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  1. Having suffered the same experience. When you installed IE8 did you remember to turn off Norton? It is important that you stop all Norton services from running. before starting the IE8 install
  2. You have to create 4 A4 pages first then use the 4 per page print command
  3. Simple answer is just buy some more Ram
  4. Yup, Nearly as many updates as Firefox
  5. Security update issued on 30/08/2012 http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp#win
  6. A simple typo and I made no such remarks I use IE8 and this has all become far to boring to continue
  7. Super fast It seems your not to hot on searching - http://simple-adblock.com/downloadpage/
  8. Don't make assumptions. When I said 'simple adbock' that is exactly what I meant. Produced by the same people as Adblock. As for you testing it! that is of no interest to me, I have been using it with IE8 for the past year or so, and are more than happy with it. So, please drop[ your attacks on IE for as Hazel said earlier its just so boring. End of topic for me
  9. SuperFast has clearly not heard of 'simple adblock'
  10. Yes I agree. However, a quick look at the HD activity light will confirm it's not frozen
  11. I wouldn't worry! I seriously doubt that you will end up being over qualified
  12. This thread has to be a wind up
  13. Thanks Hazel, promise I wont 'Crow' about it
  14. Testing file attach Working for me now
  15. Hi Dennis. Best advice is to stay clear of the small slim line cases, as they tend to overheat if the drive is to used on a frequent basis but ok for small backups.
  16. Thanks for that Hazel. It's a good program
  17. ( I had a hard drive with two partitions, C: (system) and D: (docs). I reformatted and installed a fresh copy of XP on C:. After installing, I went into my computer and double-clicked on D:, but windows didn't know how to open it, as if it was an unrecognized file type.) Exploring via My Computer requires a double click in XP to open a drive
  18. This seems to be the answer for most users, you need to delete the hidden file Autorun.inf on the D partition 1. First go to cmd, type “attrib X:\Autorun.inf –s –r –h” without quotes where X is your drive name which is having the problem. 2. Now the file is visible and ready to delete. 3. After deleting the file, close the explorer and open it again or just give a reboot to the computer, your problem is fixed.
  19. Why not just delete the spammer Hazel
  20. Like Alan said Its rubbish and always has been
  21. MikeW

    New monitor

    Unless thats a very large monitor Hazel I would not be able to work at that resolution. Why not change it to give your self a larger image. These are the usual resolutions to screen size 14-15 inch 1024x768 17-19 inch 1280x1024 20-23 inch 1600x1200 24 + inch 1900x1200 17-18 inch Widescreen 1280x800 19 inch Widescreen 1440x900 20-23 inch Widescreen 1680x1050 24-29 inch Widescreen 1920x1080 to 1920x1200 30 + inch Widescreen
  22. MikeW


    Hi Eli, take a look at this link which may help you resolve/understand this error Your error code is part way down the list http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/kcs/document?docid=DSN_356576&isLegacy=true
  23. This is the one I use to convert any document to PDF http://www.dopdf.com/
  24. Upload test via normal uploader doesn.t work Dragon Rapide taking off from Duxford Museum
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