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  1. @eL_PuSHeR, weird out of 5 tries I wasn't able to duplicate your results. But at least it's good news if you stat by ticking the "No thanks" box, it doesn't install anything.
  2. So K-Lite changed their MPC language files location, here is the update. [K-Lite Media Player Classic (Lng)*] Section=Language Files Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Applications\mpc-hc.exe Default=False Warning=This will delete all language files excluding the Default language. FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\K-Lite Codec Pack\MPC-HC\Lang|*.*|REMOVESELF FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\K-Lite Codec Pack\MPC-HC64\Lang|*.*|REMOVESELF
  3. @eL_PuSHeR: Can you duplicate the dialog that you have seen? I have again uninstalled reinstalled to see anything funny but still I can't. @Winapp2.ini: I also prefer Media Player Classic over VLC.
  4. Where did you get your installer ? I just uninstalled my 10.6.5 that I got from Filehippos direct link, reinstalled using Advanced mode, scan my pc and didn't detect anything nor see any new dialogs. Some shady ways to put food on the table.
  5. Some entries for TeamSpeak 3, use discretion. [TeamSpeak3 Themes*] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKCU\Software\TeamSpeak 3 Client Default=False Warnin=This will set the Theme to System default FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\styles|*.*|RECURSE ExcludeKey1=FILE|%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\styles\default* ExcludeKey2=PATH|%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\styles\default [TeamSpeak3 Icon Packs*] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKCU\Software\TeamSpeak 3 Client Default=False Warning=This may cuase your icons to look funny. To correct Options-->Design-->Icon Pack set to default FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\gfx|*.zip ExcludeKey1=FILE|%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\gfx\default.zip [TeamSpeak3 News*] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKCU\Software\TeamSpeak 3 Client Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\news|*.*|RECURSE Know this will not be included in .ini that why standalone ! [TeamSpeak3 (Lng)*] Section=Language Files Detect=HKCU\Software\TeamSpeak 3 Client Default=False Warning=This will delete all language files excluding the Default language. FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\translations|*.qm
  6. It's a shame how they tried to implement the download manager and ESET all ready detects it as PUA, variant of Win32/InstallerCore.PK Nice try Filehippo.... Do not think they will make the direct download link any bigger as they WANT you to download their special package.
  7. So this is a bit different from what I usually upload, but i think it's appropriate for this site . .
  8. My first understanding of programming was with the help of Pascal then Delphi and now VB.Net. At the collage where I did some studding, they still teach students how to work with punch cards....
  9. So mta you are one of the "ancient" programmers..... . On behave or all man kind, "ancient" programmers, thank you for giving Pacman and more on our phones.
  10. To think some "bad boy" ROCKED this 10.7 kg (23.5 lb) baby. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osborne_1
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum. All though this may seem like a good idea, look at the dilemma. They would have to support all phone types. They cant be selective in what phone to support and not. If not mistaken there are numerous discussion about phone support that answer your question. But the short awnser is "No, Recuva doesn't have phone support"
  12. Thanks Haz, looks like it's one of the posts I missed . Found it strange as I have downloaded a couple of things from SF lately but never ran in to this one before until now. Looks like times are getting tough if most of the portals are including adware.
  13. So I download some software from Sourceforge and my AV (ESET) gos mad and warns me about some variant of Win32/InstallCore.PO. I also noticed the file icon from Sourceforge is "SF". Downloaded the software from the site itself and nothing, no warnings and the icon is the standard windows application icon. Uploaded both files to VirusTotal and here is the results Sourceforge file https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/710d348f260148dbec289a1afa13fc4f81c563d19cd274c472cd9427546516cd/analysis/1406930031/ Direct Link file https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/d7de4affcf24c5025a3526bcff94f595d7af361e4b2ef848331eafd37e927f4a/analysis/1406928539/ Anyone else noticed this ?
  14. I beat someone would have asked that questions !!!
  15. Bit of an old thread but here is an old classic Eye of the Tiger !!! http://youtu.be/otmase5twFM
  16. Glad it worked even after ~4 days. My habit is, when I want to run BF, I run CC first and let BF run over night. But in my case it doesnt take as long as yours did, due to my partitions are a lot smaller. For example my OS partition is only 60gb.
  17. USB Flash Drive Tester Flash card/drive tester allows testing of any removable media including SD, MMC, CF, USB flash pen drives for bad or unstable sectors. Especially useful for testing for fake sizes often seen on low quality USB pen drives. http://www.vconsole....page=page&id=13
  18. Firefox 31 http://www.itnews.com/search-engines/81455/mozilla-ships-firefox-31-adds-search-new-tab-page
  19. Hello and welcome to the forum. Have a look in your Registry. You can try CCleaner registry cleaner to remove some entries, IT'S STRONGLY recommended that you make a backup of the entries if prompt to do so.
  20. So I did a small test, simple setup. Created a batch file that creates files, a lot of files. While the batch was creating the files I ran CCleaner Analyze. The Analyze took incrementally longer and longer to complete. Question, Did you run any downloads, have any open Browsers, moving files or removing files while you ran the Analyze ?
  21. @ Avdavari: I do not disagree with your statement at all, don't get me wrong. I would also dislike any antivirus that does not allowing me the choice to install something being infected or not. You are correct in stating that the portable version does not ship with adware and that it's installable versions that does. But how many users know they have to add the /nocandy parameter, let alone know how to implement it ? If the build in advertisements are standalone files they can be deleted/detected one just have to look hard for them. There are in most cases a workaround, the bigger question is, does one have to time to find it ?
  22. Hey there and welcome to the forum. This may be a shot in the dark, I have noticed from your screen shot your primary partition (OS C:) current usage stands at 743.2 (87%). That is a lot of files. The first thing that Defraggler does is build a Index of ALL the files on the partition you want to Defrag. Now according to, number of files and Index building time ratio, the more files you have the longer it will take to build the Index of ALL the files. The less files you have the faster the Index building process takes. Just give it time and do not open and close applications while trying to Defrag the partition. As this could delay the building process and in some cases corrupt the file being defrag. Something that you can try if you haven't already. Setup CCleaner and run it, this will remove all junk files lessening the amount of files to be Indexed.
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