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  1. "Beginning in Firefox version 92, you will also receive new, relevant suggestions from our trusted partners" " For sponsored results, our preferred partner is adMarketplace." Excuse me while I just go find the big "kill this" button
  2. It worked Certainly goes down as one of the more unusual issues I've come across lol, and would have driven me mad if I'd not actually noticed the battery tray was moving. And thanks for the suggestions guys :)
  3. It's nothing to do with anything running, it's resetting the time when it's been left off for a while, exactly as you would expect with a dead bios battery. Yeah, I have a multimeter (electronics used to be my thing many moons ago). As I said, the batteries were brand new (bought new as I also thought the ones I was using were maybe duff stock), proper brand from a proper shop (and dated, so not old stock). So opened it up tonight. Checked the battery voltage of the one I'd put in, and was registering virtually full, so wasn't some strange battery issue (I had considered maybe there was a short or something draining the batteries flat). What I did notice though, and I'm hoping was the problem - the plastic holder the battery sits in seemed loose on the board. There's one slightly springy battery contact on the base of the holder and one on the edge. The one on the edge comes up from the motherboard through the bottom of the plastic holder and when putting the battery in, the upward pressure of the slightly springy bottom contact could push the holder up away from the board a couple of mm, and potentially breaking contact with the battery. It would stay down if pushed down, but it took very little pressure to make it lift up, certainly a slight knock of the laptop could make it spring up. So have put a dab of glue under the battery tray and fingers crossed that was it. Will find out when I turn it on again tomorrow I guess
  4. My laptop keeps losing the system time, have replaced the BIOS battery a few times now and it doesn't seem to fix it for long. The current battery has only been in about a week or two, and already the system clock is resetting on every restart again (brand new, proper brand battery). Anything obvious spring to mind before I take it all to bits looking for a physical fault? (I did check the battery contacts when I put the last battery in and it appears to making perfectly good contact with the battery)
  5. I have done now (160 notifications in), but not ideal as I subscribe there for notifications of Piriform updates and I can't be the only one subscribed there getting an email fired at them for every post ever made, for a second time (And on a side note, surely risks email servers deciding piriform emails are spam due to volume being fired out)
  6. Aaaand the inbox overload has started AGAIN. About 100 emails so far, and still coming
  7. Probably long overdue, but just wanted to say thank you to Trium for being a one man Firefox notification service for us here
  8. I actually agree with this point. If this were any other software we would be kicking off about it installing spyware without user permission. That the software in question is (formerly) reputable should make no difference. Also it's becoming increasingly difficult to believe the "fix coming soon" that has been promised for a ridiculous time now is anything other than deliberate delaying to keep up Avast installs. It's such a simple fix that it is inconceivable to believe that a billion dollar company couldn't have fixed it straight away, let alone a year or two down the line!
  9. Yeah, I occasionally use (current version of) Tor and the difference doesn't bother me much. Just laziness and sticking with what I'm used to. But as my laptop also uses Win7 I can't really stick with an old browser as of today anyway, so not updating FF sharpish would be lazy AND dumb lol
  10. I'm still on the last pre-Quantum release on laptop, so FF is still quite delightful lol. Though I think I've given it long enough for addons that broke with FF60 to become functional again. Plus I quite like the privacy and anti-tracking functionality being added to FF at present, so will finally be making the jump to the NEW 'delightful' Firefox at some point. Probably
  11. Who wrote this? Mozilla or a dodgy chinese junkware dev
  12. I know I don't come here much anymore, but this is going too far
  13. I spoke too soon, another 34 emails this morning
  14. Well it does have a habit of sending 2 email notifications for any new post there, but 200 (or 212 to be precise) is a little OTT
  15. Well it SEEMS to have stopped now, none for the last two hours
  16. I'm getting one for every thread ever started in the announcements section. A small selection (there's 212 in total, so far):
  17. Just had my email inbox fill up with notifications for every post ever created in the announcements section EDIT: And they're STILL coming. About 250, over last 5 hours
  18. You don't delete EVERYTHING. After it's loaded drivers you can click the "Select old drivers" button and that will tick entries that probably aren't needed and can delete them if you want. Drivers which were installed on the computer when you got it may not be able to be deleted, so don't try to force delete any that it says can't be deleted. But as with anything like this, the risk is yours, make sure you have backups in case it all goes wrong. Personally I only use it to delete old nVidia drivers (which took up a big chunk of space), anything else takes up such negligible space it's not worth messing anything up for.
  19. "No entry loaded" at startup is normal, it usually takes 5-10 second to load (maybe longer). Same if you click refresh. "There are one or more open sessions" suggests you've multiple copies of the program running, check task manager to make sure there's not a copy running/hanging in the background.
  20. If the screen is empty it's not working, should be a list of drivers showing, regardless of whether they're old or not.
  21. It's not exactly a rising issue that needs addressing. It's a bit like making the entire planet take vitamin C tablets cos there are still some people that get scurvy. And those people in rural America have presumably coped perfectly well updating their browser for the last 20 years. Just doesn't add up to cynical old me
  22. "the agent is aimed at users on slow connections" I'm not buying that. That's an almost non-existent issue in this day and age. My cynical side thinks this will be for more than one way traffic
  23. I use it mainly to delete old nVidia driver stuff after each driver update, which uses up a load of space over time. Other stuff it lists, at least on my laptop, is barely worth bothering with.
  24. Couldn't agree more. This is the second time in the post Avast era they've added something that went against the Piriform ethos, and for the first time ever (and I've been here 14 years), I no longer trust CCleaner/Piriform. Piriform was always really attentive to issues like this that were raised, part of what got them where they are (and got them trusted). Users in this forum always felt like participants in the programs progress. Now it seems there's an unstoppable roadmap in place of where Avast wants to take it, and to hell with keeping the users informed, or listening to them. And the thread Nukecad links to just shows what a confusing shambles this whole random feature preview thing is - you've got a new member signing up to ask for help, and extremely long term members/helpers AND MODERATORS, who just look stupid cos they have no idea what's going on cos they've never even SEEN the feature that isn't working! It's just stupid. Either roll features out to all users, or have a beta branch. (I'll quit whinging and go away now )
  25. I read it as enforced beta tester recruitment (as they've added it to the main program with no opt out) with the ability to enable/disable features remotely. I'm not touching any update until that opt out is added.
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