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  1. How do i retrieve the header ? I have hotmail. Is this what you meant ?
  2. Did my first post sound ungrateful ? I'm interested in learning how a free software company works, income is a part of that. I'm thinking about releasing some software for free in the future so i'm learning the ins and outs right now, not found much detailed information about this subject so a ask....
  3. So should i be offended and reply rudely or am i misunderstanding your question ?
  4. Well the e-mail message indirectly told me to post here, since i wouldn't get an answer directly from Piriform due to them being "busy" E-Mail message: Hi, thanks for your email. If you have a bug to report or a feature to suggest, then please register at [url="http://forum.piriform.com/"]http://forum.piriform.com/[/url] and post a message detailing the issue you are having. Registration is fast and free and our forum members are really very helpful. Or, if you have a question about our products you can almost certainly find the answer at [url="http://docs.piriform.com"]http://docs.piriform.com[/url] Sorry about this automated response, but we're really busy creating great applications Please do not reply to this email as we will not receive the reply. Regards Samad
  5. Something tells me that just donations are insufficient..
  6. Hi I post here because i got an automated e-mail message telling me to do so. How does Piriform earn money from free software ? I've always wondered how they do it. Can anyone tell me or perhaps somebody from Piriform can tell me when they have time. I'm very interested so the more details the better, thanks.
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