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  1. Friday the 13th in January, What do you guys think?
  2. So I was playing StarCraft and while waiting for the game lobby to fill up.....awkward silence lol so I asked a question and people started talking. The question was what browser do you guy use and think is best.... and here was something that I thought was funny when one guy said.... he have a weekly browsers schedule He use FireFox on Monday, Google Chrome on Tuesday, IE on Wednesday, SRWare Iron on Thursday, and Chromium on Friday. Got any other good browsers to recommend to him for Saturday and Sunday? lol
  3. Did you at least check out their website? Why not give the underdog a chance? Hey there are some software on filehippo that are complete bad too, of course people not gonna get every software from that site. like alan said in my ad aware best version topic, he said it's bad but yet filehippo got ad aware on top of their anti spyware list for dl . lolz Do you only buy brand name food like mcdonald and brand name shoes like Nike? lol
  4. Awww V Basic and C++ lol it look impossible for me.But hey the link from major geek is a plus. Chromium 18 dated Jan 9 2012 and it's portable too, just dl and unzip. No need to install. The Chromium logo is just the same as Google Chrome except it blue. Not sure how good I can describe chromium other than it's just another good net browser with the latest features. lol Anyone wanna test chromium and maybe tell us more about it? Hmmmm after reading the chromium developer build instructions thing<<< Well I didn't fully read everything lol. I was thinking that maybe you guys here at Piriform should come out with your own chromium base web browser. Who knows, it might be awesome name suggestion Green Clean Browsing
  5. I was on the website but couldn't find the DL link for Chromium anywhere. Have anyone ever try Chromium?
  6. Could you explain what version number you were using and did you visit harmful websites or just good website without any virus? I been using ad-aware for a longo many years, but never encounter the zombie self resuructed processor control thing you mentioned.
  7. Anyone ever try this software SpyShelter? Is it any good? On their website, I read it's pretty good but not sure if I should get it or not.
  8. So what did you think was the best version? I always liked the 2008 version before they updated it to the Anniversary Edition.
  9. What was the best version of Ad-Aware? Anyone still use Ad-Aware, the latest version?
  10. hmmm you're right I just check it out and it does sound a bit adware-ish but those are options, you can either chose to install the tech tracker or decline it and just get the program you want. The techtracker is from the website cnet, they don't actually bundle with the program that they host on there.
  11. I just checked out the Kingsoft PC Doctor website and yes the mirror to get the program is from cnet just like here you can get ccleaner from the mirror filehippo. I'm not sure about what cnet goodies you're talking about??
  12. Oh sorry about that than. So should I edit this and just ask about the KingSoft PC Doctor?
  13. Hi guys, just thought I stop by to tell you about two great programs I just found. The first one is KingSoft PC Doctor. I haven't try this one yet but from the look of the main website, this program look very good. It's kinda like an all in one pc tune up program. The second one is Little Registry Cleaner, I tried it and it clean up the registry and remove junk files to speed up your pc just like any other registry cleaning program. Now I know it's no competition with the best software out there or anything but it's nice to add a little extra pc care to you pc right? Anyone care to give these two program a try and than type up a review?
  14. What kinda weird leftover and why did you decide to uninstall it?
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