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  1. I'd have to check, but I doubt it, considering they don't sell this laptop anymore.. I'll uninstall/reinstall as well, hopefully that clears it up UPDATE: Turns out the screen is busted. Apparently it isn't unheard of with this model either..
  2. My friend was adament the screen is broken, so I'm trying to explore the graphics aspect. I updated everything through windows update, including a new intel graphics driver, but still it is heavily distorted (i'm connected through vga on a monitor). I'm doing virus scans, trying to clean everything.
  3. I guess I was being impatient when I turned it on. I eliminated the static possibility by the way. It turns out, windows does load up. I hear the little XP jingle, and the screen distortion (to say the least) changes, but still cannot see. I worry the screen is broken... I'll need to get to a friends house to see if plugging in vga shows anything.
  4. No beeps at all unfortunately. Once it's powered on, its about 3 seconds till it reaches the point where nothing more will happen.
  5. Hi all, Im trying to fix a Dell inspiron n5010, but my problem is that as soon as I turn it on, the screen is black (not blank, its being lit up) with small grey bars. I dont see the bios screen, just this. I dont think the screen is broken, it apparently just happened one day and now that's all it does. Anyone heard of this?
  6. Sorry, I had been busy. So the autorun file was the culprit. Thanks very much all of you for the help. I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but it's fixed now. If I have anymore problems, I will most likely just reformat that partition as well. Thanks again!
  7. I dont think we're on the same page here. I'll put it simply since I've probably caused confusion. I can access the data on the D partition no problem. I just cant access it by double clicking; I must right click and choose "explore" instead. Otherwise, everything is fine. The software I used has a similar function to Diskmgmt, and I remember seeing the status as " ", as in there wasn't one. C:, as to be expected, is listed as "System". I will try to convert it to logical, like how I expect it to say (I've created partitions many times on other computers). I will be able to work on it again tomorrow, so I will update then.
  8. I reformatted it using EASEUS patition master 9. also, when I did boot from disc (the xp install disc) and chose which partition to use, I also formatted it again for good measure, both times in NTFS. Yes, explorer.exe. I went into the windows system folder and chose to open it with explorer.exe. The weird thing is the box for "always open with this program" is greyed out, no matter what program I choose. As double clicking leads to the pop up about not knowing how to open it, I can simply right click and choose "explore" and it will open as it normally should, with some folders that have been there sitting there like I expect. I have no problem accessing, adding, or deleting the data on that partition. I am not at that computer at the moment, but I will update with the last 2 requests soon.
  9. I had a hard drive with two partitions, C: (system) and D: (docs). I reformatted and installed a fresh copy of XP on C:. After installing, I went into my computer and double-clicked on D:, but windows didn't know how to open it, as if it was an unrecognized file type. I chose to open it with explorer, which I figured was the obvious choice (and it worked), but I couldn't choose to "always open with this program" or whatever. How can I get around this and have windows recognize it as the other half of the hard drive?
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