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  1. I doubt i'm going to use it because it doesn't sound very stable, what I've heard from others. SO it doesnt look like it
  2. I don't know how to delete an opendns account, but i do kno how to stop using it. Go to start->control panel->network connections->find your connection->right click and click properties->click tcp/ip->properties-> and insert another dns server
  3. Im not doing a diy on the charger but the place on the computer where you insert the charger
  4. This feature would add a tremendous amount of time to the time required for cleaning. A good tool for this however, is Revo Uninstaller
  5. By default event viewer starts overwriting events that are old, so i never really have gotten anything out of it. It isn't as functional as i would like it to be
  6. Windows Vista looks like a no-no for me too. I have a lot of windows xp (genuine) product keys and it looks like up xped up for a long time. I kno everyone loves vista's aero but it is just a ram hog.
  7. Little bit strange i thought about this because that wouldn't work. When you load a upx archive it extracts everything to the temp folder. Since ccleaner cleans up he temp folder it would destroy itself and possibly crash
  8. I have MSU winning a close game (fingers crossed) but UNC is looking for their 100th title
  9. Ok so a while back i got a hp zx5000 and the outlet to recharge it broke. Got it repaired for about a $100 and about a year later it broke again. Since only the solder came apart, could i do a diy? If so give me instructions plz
  10. Try IIS, microsofts version of web server. All you need to do is keep your computer on all the time and have a certain version of an os. (XP PRO, Vista Enterprise, Vista Ultimate, etc.)
  11. All you have to do to use opendns is change your dns servers to and OpenDNS is actually more safer because i went to known phishing sites on a test computer and it blocked them
  12. Who wins the NCAA tournament Michigan State or UNC?
  13. I haven't used windows with a spyware attack, but it is good for realtime protection that unfortunately, is not true. Based on a PcWorld test it got 0% on spyware removal on active samples
  14. Tried IE 8 in beta and it was very annoying, kept disabling norton 360 phishing filter... so it sucks
  15. Ok, so im into programming and i decided to make a keylogger (No, i did not spread it around) to test antivirus, spyware etc. I tested with norton 360, threatfire, and windows defender. Only threatfire picked it up. Download it from pc tools and try for your self
  16. CounterSpy is pretty good
  17. I use siteadvisor because i thought wot was too annoying
  18. I haven't tried disabling it so i dont kno what to say exactly... but i'll try it on ms vpc and get back to you
  19. Ok, so 2 features that would be excellent to add cleaning up the index service in c:\catalog.wci and clearing events from the event viewer- if you could unlock them from services.exe Get back to me...
  20. hate to say it, but thats a bad idea (kinda). Why? Cleaning the registry blindly can cause serious problems to your computer. So always look at what you are going to change before you do it.
  21. I've tried with orca and wininstall le and both have been a challenge
  22. Disabling prefetch is like taking a step back to windows 98. And bhos are not necessarily junk i.e. norton 360 phishing filter
  23. I don't kno a whole lot about the 1st, so i'll say 2,3,4. CCleaner is to clean gunk in your system, not to deal with registry tweaking. 3, disabling prefetch slows down your system. 4, system restor is stored in an area where you DO NOT want to mess with permissions
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