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  1. Hi JacquiM Thats great news, If that step would of failed then I would of been really stuck for options, Thanks for letting us know it went ok besides the hiccups Let us know if we can help more anytime All The Best Andy
  2. Hi JackieM Sorry for the delay I just noticed the reply, Now Im out of idea's and the script didnt work at all the keys it cannot find were also not in the export and it seems unable to remove the other keys even after allowing full control to Admin and System, Lets try it a different way Download Reglite from Here Install and run Registrar lite on the Address bar at the top copy and paste HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\idcfile then press GO on the right of the address bar, this will locate the folder and highlight it on the menu to the left in blue. Right click
  3. Hi CutePuffy, I dont know the solution to this as Ive not noticed it before but with your HJT log showing that you have been running cracked software that is infected it could be an indication that some main Windows Files have been changed or are missing. Start with the System File Checker Goto Start Menu -> Run -> type SFC /SCANNOW (There's a space after SFC) , Press OK and it will run the System File Checker. Follow the prompts, and insert your Windows installation CD if requested then reboot the computer after it has finished. If it doesnt help then you may
  4. Hi Tony, Welcome to the forum Its great to see you as a member as it will help this forum and make it a better place. I agree that VirusTotal is a great site and one I often use as a first step when checking files, If the file is confirmed as malware or is suspicious then the next stop is the Norman Sandbox Information center so I can get an idea of what it does when it runs on the system. http://sandbox.norman.no/live.html
  5. Hi JacquiM The export missed a couple of keys but we can export that information abit later if needed, Can you do the same with this attached file, Save it to your desktop, extract and double click RunThis.cmd to start the script. It will reset the permissions to allow full control to Admin, System and Users on those keys then attempt to remove them. It will then check if the keys still remain and write the info into a notepad file which will open when its finished (And save into the RemoveKeys folder) . Please copy and paste the contents of the text file back. Cheers Andy
  6. Hi JacquiM Can you download the attached file and save it to your desktop, right click the folder then choose Extract All, open the folder and double click CheckKeys.bat, It will export the information from your registry and open the results in Notepad, Please post the contents of the Notepad file that opens back on here, When you say you tried to delete them manually, what happened ? Does it display any error messages Cheers Andy
  7. Hi wjim, Welcome to the forum You can enable that feature if you want by opening Ccleaner > Options > Settings On the Secure Deletion area you can set it to overwrite and set the number of passes you want to use (1, 3 or 7)
  8. Well I hope you dont receive what I just typed into your pop up box, I was checking the source code for the tracker but then realized its only on the Video Works page
  9. I dont know Aaron as Ive never used it myself, Try posting the question on their forum as they will be in a better position to answer them, regarding the name I dont think you will get anything useful from that, If I visited a site and something popped up asking for my name, the reply Id type in would probably include afew swear words
  10. Hi Aaron No I dont think that would be possible, with Statcounter being classed as an invisible web tracker I dont think there is any way to combine it into other scripts that are on your page. All you can do is copy and paste the code they provide you with onto your pages and I would assume any changes or additional features would be made from a control panel that you log into at their site. Ive never used it so I cannot be sure but just visited the site and noticed they have a forum so you maybe best asking the question on there. This topic is interesting and does show that some Ant
  11. This link might help you win or lose your argument depending on what you said http://www.imation.com/products/dvd_media/differences.html
  12. You could use Statcounter which will record the IP, Location, browser/screen resolution, How long they stayed on your pages and what site or search engine they came from & which pages are most popular etc.... It sounds ideal but then anyone who visits your page will have a cookie installed from statcounter and some protection programs may even block the counter and inform the user the page isnt safe because of it's use. I would imagine any counter that records that sort of information would be treated in the same way, I personally think its abit intrusive but it maybe the sort of thin
  13. No Problem Bujar, Glad I could help Happy Surfing
  14. Hi jgg, Welcome To The Forum I would imagine Ccleaner is connecting to the Internet to check if there is any updates available which can be enabled or disabled by opening the Ccleaner > Options > Settings menu. The IP appears to be for TelstraClear so maybe that is your ISP , try unchecking the automatically check for updates option and see if that helps. Andy
  15. Hi Bujar Thats looking fine Run Ccleaner to remove the cookies, Its detected SmitfraudFix as a Potentially unwanted tool but that is just because its using a utility called Process.exe which is very common in fixtools as it allows them to stop system processes before cleaning the malware but as the tool isnt required now it can be removed from your PC. Delete these folders : C:\Documents and Settings\Sami\desctops\SmitfraudFix C:\Documents and Settings\Sami\My Documents\SmitfraudFix C:\Documents and Settings\Sami\My Documents\SmitfraudFix.zip C:\unzipped\SmitfraudFix
  16. Hi Bujar Most of the log appears to be missing compared to your first log: O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [soundMan] SOUNDMAN.EXEO4 - HKLM\..\Run: [RaidTool] C:\Program Files\VIA\RAID\raid_tool.exeO4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvCplDaemon] RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\System32\NvCpl.dll,NvStartupO4 - HKLM\..\Run: [nwiz] nwiz.exe /installO4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvMediaCenter] RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\System32\NvMcTray.dll,NvTaskbarInitO4 - HKLM\..\Run: [shStatEXE] "C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\SHSTAT.EXE" /STANDALONEO4 - HKLM\..\Run: [McAfeeUpdaterUI] "C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Frame
  17. Thats excellent I wonder when it screws your system if it displays Game Over on the screen My Brother Installed some BT Internet Package earlier this week that used to have CA but now uses Norton and it kept displaying the system was infected with ETD Scanner for harmless files like DVD software and installers, I checked his system today and Norton has added ETD Scanner to his exclusion list, I assume it has been done through a Live update which shows they know about the problem but thought its a better idea to hide it than fix it.
  18. Hi DjLizard I appreciate you stepping in when you did to prevent problems I can only assume this key isnt available on XP Home as I do not have it on any of my PC's . Ive just done a quick test and can show what happens when you disable items Here's the HKLM run key contents and MSConfig : If I disable them all from startup and reboot then the HKLM is removed from the location in MSConfig and all the Values are removed from the HKLM Run key as shown here: It doesnt create any additional keys (RUN-) and if they are re-enabled it returns to the first screenshot
  19. Hi Fox It is known that at one stage 1ClickSpyClean was using a stolen database from Spybot Search & Destroy. Info Here: http://boards.cexx.org/viewtopic.php?t=8528 http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm
  20. Hi Bujar, Welcome Back, You have more junk now than you did in the first log so let's start this fix again , Please do not change the order of these fixes or take any shortcuts... If I ask you to remove something that you wish to keep then please let me know, Im going to suggest removing anything that is Adware or bundled with Adware but if you have read and accepted the agreements when installing those programs then I fully respect its your choice what you have running on your system... If you have any questions of problems please let me know. First of all you may want to print out
  21. Thankyou DjLizard I assumed with that latest post I was missing something obvious So the HKEY_USERS RUN- key can be deleted with it having an obsolete program inside and the one already removed was also fine as that refers to an obsolete program but the HKLM RUN- key is fine to leave in place. @DjLizard - Do you know why I do not have that key on my machines when I have alot of items disabled in Msconfig ?
  22. Very Strange You can delete the RUN- key from HKEY_USERS: Can you post the contents of the HKLM RUN key before doing anything with that Run- key Cheers
  23. Yeah I agree but Ive never seen a Run- subkey before so I cannot explain how it got there, Windows doesnt create an archive of deleted software in that area of the registry so Its likely the Freedom program either had a bug when it was installed and created the Run- key instead of adding itself to the Run key or the key was manually made by someone who uses the pc but I can only take guesses as Ive never seen that before. The reason I mentioned it was not a default key was that if Ccleaner has set paths which it checks for obsolete entries then it wouldnt check the Run- key as that key sh
  24. Hi Again Sorry for the delay, That key with the - should not exist, the only run keys that should be in the HKCU area of the registry is Run, RunOnce, RunServices & RunServicesOnce. I assume Ccleaner works on preset paths which the Author has written into the program, as the Run- is not a default key it could be the reason why its not being found as an issue in the scan. You now have a backup file for the Run- key which you can keep and restore anytime by double clicking the reg file which you exported but its not needed as you have the correct Run key present so the next thi
  25. Hi Again That isnt a default registry key and Freedom must of been installed at some stage to add that value to your system, Can you confirm that you have a Key called Run and another key called Run- or do you just have the one key which has the - at the end ? , If you have both can you also export the Run Key and post the contents of that then we can remove the value for freedom if your certain its not on the system.
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