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  1. Any reluctant updaters made the jump from the v52 ESR yet and any thoughts? Are the web extensions caught up anywhere near what the old addons used to be? (I keep putting it off, but gotta do it asap. Or possibly switch to Opera which I tried again for the first time in ages recently and was really impressed by)
  2. So revolutionary. I've had my Firefox set up to do this for years - tabs restored from last session and FF set to run at startup
  3. Had me panicking there, thought it was an early end to FF52 releases! I intend to cling on to my working addons and Classic Theme Restorer look till the very last second
  4. Seeing as you apparently missed it (if you didn't then you're just whining for the sake of it):
  5. It's Avast's now, gotta pump up the bloat Or, undoubtedly, official answer will be "lots of code changes to make way for big things coming soon" (Sorry, I'll put the sarcasm hat away now )
  6. Looks like Avast will be pushed by the program once installed too now. Release notes for 5.42: " Where appropriate, CCleaner Free may recommend improvements to your system’s antivirus protection " I joked with the last version that the decline of CCleaner had started, it's spiralling ever quicker by the looks of it. But hey, we had many good years, and I'm sure the Pirifom guys made some money out of the sale, so can't really complain I suppose
  7. Just go back to the previous version till an update arrives. That's what everyone else bothered by it has done.
  8. Sadly this is exactly what I expected when Avast took over Piriform. When I saw the new results graphics I knew it had started, the change towards CCleaner becoming another flashy fronted, dumbed down, identikit cleaner (ie "will undergo change and we will be bold") - make it look fancy to try to sell more, regardless of whether it's of use to actual users. Next step after that dumbing down in a couple of years, style and brand it as Avast cleaner. And/or integrate it into an Avast utility program or Avast AV and CCleaner becomes ancient history. CCleaner did not become a massive success DESPITE it's basic look, that was entirely PART of it's success. And hiding results of a clean does nothing to help so called "average users". "If you ask the average person what a 'cookie' or a 'thumbnail cache' is they simply won't know". I actually disagree but, regardless, the current change means they don't even know those things exist. If they see it in the results list they can google and find out, and perhaps learn the effects. Hiding that from them means they know nothing, can learn nothing and can have no idea of possible consequences of the things they don't know were cleaned. Oh and let's not also forget the removal of links to the builds/portable version on the download page, another recent anti-user move. It's a classic route that is taken whenever a large company takes over a smaller successful one - small company becomes successful/attractive, large company takes over, thinks they can do better despite the small company having done an amazing job to beat the odds and become successful in the first place, interfered with product becomes less successful, then large company dumps it cos for some reason it's no longer providing the value it was before they interfered. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I will be proved wrong, but the signs so far suggest otherwise
  9. A minor ESR update to fix an issue for Italian users: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/52.7.1/releasenotes/
  10. +1 from me on this. An option for the old view would be much appreciated Can also second the comments about major slowness scanning IE - took about 10-15 seconds, instead of the usual 1-2 (Win7 64, CC64 bit, IE11)
  11. Don't know if Piriform take any action against these sites/developers, but posting it just in case: https://www.doyourdata.com/erase-data/ccleaner-data-erasure.html
  12. Now we're talking. Thanks for putting the work into that, looking forward to keeping an up to date winapp2.ini again
  13. Interesting that Firefox ESR is less vulnerable to the Spectre and Meltdown bugs than the main release Firefox, so doesn't require an immediate security fix: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1198249 Well I thought it was interesting
  14. That may be true, but my point was you can't easily copy and paste the entries from Git update page. Unless I'm missing something, you copy and paste, then have to delete a load of plus signs, minus signs, removed lines, leading spaces. Then hope you've not accidentally screwed up the entry in the process lol
  15. It would be helpful if new winapp2 releases had the changes posted here, as they used to be, so individual new entries can be copy pasted to a users own file, which can't be (simply) done from the Github change list. Not a requirement, but it'd be easier
  16. Was only a matter of time before Avast started making Piriform products less freeware user friendly. Next step, remove the slim and portable versions altogether. Then cripple, or ad fill, the free version
  17. Many do. Especially the year named versions as they're usually giveaway versions, not 'always free' versions (even though they technically are, they're not publicised as such to potential users). And newer is not always better. I used an old version of Burning Studio for years, cos the newer version added a load of bloat and functions I didn't need, was about ten times the size, and made a simple job complicated. It sometimes seems like there's an OCD file size obsession when it comes to winapp2, even at the cost of functionality.
  18. Actually that's not true. The portable version has always been available immediately. IMO this is a dumb move and will just lead to portable users running old versions if every time they get notification of an update, no update is available to download. I get the reason why they hold back the slim version, but doing so with the portable version makes no sense. If you use the installed version, you can use the full installer if you don't wanna wait. You don't have that option if you use the portable version.
  19. I've just discovered this program for the first time elsewhere, was about to post about it here after freeing up 5gb of space on my drive with it! Why is this program not more widely known?! (or perhaps, why doesn't Windows periodically free up this space itself). Great little program
  20. Be handy if someone with a bit of scripting knowledge could create a script that alphabetised ccleaner.ini so all the app entries were together
  21. Doesn't constantly changing names also bloat the ccleaner.ini file over time, as all the old names and their setting will be saved in the ccleaner.ini, even if the entry is no longer present in winapp2?
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