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  1. Analyze produces nothing for me as well. I tried on two separate computers with no luck.
  2. The two check boxes that trigger the API to show a dialog window are: Internet Explorer [x] Autocomplete Form History [x] Saved Passwords If these are unchecked, then it is 100% silent. However, I still want to make sure these get deleted. What directories/files are being erased for these?
  3. Are you saying that this is related to the API for the deletion of these files for Internet Explorer? Which checkbox option is causing this box to appear? Is it the [x] "Temporary Internet Files" for Internet Explorer? If this is the culprit, then can you please tell me which folder(s) are being erased? Perhaps the best option is to add these folder(s) to the Settings/Include to be deleted.
  4. I currently have ccleaner set to run when the computer starts which essentially does "ccleaner64 /auto". However, while cleaning it will show a dialog box that says it is deleting the browsing history. How can I hide this dialog completely, and simply have ccleaner clean silenty?
  5. Hi, According to Defraggler, my C:\ is 17% fragmented, and no matter how many times I defrag it still says 17%. Can someone please explain this? (The file list shows some files which lead me to believe they did not get defragged, maybe because they are in use, but if so, how am I able to defrag these files such as pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys, and the ones within System Volume Information?) Also, why does Windows defrag say C:\ is 0% fragmented, whereas Defraggler says 17%?
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