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  1. As a photog I truly cannot see why.
  2. Try reading it again, as it says FortKnox Personal Firewall for Hackers and Spyware Protection
  3. I dont like this version at all, gone back to the previous one.
  4. No but it is already connecting to the new server
  5. Hostman is already using the new server. I have had updates on the 30th and on the 5th but both were the same number of sites so I guess it was the same definitions or just some minor adjustment
  6. I did mine via Hostman updater and it shows 05/01/11. So, something is out of kilter
  7. MVPS updated 05-01-11 Info is correct I just updated it Hazel
  8. Thats the answer for me. With pop up blocker on - video will not play with it off videos play fine
  9. We all have to endure these type of calls. TPS is a voluntary code of practise and only large ethical companies will follow its guide lines. Most of the calls I get now are from overseas and I have not found a cure other to just put down the receiver.
  10. MikeW

    PDF Converter

    Thanks Hazel. Great little program
  11. When you reach your limit. go to setting / attachments and delete the old or unwanted to create more space.
  12. Not automated but does feature incremental back-ups. I have used it for some years. http://www.freebyte.com/fbbackup/
  13. They are part of the windows error report and are created when you send MS a report. http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/winlogo/maintain/WER/ErrClass.mspx
  14. I had been curious about the same. Lack of SSD my guess is cost, although prices seem to be dropping. As I understand it defragging is done automatically in the background by most if not all PVR. Sky boxes have a menu option called optimise
  15. There are lots of skins for downloan, some very similar to the old one http://community.invisionpower.com/files/category/110-skins/
  16. Secuna OSI requires java along with many of the DSL speed test sites. So, it still has its uses
  17. Thanks for the link works great in IE8
  18. Perfectdisk are trying to sell their product, so are bound to say its worth doing. Of all the articles I have seen all agree there is nothing to gain by defragging a SSD drive
  19. This post seems to have lost its original point, and turned into yet another silly exchange of words
  20. If this is a UK Company you are still charging the wrong VAT
  21. Once again you just keep beating the same point of view to death. The vast majority of pc users just want their favourite program to work, and really dont care what the operating system is called or how it works. Like Dennis I will continue to use XP. If I should choose to buy a new machine in the near future then I would have XP installed. My local dealer tells me he is still selling more XP maxhines than anything else.
  22. Sounds like you are talking about Google gelocations, here's how to disable it http://no-geolocation.blogspot.com/
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