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  1. Thats great news, The thanks goes to MS for providing the workaround
  2. Hi PS3 Try this tip from the IE7 release notes http://msdn.microsoft.com/ie/releasenotes/default.aspx
  3. No Problem I did actually remove the file as I didnt want people with IE Beta3 using it by mistake, when I signed into my email last night there was 6 emails from different people asking where the files are and if I can upload them again. They were only removed for about 8 hours so it shows its effecting alot of people. The files will stay up now until the new version of Ccleaner is released as that should hopefully fix the beta uninstall issue Regards Andy
  4. Hi Glenn Thats interesting, I did mean the minority on this forum as most of the members here appear to be running Firefox but its great to see the official stats Poor Netscape with 0.3 %
  5. It is safer because it has regular updates to patch vulnerabilities when they are public knowledge and also has a built in pop up blocker and many extentions/plugins that can be used. For an amusing comparison check here http://toastytech.com/evil/featurecompare.html For news of vulnerabilities which have been patched in Firefox see here http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/k...#firefox1.5.0.4
  6. I use It Aaron but we are in the minority I actually agree that Firefox is a safer browser and people should consider trying it but what I object to is comments like IE looks like crap as that is just his own view and shouldnt be mentioned in a pro's and con's list, If it is then it should be made clear that its just his opinion. I also dont like to have examples given to me where a link will infect IE but will ignore Firefox (with no plugins) unless it can be backed up with proof of what is being exploited (wmf/java etc..), look at any HJT Forum and see the amount of people who have infections and use Firefox as their main browser, the browser in my view isnt the main reason people get infected so I dont buy into that idea of scaring people into thinking IE will infect them, NSIS media popups which are causing some problems will only effect FireFox user's and generally if people download and run files from suspect sites it will infect them no matter what they use as a browser, I clicked a linked once in IE and my PC did three backwards somersaults and tried to jump out of my Window but I managed to grab the Monitor cable before it got away, there was also green slime coming out of the CD-Rom drive every time it rebooted and started showing messages on the screen saying I smell of fish , I clicked the same link in Firefox and it was fine
  7. Ron You listed pro's and con's for each browser in the first post, when you do that it gives the impression that they are facts and have been proven, I said I didnt agree and you came back with that it was your own opinion so you should of made that clear in the first post. Give me the link that tried to infect you and did infect your friend, with you both somehow clicking the same link Im sure one of you can remember it Cheers
  8. I think the main part is knowing the sites your visiting and only downloading files from sites you know and trust, If you have a fully patched system and working AV and Firewall, using IE isnt going to get you infections, I know that because I use IE and have never had a malware infection (no adware,spyware,virus, trojan etc..) Firefox it great and is more secure than IE6 but personally I think the browser isnt the main issue why people get infections, Its mainly because they visit or download files from suspect sites or click malicious links in Messenger programs, pop ups or emails I dont agree with some of those comments, The lack of updates is now becoming an issue which is why IE7 is being worked on and is taking the security aspect seriously, I dont agree it looks like crap as I am happy using IE and have used Firefox a couple of times in the past, Its not very easy to hack if the user has service packs and all the security updates installed and It has enough features to make me want to use it as my main browser, I do agree that Firefox is a great browser but I believe its a personal choice for the user of the PC, IE isnt going to cause anyone problems if they are aware of what they download and run and stay away from crack, serial, warez, pr0n sites etc... Andy
  9. Hi Par0x, I got the PM but Im afraid its not something I know anything about, there is multiple results on this using search engines but the solution doesnt seem simple, Maybe other members can give you some detailed advise on this http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=320397 http://search.microsoft.com/results.aspx?q...&FORM=QBME1 Andy
  10. Hi Elf Do you have more than one account on your system and are you running from the Admin' account ? Does it display the message after you type the uninstall command into the Run area or at another stage of the uninstall ? Andy
  11. Its here if its still needed anytime http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=4826
  12. You've lost me If you right click an empty space on the desktop (or anywhere you want the folder) and choose New then Folder, name it and press Enter, could you not just use that to store screenshots and files in, why do they need to be added to the registry ? EDIT: RRidgely already suggested that
  13. I dont think its possible to make an invisible folder , if you mean you dont want the contents detected then add your items to the folder and then send it to a compressed (zipped) folder and password protect it then nothing can get access except you
  14. Hi Aaron How do you mean MAKE a temp folder ? do you mean a folder that Ccleaner would recognize and clean items from or do you mean a folder to replace an existing temp folder ? Whats the experiment
  15. Humpty is correct as always First you might want to make a backup of the reg key then remove the Washer entries using a reg fix to save you having to manually edit the registry. Goto Start Menu > Run > Type (or copy and paste) this into the run box regedit /e C:\Backup.reg "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}" Then Press OK, this will create a backup file on C:\Drive named Backup.reg (To add the information back anytime you can just double click that file or right click and choose Merge, to view the contents just right click and choose Edit) Next Remove the Washer Key Open Notepad (Start Menu > Run > Type notepad and Press OK) Copy and Paste the contents of the code box into Notepad making REGEDIT4 the top line. REGEDIT4[-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}\Shell\Washer] Goto File on the top bar and choose Save As, Change the Save As Type to All Files, Name it Fix.reg then save it to your desktop Double click Fix.reg (or right click and choose Merge) and it will ask if you want to merge the contents into the registry, choose Yes and the specified reg entry will be removed. No more Right click option for Window Washer Andy
  16. Thanks for the heads up Hazelnut Time to tweak the Ewido installation instructions I use as It's abit different now Andy
  17. Ive just replied to your new HJT log on that Forum, If you want to work through the problems then we are happy to help, I just wanted to make it clear that a backdoor if used could of caused alot of damage to your pc which may not be easy to fix. There is 4 recommended scans on your HJT forum log to make sure the system is now clean then attempt to update to SP2 again and reply on that thread if your still having problems and at what point in the upgrade Andy
  18. Time for a format I think The backdoor infection found if used may of made alot of changes to your system and this issue your having here may just be a small part of that, a format and reinstall of the OS will help as you then know everything is clean and you can then get all the protection products in place and keep visiting Windows Updates until you have SP2 installed and all the updates. Then you just need to reinstall all the software but it should only take you a few hours which may be alot quicker than trying to solve issues one by one and when a Backdoor is detected a format does have to be considered. You can get more info here: When Should I Format, How Should I Reinstall Dont ya just love crack sites and the damage they cause
  19. Yes , You didnt upgrade to SP2 like you said you had in your earlier reply These can be fixed : O2 - BHO: (no name) - {4E7BD74F-2B8D-469E-D0FC-E57AF4D5FA7D} - (no file) O3 - Toolbar: (no name) - {4E7BD74F-2B8D-469E-D0FC-E57AF4D5FA7D} - (no file)
  20. Hi rembaldi Can you explain abit more about why you cannot run MSN Messenger on the two machines, what does it now do when you attempt to start it ? I must admit I do not use any registry cleaning tools on myown system as I know mistakes can be very difficult to recover from, Ccleaner does offer a backup option before removing reg entries which should be used as it then creates a Reg file that can simply be merged back into the registry if any problems occur. Im not saying there is any problems with the issues cleaning and Im sure the Author is very careful about what is added but I have never used that option on myown machines or any other Registry cleaning tools as I am aware there is a fine line between obsolete and needed keys and there is many area's of the registry that can reference a file so I see it as if it aint broke dont fix it Please let us know what the issue is with MSN Messenger and let us know if you have tried to re-install the messenger programs on the machines with a problem. Cheers Andy
  21. There goes that idea Have you run SFC using the XP disk and upgraded to SP2 yet or is there a reason why you cannot do that ?
  22. Hi CutePuffy Ive just come across this issue on another forum I help on and it does indicate that either command.com, autoexec.nt or config.nt is missing or corrupt Please download this file http://www.visualtour.com/downloads/xp_fix.exe Save it to your desktop and run the setup file which will reinstall the files required then Reboot the PC. Let us know how it goes Andy
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