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  1. The best thing you can do it learn it for yourself and read sites that give details of the registry and the use of scripts, you could test it on your own pc but mistakes could mean you having to reinstall Windows, If someone posted the commands to log off and delete files then you could make a mistake somewhere writing the script maybe because you didnt fully understand the command line switches and damage your pc. Here's a few sites that may help Winguides Description of the registry TheElderGeek Command-line reference
  2. Hey Aaron Can you give us more info on how you "added it" to people's startup folders ? did you mean you add it to other users startup folder on your own pc or add it to others people pc's remotely or via a file they download ? I'm sure people would be willing to help if you can explain why its being used but it does sound like its for malicious use as I cannot imagine anyone appreciating a shutdown script in the startup folder. Its the same for the Log Off question, there is already a quick way to log in or out using the Start Menu so its hard to see how a script to automate it coul
  3. Hi DaveInRI Try changing the permissions on the key and make sure you are running from the Administrator account. Locate the key and any subkeys that you want to remove then right click each and choose 'Permissions' . If the field under 'Group or user names' is empty or doesnt contain Administrators click Add, In the box titled 'Enter the object names to select' type Administrators, click OK. With Administrators highlighted in the top part of the window check the Allow box next to 'Full Control', click Apply and OK. Finally Right click the keys and choose Delete. Anoth
  4. Hi John , Ive never used Win98 and hardly ever use Outlook so hopefully other members can give you some advise but from reading the support pages it sounds like either some of the .dll file versions are mixed up or there is corrupt/missing information in the Identities registry key. Here's afew more links that explain the problem and many suggest removing Outlook and all its files then reinstalling but Its probably worth waiting incase other members know an easier way to repair things or consider contacting Microsoft by choosing your location then use the Contact link at the bottom of the
  5. Hi John god Try these links. Error message "Outlook Express could not be started because Msoe.dll could not be loaded" OLEXP: Error Message: Outlook Express Could Not Be Started Because MSOE.DLL Could Not Be Loaded Outlook is throwing a wobbler over msoe.dll - pcanswers site Andy
  6. Ive only been visiting here for a few months but can see K helps anyone she can and gets on great with everyone on the forum, I fully agree with lokoike and Tarun , I've learnt alot by reading her posts and from all the other members here. keep up the great work K
  7. Hi Hlpme Its difficult to know what that is without getting more info on your system , If you have malware problems it could be connected to that as it doesnt look like a genuine file especially with you not knowing where it came from. I think this is the same system Krit86lr mentioned to me and if it is there was a part about some Trojan and Rootkit infections on the pc. Its maybe related to that but I would have to see other logs to see whats going on, If it was the same system she also mentioned there was no Admin account which I didnt think was possible as there has to always be a
  8. WOW, DJLizard your not joking That update causes a huge amount of problems and my advise to register the mshtml.dll file which would usually be harmless is a big problem if he has that update installed. Thanks DjLizard , I should of tested that optional download earlier as its been sat there since the 28th Feb but I'm glad I didnt now after seeing so many different problems on my system after registering the new file. EDIT: Got a PM from Poppadum saying they had no problems so I will be abit more careful in future regarding that corrupt file untill its fixed. Andy
  9. Thanks DjLizard , I keep forgetting about that issue as I didnt install that optional update from MS, @Poppadum Glad it solved the problem , As DjLizard has pointed out there is maybe some bug in one of Microsoft's new updates (KB912945) and registering the file he mentioned may cause some issue.
  10. EDIT : To remove the instruction to register mshtml.dll after reading DJLizards reply. Hi Poppadum, Welcome to the forum, What happens if you go to Start Menu then run and type Appwiz.cpl Press Ok, this should open the Add/Remove screen. Next try re-registering these files Can you open Notepad (Start Menu > run > type notepad and press OK) Then copy and paste the contents of the code box into Notepad: regsvr32 /s %systemroot%\System32\Appwiz.cpl regsvr32 /s %systemroot%\System32\Jscript.dll regsvr32 /s %systemroot%\System32\Msi.dll regsvr32 /s %sys
  11. Hi lokoike I must admit I thought it was abit extreme but I cannot blame them for saying that, Usually the only files that will target Microsoft folders and delete them is malware so I appreciate their view on this, If the Author would like the contact address of the person I spoke to Id be happy to pass it on. No program should interfere with Microsoft's files and if they do they should make sure what they are removing is legit, This isnt and removing nearly 200mb of dll, exe and inf files and the complete $hf_mig$ folder isnt a good thing so Its suprising it hasnt already been fixed, I
  12. I agree Ccleaner removing the $hf_mig$ folder is a serious issue, I spoke to Microsoft about that last week and their advise was no one should use Ccleaner and anyone who has it installed should remove it from the pc and use Disk Cleanup with it targeting genuine Microsoft files which could cause damage serious enough to require a repair install of Windows as the information in the hotfix folders is also mapped into alot of other area's of the system. They did say they thought XP was tolerant and would probably get by without the files and the $hf_mig$ folder is re-created after a reboot but t
  13. Hi Hazelnut I do not have that file listed in my Windows Firewall exception list but rundll32.exe is a genuine and needed file to enable components in dll files to run as applications. I would leave it unchecked in the exception list as adding any exceptions to the firewall does make the system less secure and that exception doesnt need to be enabled for the file to function, Here's Microsoft's description of the exception list Andy
  14. EDIT: Sorry K I didnt see your reply Use this is you still have problems after following K's suggestion. You could try resetting the permissions on all reg keys using SubInACL and allow full control to Admin and System. Download and install SubInACL from Here Which installs into this folder: C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools Open Notepad and save the contents of the code box into it subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /grant=administrators=fsubinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CURRENT_USER /grant=administrators=fsubinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT /grant=admini
  15. Hey K , The VB script will be readable, just right click and choose Edit, I think it would fix alot of different issues rather than one specific problem but its worth a look, The Quick Lauch problem isnt something Id seen before and with me not having any problems with the Ccleaner Advanced cleanup (except removing the $hf_mig$ folder and contents but it missed the backup $hf_mig$ Id saved ) It's difficult to know where to start , maybe Kelly will make that clearer to you
  16. Nice catch K I wonder if that meant there was a Classic Shell or a similar policy enabled It's great to know Kelly's VB script fixes the problem incase we see it again.
  17. I only use Hotmail accounts so Im probably not the best person to comment, You would have to open the email first then Right click inside the message area and choose View Source or choose View from the top bar and click Source, the only difference when you view the source of an email is alot of the information is connected to the email provider rather than the sender such as images,buttons, links etc... With emails you can usually open the full header's when reading emails which can give alot of information. On hotmail (and Im sure other email providers will have similar settings) you can
  18. Hi again Usually If I find a malicious site of any form I will view the source code of the page, with this being a e-gold scam site my first thought was it may attempt to load password stealers or keyloggers onto the system when the page is opened via IFrame, Javascripts etc.. but the page is clean , As Eldmannen says the code can give alot of information which cannot be viewed by just looking at the page and can show if the information that is submitted is being sent to another website, to an email address or another part of their own site. With this page It looked genuine as it only had
  19. Well Noticed MP Handler , I must admit I didnt even read all the message, I just checked the page source and then got details on the sites owner and ISP to pass to e-gold but its the quality of the site that suprised me, Ive had plenty in the past from Paypal spoof sites and they usually trace back to colleges in Thailand, this website with the spoof e-gold page actually sells sporting goods on some of their more genuine looking pages but I feel sorry for anyone who buys anything from them and gives credit card info as the owner is clearly phishing. With the ISP being in the U.S it will b
  20. I just received a email which is clearly fake asking me to login to my e-gold account , Ive just forwarded the site address and details to e-gold but wanted to post it on here incase any members do have an account there and get a similar email as the site is very well made. I'm sure it will be closed down within a few days though as their ISP seems to be based in Atlanta, US Here's the contents of the email The link in the email opens this page h**p://[**modified**]1128157629:84/logins/ which shows the page has moved and asks you to click the link to open this page
  21. Hi Matt I cannot help with this, I run Ccleaner a few times on the Advanced settings and it didn't disable Quick Launch, Try unlocking the toolbar first then enabling Quick launch and it may remember your settings when you reboot. All The Best Andy
  22. Hey Matt I will have a play with cleaning on the advanced settings and see if I can re-create your problem on my system as its hard to know whats been changed at this stage
  23. Hi Matt Ive not read all the topic so I apologize if you have already tried this. Is quick launch enabled on start menu's properties ? Right click the start menu and choose properties , then click the Taskbar tab, place a check next to Show Quick Launch and press apply. Next check that the Quick launch folders exist , goto start menu then run and copy and paste these commands into the run box and press OK after each command %userprofile%\Applic~1\Microsoft\Intern~1 %Allusersprofile%\Applic~1\Microsoft\Intern~1 both should contain a quick launch folder Andy
  24. EDIT: Removed information and script to check userinit / wsaupdater.exe as its clearly not connected to this problem
  25. EDIT: Removed information about wsaupdater.exe as its clearly not connected to this problem
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