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  1. Hi When I start to install a copy of Ad-Aware which I've downloaded from Filehippo (the same for CNet) I get a Windows message that the publisher is unknown and it hasn't been digitally signed. Is it safe to proceed? Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  2. Hi I'm unable to install today Windows online safety scanner at http://onecare.live.com/site/en-gb. There is no yellow bar appearing at the top of my browser window to enable me to install the necessary ActiveX control. I keep getting the message that Windows is unable to install the scanner and it offers a number of troubleshooting options. I've checked that ie7 isn't blocking ActiveX controls, I'm logged in as administrator and pop-ups are allowed. I've been able to use this scanner in the past. I was wondering whether anyone else is experiencing the same problem today or is there a problem to fix with my pc? I've been able to install other ActiveX controls today. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi It was when I scanned for "issues" that these uninstallers appeared as items to fix. I was surprised to see such a long list especially as I had run a scan a few minutes before. Obviously I should have taken a closer look at what I was about to delete or "fix". When I went into windows add/remove programs a few minutes later, I saw the full extent of the damage done. Does anyone know what could have triggered these uninstallers to appear in the scan results? Thanks
  4. Hi The program icons, the change/remove button, and program sizes were missing for all of the installed programs. I could no longer uninstall any of the programs. Instead were listed what looked like components of programs, as they appear in the uninstall list within CCleaner tools. Actual program names like AVG Antispyware, Site Advisor, CCleaner etc were missing from the list. I noticed lots of entries to be cleaned or fixed while using CCleaner. I thought it strange and clearly should have paid more attention. But something must have triggered this to happen and that's the worrying thing. I've done a system restore and the add/remove program list is now complete. Regards
  5. Hi I've just used CCleaner and obviously wasn't paying sufficient attention to what was being deleted. In my add/remove window all the program uninstallers have disappeared along with the many of the names of programs installed on my pc. What on earth has happened?
  6. jamjar


    Hi I was doing a Google search on a program appearing in my Zonealarm programs list and came across a freebie called Programchecker. Has anyone heard of this software or could recommend something similar to check on the authenticity of programs running on my pc? Regards
  7. Hi I'd like to upgrade my version of Adobe Reader but need some advice. When I click on Start>All Programs>Adobe Companion Pack for Vaio, the menu shows: Acrobat Elements 6.0 Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition Photoshop Elements 2.0 Premiere 6LE Reader 6.0 When I go to Add/Remove Programs all those programs are shown except Reader 6.0. In Program Files, there's a folder for Acrobat which has sub-folders for Elements and Reader. So, if I uninstall Acrobat via Add/Remove I'll remove both Acrobat and Reader, won't I? Does anyone know how I should proceed? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  8. Thanks, hazelnut. Unticking delete index.dat has solved my problem.
  9. Hi After running CCleaner my personalised settings disappear from my favourite websites, e.g. peronalised tabs for Google (weather location, news etc.). In CCleaner options, I keep the cookies for those websites but to no avail. What should I be unticking when I run CCleaner? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  10. jamjar


    Hi I've two questions about antispyware: 1. I hear very good reports about A-squared but wondered why it isn't listed as a trusted program at Spywarewarrior? 2. Is it OK to use the realtime proection of Defender and AVG Antispyware simultaneously? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Andavari Sorry about the convoluted English! Fortunately, Site Advisor is now working for me. Thanks for your replies. Regards
  12. I didn't add this to my earlier "SiteAdvisor/ Sitehound" topic as I wasn't sure it would be read. I don't mean to hog the discussion board. I re-installed the Internet Explorer version of Site Advisor. I find that the safe/unsafe icons appear against the websites sometimes. If they don't, I go back to the previous page and then click onto next one where they didn't show first time around. It shouldn't be like this should it?
  13. Hi Thanks for your reply. I use Internet Explorer and completely uninstalled the previous version of Site Advisor before reinstalling. I'll have another go, though. Thanks
  14. Hi I've had problems with both these programs which have prevented me from using or installing them sucessfully. With Site Advisor, I got the safe/unsafe icons appearing against websites on the first Google search page with the Site Advisor toolbar button also shown at the top. But when I went to the next search page the icons weren't shown. If I clicked onto any website without a Site Advisor icon and then went back to the search page the icons appeared for the first time. This would happen on subsequent pages. With Sitehound, the installation was reported as being "successful" but when I clicked onto Google, my previous taskbar had disappeared, there was nothing in its place, and the search page was not shown in full size. And no Sitehound or any of its icons. I use Roboform which appears in my taskbar. Could that be the problem? I have scanned for viruses and spyware and nothing is detected. I really liked the idea of these programs so it's disappointing that something is preventing them from working. Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi I used Mcafee's Site Advisor for a few days but the program started malfunctioning, so I uninstalled it. I thought it was a good idea to have a program that alerted you to unsafe websites. I've now read somewhere about Firetrust's Sitehound. Has anyone used this program or can give some advice about whether it's a legitimate program? Thanks in advance.
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