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  1. @ hazelnut: Hello again. Thanks for your interest in my issue. First and foremost, yes, I do indeed have the Memory Dumps checked in CCleaner. ..and I have ran CCleaner since I removed the PCI dial-up modem and since this issue stopped. Therefore, I am flat out of luck now! I was not aware that you really do need those memory dump file information to resolve this issue. :-( The only way is to re-install the PCI dial-up modem and run a few system restarts and shutdowns to reproduce this issue and do not use CCleaner in the interim. Then we can take it from there. Therefore, I will be a few days before returning here. I will be back. Hold on! Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello. I am having BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death Issues) issues in recent days. Ever since I installed my older internal PCI dial-up modem card inside my desktop computer, I have been receiving BSOD most (9 out of 10 times I'd say.) only during the final "Shutdown" stage with my Windows 7 Pro 6-bit OS. Windows runs great before, during and after startup and while Windows is running. I only get the BSOD issues a few seconds after I have commenced a system restart or system shutdown following the Windows "Shutdown" screen. System restarts are more common with BSODs than system shutdowns. I have check my Device Manager for this Intel 536EP Modem and the device status (the driver) states that "this device is working properly.". It is from digital signer is: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher. The driver provider: Intel Corporation. The drive date: 3/16/2005. The driver version: I ran a System File Checker (sfc /scannow) while in the Windows environment and it stated at the conclusion, "Windows Resource Protection didn't find any integrity violations." Yes, obviously, you're going to say it is the added PCI dial-up modem hardware that is the issue and/or in combination with the driver. After I installed this hardware, this is when this BSOD issue all started. Yet, the driver does not show any issues as I have stated. I have since removed this PCI dial-up modem and when I did the BSOD issues immediately stopped proving it is this piece of hardware as the root cause. I was planning on using the dial-up modem for a Caller ID system that uses the modem in your Windows-based computer to monitor incoming phone calls. When a phone call is received, the program displays the Caller ID info on the computer screen. I have not configured this yet as I am trying to overcome this BSOD issue first. Some stats: The dial-up modem is called a EZ Media Fax Modem - Internal PCI v.92/56Kbps with Intel Modem Chips v.92 and v.90. I have the original (standard) ASUS P5Q motherboard. I have a Motorola external broadband cable modem and a Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N gigabit Router receiving a broadband communication. The telephone cord connected to this PCI dial-up modem is connected to a telephone splitter jack that is connected to my digital phone cable modem jack. I am running a dual boot situation with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and a Windows 8 Pro 64-bit on different primary partitions on the same internal hard drive. I have provided 3 Windows Problem Signatures below for your inspection a varying times from Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. I have not received any BSODs with Windows 8 Pro 64-bit OS. My question to you: Is there a way to get this added PCI dial-up modem to work with my system??? If you can help me, please suggest to me how I can still keep installed my added PCI dial-up modem and stop getting this BSOD issues??? Please reply. Thank you! Problem signature:
  3. @ all that have replied: Hello to all! Thanks for your replies. I haven't read them since now after I had performed my own testing of this issue. I have returned here to update you on the status and the results. It is a long story and to spare you the extensive testing and details, I determined the root cause was indeed corrupt files on the Windows 7 drive only. Once I let Windows 7 error-check and fix the corruption on its own drive, things were all back to normal. The Windows 7 drive must of also triggered an all error-checking for all other drives/paritions/volumes in the computer. After all error-checing was done, there is no errors found elsewhere excpet for the Windows 7 drive only. This issue has not returned since the fix. I was timid on running a check disk for error-checking for the fear lose something I saved as valuable, but so far (and some time that has passed now) I see on my Windows 7 drive there are no missing personal files! So, I may of got lucky this time! I assume it must of been corrupt system files that got fixed, maybe?!?!? Thank you all for your help!
  4. Hello. I need your help. For the last few days, I have been receiving on start up of my Windows 7 64-bit operating system the message on a black and white DOS like window screen (1 sample): Checking file system on D: The type of the file system is NTFS. Volume label is WORK DESKTOP. One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue. To skip disk checking, press any key within 10 second(s). ...with many more of the same messages FOR ALL my internal physical hard drive partitions in my desktop computer. Okay, let me elaborate -- you need to know this background: Now this ENTIRE issue started OVER a week ago for ONLY ONE drive/partition asking for a disk check for consistency for my newly installed Windows 8 Pro 64-bit partition I created/installed on another physical hard drive from the perspective of Windows 7 64-bit. Yes, I have 2 operating systems on my computer -- Windows 7 64-bit on one physical hard drive partition; I have my Windows 8 Pro 64-bit on another physical hard drive partition; and I have 3 other physical hard drives with several individual drives/partitions on them for GBs of my backed up data and other files and folders I have saved. NOTE: I do NOT dual boot. I use BIOS to switch between the OS drive I wish to boot from for whatever Windows OS I want to use. I have had no problems right along. Okay, enough of the background. Let me add, this "One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency" message(s) happened ONLY WITH startup for my Windows 7. NOTE: I did NOT receive or do NOT currently receive any such message for disk checking during booting with my Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 will proceed to the Windows 8 lock screen without any issues when booting. Now, let me back up: When this first happened OVER A WEEK AGO, when Windows 7 was loading, I would get the same check disk message above but FOR ONLY I would need to check for consistency for the Windows 8 Pro 64-bit drive/partition as I have previously said. This is my H drive from the perspective of my Windows 7 64-bit OS. It would do this each time I booted into my Windows 7 for several days. I would hit a key to override it ever time to avoid disk checking. In the mist of this issue happening, I transferred some digital camera images I originally placed on the desktop on my Windows 7 and move them to my Windows 8 Pro's desktop. I planned on using them on my Windows 8 Pro at a later time. Now, I knew I did NOT have much personal data associated with my newly installed Windows 8 Pro 64-bit drive/partition -- mostly the files and folders from the Windows 8 64-bit installation that would be impacted from a disk check. I then figured, what the heck; I might as well have Windows 7 check for errors with my Windows 8 Pro's drive/partition and get it done with so I would not get this message any longer. My newly moved images to the desktop would not get harmed I said to myself. Windows 7 was asking for a disk check long BEFORE I moved the images to the Windows 8 Pro's desktop. So when I rebooted into my Windows 7 and allowed my Windows 8 to be checked for consistency, I found it was deleting files and the very images I transferred over to my Windows 8 desktop in rapid succession on the black and white DOS like screen. After the disk check ended, I booted over to my Windows 8 to see if those images were still on my desktop! I found the images WERE GONE!!! I was very angry, but I DID make a backup of these lost images for my external hard drive to store a copy of them. Phew!!! I was safe from losing them! Anyways through all of that, I assumed I must of fixed whatever was wrong with this consistency/disk check for my Windows 8 Pro drive/partition per Windows 7. I was able to boot into Windows 8 Pro without any issues after Windows 7 performed the disk check. All "seemed" good. After that happened, I rebooted back into my Windows 7 again. Now, I found this happening: FOR EVERY PHYSICAL HARD DRIVE's DRIVE/PARTITION I HAVE CREATED ON MY COMPUTER -- regardless if it is either Windows OS drive or any one of my several backup drive/partitions of my saved data files and folders, Windows 7 is requesting a disk check to be performed ON ALL DRIVES/PARTITIONS for consistency. Yes, even Windows 8 Pro's drive/partition AGAIN! What I have been doing is that I am hitting a key to stop the disk check to occur and it provides me the same message above for the next drive/partition. In total, it asks FOR ALL of my 8 drives/partitions on my system to have a disk check for consistency NOW!!! I AM SCARRED TO DEATH TO DO THIS!!! I AM AFRAID I WILL AGAIN LOOSE MY DATA THROUGHOUT MY PARITIONS/DRIVES!!! I have GBs of stored files and folders on my internal hard drives I have backed up!!! So right along now, I am just pressing any key to bypass the disk check for ALL my 8 partitions/drives when Windows 7 loads each time. What do you think I going on here??? Please explain and do you have any solutions or even some ideas what is occurring??? I need some sound guidance. Please reply. Thanks!
  5. Hello. I have a question. How does one send a text message or e-mail *FROM* a Verizon cell phone or smartphone *TO* a PC's e-mail server (such as G-Mail or Hotmail)? I have seen many online articles and forums indicate the reverse; that is, FROM a PC e-mail client or online webmail TO a Verizon cell phone. (...and the Verizon cell phone or smartphone user *REPLIES BACK* TO the PC user; but the Verizon cell phone or smartphone can NOT initiate a text message or e-mail ON THEIR OWN TO the PC.) Please reply with solutions or even if possible a stepped answer (1., 2., 3., etc.). A weblink that demonstrates the steps is okay too, but please be careful not to include the inverse or reverse I just mentioned -- that is all I could find. Also in your response please let me know if some sort of cell phone or smartphone Internet service is required for text messages or e-mails to send and receive too beyond the normal voice service cell phones or smartphones provide. Thank you!
  6. @mta: Hello. Nice to meet you. Like your suggestion. Can this be done in terms of moving the quarantine folder to another PC? Do you know how to do this or have you ever done this before? Please elaborate. I would need to locate the quarantine folder, have any ideas where it is located and how to move it? @ hazelnut & Nergal: Hello again. Thank you for your sympathies, even though I am not seeking it. I hope you understood my point... ...even though the trial has ended, the software companies should know better than to "block" access to the quarantine functions (and I would argue also, the history-like files and records). Yes, I figured I would go back into the program at a later time and access the quarantine functions and get my files which I strongly believe are false-positives. My mistake "to assume" I would have access AFTER the fact. As I have said, from experience I recall older versions of software security products I used (approx. around 2002-2007-ish) WOULD ALLOW me "LIMITED" ACCESS AFTER the trial ended. Now I cannot recall a time in the past when I was able or not to access with BitDefender products specifically since I did not use their products until the last couple of years for testing since their success ratings are so high but the company popularity little known, however others have I have previously stated DID indeed allow me access after the trial ended. I know better now not to take this method next time. So far, I have pleaded and they have failed to reply. So I know their sentiments -- no help! Believe me, now I will never be a BitDefender customer ever!
  7. @ Andavari & hazelnut: Thanks for your comments. I will be "polite" and try again. I want my files back! I have even spoken to Symantec about such an issue, they contend that they are required to provide me a 3 day extension of their trials if this happens and I request it. I see BitDefender is not too cooperative! I am sure they can extend it if they wanted too. I recall years ago using security programs like Norton and Kaspersky and others that when the trial ended, I was still given access to areas of the security software program. Now, it appears they are clamping down on full shutdown of the program at trial end which they SHOULD NOT DO!!!
  8. @ hazelnut: Hello. Thanks for you prompt reply. Yes, you caught me. Good eyes! Sorry! I meant to say, it is indeed lesser known, but not an obscure Internet software security program. I will disclose the brand, it is BitDefender Internet Security 2013. Their tech rep. insisted I do not have any resolution to access those encrypted quarantined files unless I pay for the activation. I am not sure what their BitDefender Forum will do anything different since I received directly from the source. I wil need to relent and buy it in order to get access to those files which is not right. I see you ask, "Have you considered restoring a backup?" and "System restore?" I am not sure where you are going with this??? See, I am not sure of the actual file names that were indeed quarantined unless I see the actual quarantined files within BDIS 2013 -- so I would not know what to look for unless I know from inside BDIS 2013. Anyways I would need to know their names -- I would plan on testing these so-called infected files with other programs to verify if they are indeed infected. I seriously question if some if not all are actually infected since I have ran trials of other software security suites and they found no issues system wide before they were quarantined -- whatever they are. Please elaborate. Please reply. Thank you! Please elaborate.
  9. Hello. I have an important question to ask you. I ran a trial of a lesser known Internet security software program for 30 days. I vaguely recall seeing a few quarantined files encrypted in the program but did not investigate the specific quarantined files at that time. This was near the end of the trial period. They may be or not be actually infected, but I quickly recall seeing a few important files quarantined. Overall, I was unhappy with the manner of this Internet security software program operated. Now, after the trial ended, I was planning to remove this very known Internet security software program from my system. However before I did, I had to verify the Internet security software program's quarantined files. Now, when I opened the program interface, I see the program is COMPLETELY blackened out and I cannot access ANY PART of this program's functions since it requires me to now purchase the program. I do not wish too. I was completely unaware that I would have difficulties accessing my quarantined files after the trial ended. Now, I contacted their technical support online and they told me that after the trial is complete, there is NO WAY for me to access my quarantined files and I am out of luck unless I purchased a subscription to reactivate the program. Now, I FIND THIS CRIMINAL!!! Even if they shutdown the program activation with active system protection following the trial period, they should at least still allow me access to my quarantine file functions and my past history functions!!! At this point, I would think that they could give me one 1-3 day re-activation period with their current installed Internet security software program so I can get immediate short term access to my quarantine files. If they refuse to assist me in accessing my files, I am thinking of a small claims court lawsuit against this known Internet security software program. For your information, I have not removed or uninstalled this lesser known Internet security software program to date from the system. Questions: Your thoughts? What can I do? Please explain. Please reply. Thank you! System: Windows 7 x64
  10. @ Winapp2.ini: Hello. Thank you very much for your comment. I just spoke to someone a few minutes ago and they told me this information I would like to share here on the forum: "5MHz-1000MHz, 120-140db Any splitter will attenuate your signal." So this will work. Yes, gold plated will help I am told. Thank you!
  11. Hello. You may or may not of heard of an American cable telecommunications company called Time Warner Cable I subscribe is charging a rental fee for its cable modem in the immediate future that previously offered its hardware cable modem to its customers for no charge. Now, there is a loophole in order to avoid this fee -- buy your own cable modem for the company's Internet service. In addition, there is an exemption to rent the cable modem without paying the fee -- if you use the company's combination (Internet and digital telephone) rental cable modem ONLY for the company's voice service (digital phone) and use your own purchased one for the company's Internet service. The charge is specified to those customers that use the company's cable modem rental for Internet service only. Therefore, I will be using TWO (2) modems -- the company's cable modem with the phone and Internet integrated for my voice service ONLY and my own purchased simple Internet ONLY cable modem for the Internet Service to avoid the fee. My cable modem is on the company's list of compatible hardware devices for Internet service. NOTE: You can NOT have a combination (Internet and digital telephone) cable modem OF YOUR OWN to COMPLETELY REPLACE the company's combination Internet and digital phone cable modem to essentially avoid the new fee. Regarding the voice (digital phone) service, the programming I am told for the company's voice service is ONLY available on the company's combination cable modem rental. Commercially available combination cable modem's voice component does NOT have the company's voice service programming encoded internally forcing you TO KEEP the company's combination cable modem for your voice service; but you WILL NEED YOUR OWN basic Internet cable modem for the company's Internet service too to avoid the fee. Questions: Now this presents hardware setup questions for me. I know I will need a coaxial splitter for my cable line JUST BEFORE EITHER cable modems in order for both modems to interact with the data streams from Time Warner Cable. In terms of proximity of the coaxial splitter to both cable modems, there will be approximately a 3 foot coaxial cable between the coaxial splitter and each cable modem. For your information, MY cable modem for the Internet service portion is a DOC SYS 2.0 and the company's combination cable modem is also a DOC SYS 2.0 if that have any relevance to you answering my questions. My current Internet service from this company has download speed set to 3.0 Mbps and 1.0 Mbps upload speed. 1. Will I have any broadband width or signal strength loss for my Internet service portion resulting from adding one (1) coaxial splitter inline? 2. The same is said for my digital phone service as well -- will signal strength be lessened by the addition of adding one (1) coaxial splitter inline? 3. I need to know what kind of coaxial splitter is best for this kind of arrangement? There are many different coaxial splitters for different applications with physical characteristics like construction and shielding, plated material (silver or gold), isolation ratings (db), frequency ranges (MHz and GHz), etc.. NOTE: I need to maintain the best broadband width and signal strength possible if there are more than one possible splitter application readily available for this arrangement. Please reply. Thank you.
  12. @ hazelnut & anyone: Hello. I have tried running the "Run as administrator" right-click command on the setup.exe file in the G: (DVD optical drive) of the DVD-ROM of this SONY video editing program. I still end up getting that message “Unable to run AutoPlay program”. I do not know why? I am just curious why that happens when the setup.exe file 'should' run the setup installer file. I am happy that I have found a way around it and still get the programs of the DVD-ROM installed. I am just curious why there are issues executing using that particular 'setup.exe' file? I am open and receptive to listen to other comments to share with me. Thanks!
  13. nodles, Andavari, & anyone: Hello. Well, I got lucky! I did some looking around with this DVD files and folders. There happens to be a 'folder' called "setup" (see screen clipping below) that contains all the components of this software setup installer products. Inside it is an "Common" folder that is a combined component installer file [file path: G:\setup\Common\Autorun.exe]. I just noticed it after looking into the other files and folders in the DVD. Execute "Autorun" (autorun.exe) and it DOES RUN following the UAC. Hurray!!! This is the one I will use. I also said that it contains all the components that are individually listed too. I attempted to install the first of the components of their products using the slightly different file path or directory [G:\setup\English\Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0\setup.exe] and it also executed the component following UAC too. So, I am just trying to figure out why the "Setup.exe" file right when you open the G: drive does not work to execute this software. Very tricky here! If you have any ideas, please share with me. I am very curious why this 'setup.exe' file does not execute in the G: drive directory? Thank you!
  14. @ nodles, Andavari, & anyone: Okay, I disabled the Norton Internet Security 2012's Firewall and Antivirus Auto-Protect features and tried installing and I still get the same message “Unable to run AutoPlay program” when attempting to install this program. I am going to next contact SONY technical support and see where it goes from here. I will leave this thread open for a bit and respond back when I get an answer and solution. Again, if you can think of anything, please do. I will check in routinely. Thanks!
  15. @ nodles and Andavari: Hello. Thank you for the reply. To answer your questions and concerns, I have Norton Internet Security 2012 installed. I am going to next attempt your suggestions and see how it goes by disabling and I will get back to you. I will reply shortly. If you have any further suggestions, I am here to listen. This is much appreciated. Thank you!!!
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