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  1. @mta: Hello. Nice to meet you. Like your suggestion. Can this be done in terms of moving the quarantine folder to another PC? Do you know how to do this or have you ever done this before? Please elaborate. I would need to locate the quarantine folder, have any ideas where it is located and how to move it? @ hazelnut & Nergal: Hello again. Thank you for your sympathies, even though I am not seeking it. I hope you understood my point... ...even though the trial has ended, the software companies should know better than to "block" access to the quarantine functions (and I would argue a
  2. @ Andavari & hazelnut: Thanks for your comments. I will be "polite" and try again. I want my files back! I have even spoken to Symantec about such an issue, they contend that they are required to provide me a 3 day extension of their trials if this happens and I request it. I see BitDefender is not too cooperative! I am sure they can extend it if they wanted too. I recall years ago using security programs like Norton and Kaspersky and others that when the trial ended, I was still given access to areas of the security software program. Now, it appears they are clamping down on ful
  3. @ hazelnut: Hello. Thanks for you prompt reply. Yes, you caught me. Good eyes! Sorry! I meant to say, it is indeed lesser known, but not an obscure Internet software security program. I will disclose the brand, it is BitDefender Internet Security 2013. Their tech rep. insisted I do not have any resolution to access those encrypted quarantined files unless I pay for the activation. I am not sure what their BitDefender Forum will do anything different since I received directly from the source. I wil need to relent and buy it in order to get access to those files which is not right.
  4. Hello. I have an important question to ask you. I ran a trial of a lesser known Internet security software program for 30 days. I vaguely recall seeing a few quarantined files encrypted in the program but did not investigate the specific quarantined files at that time. This was near the end of the trial period. They may be or not be actually infected, but I quickly recall seeing a few important files quarantined. Overall, I was unhappy with the manner of this Internet security software program operated. Now, after the trial ended, I was planning to remove this very known Internet security soft
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