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  1. How about a refresh option so that you can see if the temperature changes or something else changes? You would go to File >> Refresh instead of re-opening the program.
  2. For this browser, Yes it is. If you don't want your privacy at risk, don't provide valid information to them. Social Network Sites or any Website.
  3. I suggest that you use http://rockmelt.com instead. Source: http://flock.com
  4. They did release version 11.10 of Opera just recently as well.
  5. I used Auslogics Disk Defrag the other day and it slowed my machine down. This defragger takes a while but does a very good job and after you run it next time it doesn't take as long. My machine was still slow after I ran the defragger but not as slow as when it ran the other defragger and I ran the free space defragger and it's even faster now! I really like this software. I am impressed!
  6. rlshosting

    Speccy gadget

    Yes or maybe a system tray option.
  7. Agreed with mrmadness Willy2 unfortunately not a lot of people don't wan to do that or know how to do that. They probably want a automatic way.
  8. They can't get everybody. More will just show up if they shut them down.
  9. This should be in Defraggler. Not CCleaner.
  10. Nice new design but I don't know why you did not take my suggestion in consideration. It needs a forums button. Home Products Downloads Blog Forums About
  11. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6623/ Please add this feature for the love of god.
  12. I hate having multiple programs. One for defragging and one for registry defrag. I would love to see a registry defrag option for Defraggler. Thanks.
  13. I would like the option to defrag multiple hard drives at once.
  14. I have the same issue. I have not used any paid defrag software. I have 20% left on my drive no matter what I do. The other defrag software finishes it with 0%. It makes the software look bad when it can't defrag the whole drive or tell you the reason for this. Shouldn't it have boot time defrag if can not defrag the system files?
  15. I like it a lot but its not the best ever I do admit.
  16. Great! I can not wait!
  17. I do not mean to be lazy or whatever but could you put a Forums tab on http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner where it says Products, Download, Blog, & About on the top right?
  18. Ad Muncher isn't free but it works with all browsers. Its $20 and $30. https://www.admuncher.com/
  19. HP will send the discs for $20 I think but do you have any other hard drives on the computer? External etc? Try removing them. If you have the HP disc, you can click Repair to fix it too. If you run the bios, you could set the bios to defaults. Can you run the bios at all?
  20. Sorry to double post but you guys can try the pre-alpha: http://labs.opera.com/news/2009/12/22/
  21. Looks much better and slimmer in my opinion. Its much faster as well.
  22. http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/ I really like the program but the site seems to be down for me. http://filehippo.com/download_unlocker/
  23. Thank god a browser is included with Windows.
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