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  1. You were dead on the money Manchesta.... you must have been posting that as I was posting my "find" *grin* I love it when a solution is quick and simple.... Thanks again all!
  2. I did some investigating on the microsoft site and found 2 things - 1. To go into Internet Options and make sure that "reuse window for launching shortcuts" is not checked - it was - so I unchecked it - but still no go. The other potential issue provided was that yahoo Toolbar sometimes causes this issue. So I removed Yahoo ToolBar too. It fixed it - not sure if it was just the toolbar or a combination of the 2 fixes - Thought I would share for anyone who may encounter the same issue. Thanks for all the input and direction!
  3. yes and yes So, do I need to restore the registry? If so, how do I do that? Thanks
  4. Thanks for trying to help - I do have firefox but I prefer IE (old habits) It's not a spyware problem unless CC made some change that exposed a hidden threat. I stay on top of that stuff pretty well. Maybe someone will come along who can help me trouble shoot this. It's annoying as heck and seems as if it should have a very simple solution........
  5. No - didn't fix it. What caused this??? Have you seen this before?
  6. LOL -- you didn't tell me what to do with it - just told me what to download - there are a good number of options in there. I learned long ago to not put the cart before the horse and when you ask for help listen for ALL the instructions! Ok - before I move forward on a repair/reinstall of IE - I don't have the orginal CD's for this system handy. Is it going to require that? I don't even know if I can put my hands on them. I am running XP SP2 IE = Version 6.0
  7. I just downloaded and ran CCleaner for the first time. I was thrilled with the garbage it found and helped me get rid of but..... now when I am browsing with Internet Explorer - it will only allow me to have one open browser at a time. Bad news for me! I typically run a dozen at a time for various reasons! When I open a new one the one that is open closes .... Any ideas on what may have caused this unexpected change???????????? I need to fix it quicklike! thanks in advance......
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