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  1. Did yo install your GF Experience and drivers in the default location ? Bit more information is needed example what driver version and GF Experience did you use ?
  2. Just a quick question did you use your computer - open applications, run games and so on - while you did the defrag ? I took in to consideration your own words but mentioning your system specs would help..... Defraggler version, OS, RAM and so on
  3. Just something intresting. http://mybroadband.co.za/news/internet/112769-fighting-online-trolls.html Some forums just have to enforce the law a bit more in some cases. What do you guys think Yes / No ?
  4. Glad you find the link usefull. It may not speed up the gaming, it just might clear the pipelines of old junk files. In one case I had a gaming cache file got corrupted and cleaning it fixed the problem for me. Some people will recommend to switch FAXX off if yours is enabled. Nvidia Control Panel --> 3D Settings--> Manage 3D settings Global settings Tab --> Antialiasin-FXAA --> Off
  5. None of us on the forum (I think) will say that there is a peace of software out there that does not have problems. This is just a rhetorical question, how do we know the mentioned software is doing something right or even wrong, if every company has their own way of doing things ?
  6. When it comes to which services to disable and enable it's a extremely delicate subject as each PC/Laptop user requires different services based on their PC/Laptop usage. I found this on one site that I think is truly a good answer about services The link if you want to read more. You could also run the Winapp2.ini in conjunction with the Trim.bat to tailor the Winapp2.ini for your system. Just look for the Game section within CCleaner and remove some of your old logs and so on as well. NOTE: read the warning that the entries provide BEFORE just cleaning away.
  7. Why do you think I made my comment, if according to you I have not tried it ? (end of the story) +1 fo you dear sir.
  8. Seems to me you have not experience the true meaning of browser freedom ! In 7 years (02 - 09) IE lost more then half of it's users, then in 3 years (09 - 11) again more then half then again in 2 years (11-13) another half gone. Man it's a slow death for IE. Interesting how Chrome gained a lot of popularity vs how Firefox is losing a lot at the same time. Looks like March of 2012 was the turning point in the battle between Chorme and Firefox. Wonder why is that .
  9. Sad but true, but then it's "just" business in some peoples eyes.
  10. Well that was fast...... http://mybroadband.co.za/news/smartphones/112727-say-goodbye-to-nokia.html
  11. I would have gone about trouble shooting your problem a bit different. You stated If you have access to another computer just plug it in there and see what the POST stated and listen to the drive spin up for any unusual noises, if the POST stated a error you would have known that your HDD is busted. If the POST gave the all clear then I would have gone with the HDD manufactures HDD diagnostic applications and perform the tests. In the mean time while the tests are running I would have done what hazelnut suggested check the memory module/s.
  12. Here is my feedback on the matter v1.75 vs 2.xxxx v1.75 scan process was a lot faster than this new version due to this pre-scan that they introduces in v2. I would like a option to hide the "MB Secure Backup" ad or removed it. Personally I do not want to be reminded that I am using the free version on the Dashboard every time I open it. For some reason v2.0.3.1025 can not sort via Type within the History--> Quarantine on my system. But the new version isn't totally that bad they have included some functionality that I do like seeing I work with a lot of and I do mean a lot of infected
  13. That is way you use the Technical Tab and go to the original developers website and download the software for there. Filehippo is moving all their software to their little download manager. It has been posted here a couple of time thanks to Hazelnut that spotted it.
  14. I only see one hit but that can be due to the algorithm. Note once unpacked you can look at the code which is in JavaScrip and edit it so I do not see a problem with it.
  15. This begs the question, how secure are the websites and applications we use. Being on PC, laptops and smartphones. In my opinion I think there are a lot of "updates" released that includes security updates that us users will know about. link
  16. Now how would some people make their millions ??
  17. Got them for here . Yes, WIndows Sidebar gadges must be running.
  18. Wow, 10Mil salary, security lacking, I think it's a good business plan Evan Spiegel has going there . What can you do with 10Mil, if put towards securing once business ?
  19. If not mistaken Defraggler needs at least 10% free space for optimal defrag.
  20. In some cases speed isn't the answer. For example burning a CD/DVD. My understanding with Defrag the slower (well to a point) the better as this allows for files to read and move more thoroughly. Personally I would rather wait a bit more than losing all my files due to corruption.
  21. Some speculation that Win 8.1 and 8.2 (not mistaken) shut the gap between 9 to 10
  22. Ummmm, that could work . Just shows you I have not played with Speccy a lot. Manly used the portable version a couple of times.
  23. It's easy to config the registry just follow the path as in my first post and point it to your Speccy. Nothing can go wrong as long as you do not delete anything else but create the entry at the path provided. If that does not work then you can delete the create path. I do not work with the Task Scheduler so will not be able to help you with that one. but this may help http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/12444-task-scheduler-create-new-task.html
  24. Have you tried making a shortcut under Startup ? Start --> All Programes --> Startup Have you tried adding a String value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and point it to Speccy ?
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