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  1. I have the latest edition of Crap Cleaner, but I am still not sure if it's safe to use the Hotfix Uninstallers option in the program. I know there was a problem with an older version of the program, but I'm reading conflicting messages from people on the forum as to the safety of this option - i.e. will this cause problems in the future, etc. My analize scan resulted in 326 mb of data to be removed. I don't know if that's average, or not. I really have no plan on reversing any of my Hotfixes, so if I can get rid of all that; all the better. Just what is the final word on this option?
  2. I have not run the program, yet. Would like to know more information about the clearing of Temp. Internet Files option in the program. Will this clear everything including the Downloaded Program Files that are listed when I click on "View Objects" options in the tools section? I definitely want to keep these, but everything else can go. If there is a way to leave these files intact, please let me know. Jon Jon.
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