warned !
  14. I was once out on a school field trip, one kids dad was a brass in the air force so he organized for a flip in a Oryx. The teacher slip the class up boys and girls and the girls went first. When it was our turn we asked if we could fly with the doors open, this wasn't a strange requests as they usually did fly with the doors open. So the pilot took us up, doors open. Then the fun started the pilot did some tricks with us, zigging and zagging, steep climes and more. He even did this nice little "trick" where he switch off he engines and let the chopper glide, called autorotating. So the extremely fun day came to an end. Couple of days later I was told that pilot that took us up that day ALREADY wrote of 2 choppers while doing tricks....... Needles to say thinking back it was a scary trip knowing what I know now.
  15. On the topic of calling a spade, a spade Sometimes I am thinking the exact same thing..... You may have no problem being a versatile thinker but some others may, case in point your Sky dive post. In to days world one must be a versatile thinker just to stay ahead in life. But there are limits one has to consider namely the audience you are addressing or interacting with. Remember to uncheck the "Remember me" check box on the log in page, clear your temp files and cache then you will not log in by accident. Back to the topic. All depend on your religion if you belief in ghosts or not. NOTE: the above is the only thing I will say about religion, I will not go in any argument regarding religion.
  16. I like to clean the registry after a virus hit that has been cleaned by a AV as most if not all AVs do not scan for registry values. I also clean the registry after installing a couple of applications, "why ?" some of you may ask, well let me explain why I do it. I see the registry as a MASSIVE telephone book, with sections and entries. Sections being the different HKEY values and the entries, well the entries below every HKEY. Now over time the phone book gets adds, and you are using a old book. So how does one remove the adds and the old phone numbers to speed up the process ? One tears out the unneeded pages or write them down. So doing speeding up the next search for that number. So by using a register cleaner, one shortens the search process for a specific applications value and removing all the "adds". (NOTE: this can backfire as well if you do not make the backups of the registry value) and Mta is correct in stating that there is usually very little performance benefit. Does anyone even know of an open source reg cleaner so that once can have a look at the algorithms ?
  17. Depending on the sort of software I am about to download, yes. I also use 5 FireFox addons to stop fake links and more, MBAM, Spybot and my AV. I can see your point Hazelnut.
  18. Is it just me or does it look like people use more color and bigger fonts in their post when they are mad ?? . (don't think it helps conveying anything) Okay back to topic. This is the 4th or 5th post in the last couple of months people start to complain about this sort of "problems" / "tricks". It also seems to me and perhaps others that people aren't reading any of the previous posts made regarding this sort of complains. Moderators, is there a way to consolidate all the previous complains posts about this sort of "problems" / "tricks" into one and pin it ?
  19. WinSCP Small, fast and has a portable version as well: http://winscp.net/eng/download.php OllyDbg OllyDbg is a 32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft: http://www.ollydbg.de/ JetBrains dotPeek dotPeek is a free-of-charge .NET decompiler: http://www.jetbrains.com/decompiler/
  20. Hi, So Speccy currently can only save a file in one of two formats XML and Text file. All fine and dandy but is it possible to implement save as CSV tab delimited as well ? So doing allow importing into Excel a lot easier and cleaner.
  21. Hav0c


    @Kas, you have to be really bored to start posing how fast people will die if they fall 300 feet......
  22. Hav0c

    New Technology

    Some nice drones Future drones could mimic birds and bats: Link 8 Totally cool uses for a Dron : Link This is why I am looking into getting a Raspberry Pi
  23. 70 years later, D-Day vet Jim 'Pee Wee' Martin jumps agian Link I have to say that takes some stones !!
  24. Hav0c

    New Technology

    This is another plus one for Solar, link It could be beneficial for all. Taiwan's tech industry tests the waters in wearables, Internet of Things Link Hmm this can be interesting Link
  25. Hav0c

    Man`s best friend

    In my family we only had two types of dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. So I am a dog person by heart. Cats was and still is seen as a nuisance.
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