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  1. I don't think anyone cares about future updates. Damage is done. Have you consulted your GDPR lawyers this time or are you scamming enough that you can quite happily pay your 5% annual turnover ICO fine. I have never updated since you forced Avast install on me. Then argued the toss that there was an option to disable the install. Which there wasn't. Sold your soul to the devil. Game over.
  2. I have never installed Avast knowingly, I have never seen that message ever. And when ccleaner installed it, I completely uninstalled it with revo uninstaller, then I ran the avast remover tool. Then ccleaner, and then 2 registry cleaners. Still no avast message on install. So I would like to know where exactly this is referencing to show this message whether it be a cookie, registry or folder. Because I assure you it doesn't show on my computer. And yes I have worked in IT all my lfe, so you can be as technical as you like in your answer. Maybe it shows on a brand new computer that has never had a copy of ccleaner installed ever. But considering people were complaining about this on the avast forum a few months ago, it obviously hasn't been tested properly.
  3. Why do you keep posting this as an answer .. no it is not.
  4. I think it's disgusting that your free version of ccleaner now installs avast antivrus without my knowledge. No check box, no warning. I also read on the avast forum that it is meant to show a pop up box. I even installed it twice to see if I get this pop up. Which I didn't. I wont be future updating ccleaner anymore due to the installing software without my knowledge. Now I have got to waste 20 minutes of my own time fully deleting this surplus antivirus crap off my computer. The irony of a cleaner program, installing junk on my computer.
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