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  1. You said you didnt know how to make a batch file so I didnt think it would be helpful to recommend using programming languages or advanced methods to write installers, especially if its just to be used on your own system, Here's a few that I know of: INNO SETUP http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php MINDVISION http://www.mindvision.com/products.asp INSTALL SHIELD http://www.macrovision.com/products/flexne...eld/index.shtml
  2. I think DjLizard knows your secrets Aaron If your getting alot of Virus infections then you need to improve the security on your system, its possible one of them has lowered all your security settings to allow more to get through, You can reset them by opening a IE browser window and goto Tools > Internet Options click the Advanced tab and press Restore Defaults then goto the Security Tab, press Custom Level and reset it to Medium and hit Apply/OK. (Better still, use Firefox as your main browser), If its through file sharing programs then you cant do much to protect against that except
  3. Thats cool, I hope it works out It might be better to just add the file into your startup folder (C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername\Start Menu\Programs\Startup) or using the SFX option to extract it to the startup folder than changing anything in the registry, If it needs to run for all users then extract it to the AllUsers startup folder. All The Best Andy
  4. If thats the case, you should hold off on making program's until your more familiar with the changes or test things on your own system, Its not something someone can tell you without knowing what the program is and why its being added to run on reboot and added to different area's rather than just started manually when its needed. The WinRar SFX is the simple option and doesnt require much experience to use but Im sure people who have programming skills wouldnt even consider using that. Im not a programmer so its an option I would consider if I was to make a program anytime. I mentioned t
  5. I think the simple option without using programming languages would be to use WinRar and create a SFX archive, then goto the Advanced tab and use the SFX Options and change the settings to where you want it to extract to and what files to create a shortcut with and run etc.., If you want to add it to the registry using WinRar then you will probably need to create a batch/reg file that runs and adds the keys and values you want so that it starts when the system reboots, If your making a program that is creating files and reg entries in different area's on the system then you need to consider pr
  6. Cheers Humpty, That was a fun read (Ive not tried to lick my elbow yet though, hopefully that puts me in the 1% ) Id love to know who's idea it was to get Ant's drunk and see which way they fall, Same with the Polar Bears, How do they know that all polar bears are lefthanded, Im sure I know a Polar bear that writes with it's right hand
  7. I like that Aaron, It all my fault The only reason I posted that tool was because you made changes and you were not sure what any of them were and with the tool coming from the same site its possible it could of reversed what you did, I didnt mean you should use it and click anything because there is thousands of values in the registry and it was only a lucky guess that we managed to find the changes in your policy keys last night. I personally do not think you should run any regfixes or tweaks on your machine without knowing exactly what it does, if you do then you need to at least crea
  8. Glad you figured it out, I wouldnt know what changes it made to the registry unless I run the same program and chose the same options he did but without knowing what he did Its impossible to say. Take care using all these regfixes and tweaks as you may end up having to reinstall Windows if you make any mistakes, If you get a regfix (.reg) then right click and choose EDIT so at least you know whats its going to do. If its a batch script (.bat) you can also right click and choose EDIT to see the contents, If its an executable file (.exe) file you need to fully understand what changes its ma
  9. No Im afraid its not a policy restriction thats causing it this time, you have got afew entries that are not on a default install but they are set to 0 so are not causing the problem Ask your friend what file he got to make the change, If he doesnt know but still has the file then right click it and choose Send To then compressed (zipped) folder. This will create a copy of it inside the zipped file which you can then add as an attachment here. It maybe best if you both start saving the tweak/regfix pages to your favorites or copy and pasting the address into notepad so we can help you whe
  10. Hey Aaron can you say what file he has run and where you get the startbtn.exe file from so I can test it, Its possible the explorer.exe file has been modified and some of the strings inside the file have been changed but If he has lost the start button then something may of gone wrong with editing explorer.exe if that is what the program changes, I know its possible to edit the start menu text and image by using a program called resource hacker and editing the contents of the explorer file but I have never tried it as My start button looks fine the way it is If it has modified explorer.e
  11. Hi Aaron Im glad it solved the problem , Im the same as everyone else on here and learn new things everyday, I just knew those values are not default entries and most restrictions are in that area so it was the obvious place to start. Let us know if you have more problems anytime or which files you run from Kelly's Korner so I can make sure it hasnt changed anything else. Andy
  12. Hi Aaron I just noticed the topic, the policy check which I asked you to run through PM wasnt a fix for the problem, It was just a way to see what changes you have made and it is quite clear from the results why your having problems Open Notepad (Start Menu > Run > Type notepad and press OK) Copy and Paste the contents of the code box into Notepad making REGEDIT4 the top line. REGEDIT4[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]"NoControlPanel"=-[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]"NoContr
  13. Its difficult to help solve this unless we know exactly what files you used from there as it could of made alot of changes to the registry. It might be worth trying the Taskbar repair tool from that site and see if it can reverse the changes http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/taskbarplus!.htm
  14. Hi Cassie, These sites explain how the reg keys get created http://personal.cfw.com/~tkprit/ui/re_types.html http://www.windowsitpro.com/Articles/Index...playTab=Article They are safe to remove. Andy
  15. AndyManchesta


    Hi Jamjar You can remove this one from the Add/Remove screen : Java 2 Runtime Environment SE v. 1.4.2_01 (136MB) The above version is out of date and some older versions are being exploited by Malware writers, Trojan Vundo is one infection that takes advantage of older versions to infect the system so its worth removing it from the pc, you do have the latest Java installed which is Java Runtime Version 1.5.0_06 so you do not need to upgrade after removing the old Java entry, After removing the 1.4.2_01 Java version from the Add/Remove screen you can check that you have the lat
  16. Hopefully they will respond as it seems pointless having a contact form if they dont reply to them, Give it a couple of days then write again, with you being a BT customer you have the right to ask about a file thats being detected as a Dialer so its not very polite if they cant even write you a quick email to explain what the file is used for,
  17. With it being a genuine file related to your Internet Service Provider Id suggest removing it from quarantine to return it to the system and choose Always Ignore if it appears in another scan. I dont think removing the file will cause you any long term problems as it will likely just show you need to reinstall it again if its required anytime but with the alerts being false positives its probably best to ignore the warnings. I cannot see any site that gives details why that file is regarded as a threat, Counterspy has it listed as a porn dialer but it doesnt give any details on files or s
  18. Hi <--This is the one syllable part, Welcome There seems to be false Dialer alerts for this file, can you say what scanner detects it, Ive just downloaded two different btwebcontrol.cab files from the BT (British Telecommunications plc) site which are both being detected as a Dialer, Here's the results for the file File: btwebcontrol.dll Date: 04/18/2006 04:29:41 (CET) ---- AntiVir found [DIAL/94208.A.6] AVG 386/20060418 found [Potentially harmful program Dialer.AEH] Avira found [DIAL/94208.A.6] Ewido 3.5/20060417 found [Di
  19. Hi Joiner (Brian) , I only checked the IE7 problem after reading your email so Im glad its easy to repair by just replacing the folder and will leave the link on until its fixed incase its needed again. All The Best Andy
  20. Here's a replacement IE7 folder if anyone needs it (Approx 8MB) $NtUninstallie7b2pmx$.zip Instructions to remove IE7 using the uninstall command and a list of files Ccleaner removes is here: IE7_RemovedFiles.txt
  21. Im not sure how you would do that Aaron , It sounds impossible to make a page that will generate a random number then embed a video that plays, closes and returns to the same random number You probably would have to code pop up scripts that will open the media player in a new window then close it to return to the random number, If the video is on the same page then it will play when the page loads and then the media player will stay visible, if you refreshed the page after playing the video or used a second page to return to then it would be a different number that appears so I think th
  22. Hi Aaron For other people to be able to view the video you will have to upload it to your site then add the link to the video in the code, If you cannot host the video there is probably some free hosting sites about where you might be able to store the file but it should be fine using your video link if its just to display on your machine, For the video code you can use something like this to play the file: <object id="WMPlay" width="500" height="400" class="im" classid="CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11d3-B153-00C04F79FAA6" codebase="http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/e
  23. EDIT: just noticed it was solved so removed my question
  24. Thanks for the heads up Andavari EZ Antivirus just removed it on mine when I opened the SpywareBlaster folder CA's Description is "Win32/Unknown may be reported when eTrust Antivirus uses advanced heuristic techniques to proactively detect a new parasitic Win32 platform file infector" Its also showing the same on Virus Total after scanning the sbautoupdate.exe file eTrust-Vet (Version 12.4.2160) (Date 04.12.2006) (Result = Win32/Unknown) Ive sent the info to CA and Javacool so hopefully they can get it removed soon. Andy
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