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  1. Yes we've got Open Office but I can't find ANY CV/resume templates. I typed Resume in help and got no results. Can you tell me exactly where I should be looking? (if it makes any difference we're using version 2.0). I don't really want to change firewall, I use Sygate and am extremely happy with it. I just thought that with Adblock being so popular on Firefox there must be some similar free product that works with AOL but I can't find one (so thought I'd ask you knowledgeable bods ). RRidgely I do use FF most of the time and think its great but have I've got too many sites in my AOL favourites/bookmarks to transfer over to FF (and as far as I know theres no other way of doing this other than manually), so still need to use AOL sometimes. And I still use AOL for my email and don't particularly want to change my email addy by going over to Thunderbird.
  2. I've been trying to find a couple of of free programs and thought I'd see if anyone here can help. Firstly I want an ad blocker that works with AOL, ie just like the Firefox Adblock extension, so that I can get rid of Google ads and irritating ad banners. Also I'm trying to find a free program that helps you write a CV/resume, or some free CV templates somewhere. Any help would be VERY much appreciated
  3. Not as far as I know
  4. I've been using the Folder Access program recommended at the end of that thread since it was recommended and it works a treat. I only wanted to lock a folder so didn't see the point in getting an encryption program that did more than I needed. Also I only wanted to lock one folder too so the trial element (only four folders lockable) was irrelevent. Highly recommended.
  5. How safe is Eraser for for overwriting free disk space? I've had the program for a while but never had the guts to use this feature as I'm worried it might do harm.
  6. Thanks rridgely, only just seen your post. Downloaded the program and it does the job spot on. Cheers
  7. I might try that if I can't find anything else. One of the things I really liked about Advanced Hide Folders when i tried the trial version was that you could run it in stealth mode, meaning there was no sign of the program on your computer and the only way to access it was via a keyboard shortcut. Meaning no-one even knew you were trying to hide anything. I'm just surprised, considering theres a free program for nearly everything, that I can't find quite what I'm looking for
  8. Thanks for the tips but still haven't been able to find quite what I'm looking for. I just want a simple program that will allow me to add a password to some folders to prevent others accessing them, I don't want to encrypt the information or anything like that. Something just like this: Advanced Hide Folders, but a full free program, not a trial version (which this is, despite what it says ). There must be one out there somewhere, but I can't find it
  9. Can anyone recommend a free program that I can use to password protect one of the folders on my computer, preferably something pretty simple/basic. I have found True Crypt (but that seems pretty complicated), Cryptainer (which has a 25 meg limit on the free version) and Dekart Private Disk Light. Has anyone tried any of these or have any other recommendations? Cheers
  10. I'm sure it used to but it isn't now. I'm on AOL9 (WinXP Home) and noticed that pictures I had viewed previously on AOL are coming up straight away instead of loading slowly (Dialup ), despite having run CCleaner and restarted computer since I last viewed the pages. I then clicked on the arrow beside the web address box and it shows every web page I've visited for about 2-3 days, even though I've run CC a few times in that period. I'm sure CCleaner used to clean this - am I wrong?
  11. We've just got new computer but haven't got Word and Excel on it. GF used these regularly on old computer and is considering paying silly money for MS Office. Basically what I want to know is will OpenOffice open documents created with Word and Excel, and will documents created with OpenOffice be openable (is that a word?) with Word/Excel? Cheers
  12. Bloody hell DJ, your a genius. I've spent 2 months talking to Microsoft, trying lots of suggested cures and none worked. I mention it on here, you recomend a program which, after 30 seconds, has fixed my computer. BITS service has restarted and Windows updates are working again, brilliant. By the way, reinstalling BITS with the update you linked to doesn't work. I had tried it before but it just says the version on my computer is newer than the update so is not neccessary. Doesn't matter anymore, its FINALLY fixed Cheers
  13. I've been having the same problem with Windows updates. I'm certain its due to being unable to start the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, I get a service specific error code when it tries to start. What does the above exe file actually do and is it possible it would help sort the problem with BITS?
  14. JDPower


    I know this has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer - is it best to uninstall the old version of CCleaner before installing a new version or best to just install it over the top?
  15. JDPower


    Not neccessary in my opinion. Personally I don't like to download a new version straight away so that if there are any bugs they are picked up and fixed before I download it.
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