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  1. Sorry I was not able to get back on sooner as I was on vacation I was unable to repair the computer, discs where ordered but did not arrive before I had to leave. What ever took over his computer did a number on it. It does not boot from the disc, or usb port. it reads Disc boot failure. over and over. tried a recovery disc without luck. tried everything I knew without luck. He is upset he had over 700 albums on his computer. Now he will have to start fresh. I told him to bring it in to a repair shop as it was beyond my abilities and I just did not have the info I needed to go further. I've been restoring and helping people clean up speed up and help install virus protection to repair their computers for years. I've never never seen anything like this or heard of it. I spoke to many of my geek friends, and they all wanted to get their hands on his unit to see if they could repair. but I had to leave the unit as I was on vacation. I think he's going to just buy another unit and when he can get this repaired. Thanks for the input. That will teach him to no open up an email from unknown entities and then click on the links inside them. they are riddled with trojans and virus. stupid people that do this crap, he never used his computer to do online banking or credit cards he is old school that way. thanks for the help
  2. Well this is the cleanest inside computer I've seen in a long time no real dust. Remove battery, checked all cables. NO luck. Same Same, don't forget he clicked on a link in a bad email and it took over the computer. I have no idea how to change ports I have to order disc from HP as he did not make recovery discs. I hope that will work I don't no what damage was done. I wish people would read and people who sell computers stress this. I really wish that all Brands of computers do what they used to do and make it part of the computer you purchase how damn cheap can you be, what add and extra 10 to the price, so people who just buy set up and turn on they feel they are good to go and have no clue they are suppose to make recovery discs.
  3. There is no external hd I no the software is on D but can't get into it. Can't get the computer to go into safemode. No I don't have the HP disc did the bios to default without luck went to screen which says " Disk boot failu
  4. I'm trying to repair my brother's computer. He received a bad email and clicked on the link, (big no no I told him never to do it ) well it took over his system, and crash. He's only had the computer a little over a year. What I get after boot up is Disk Boot Failure insert system disk and press enter. All well and good - he never made back up discs. (told him to but he didn't listen) I've tried the F11 without luck. Did the F2 & F10 all comes back to the screen disk boot failure. this is a HP M8200N running vista home premium AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual cor processor 6000+ How to repair did a lot of research - seems that HP will send the discs, What I've read for this system is they don't work properly. I'm trying to avoid that. do I purchase Vista and reinstall it? if so how can I tell prior that this crash didn't blow the HD, or anything else for that matter? Any advise would be greatly appreciated as I don't know vista, I'm still running xp without problems. Dutch
  5. I use Msn Messenger and haven't noticed anything either as YET. Of course I haven't use IM in the last week. Confused as how its getting through.
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