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  1. Bored with Vista's boring startup? Try this trick Go to start->run msconfig and go to boot.ini and click /noguiboot, apply, restart Cool, no? Edit: This trick disables the current vista loading screen at boot sequence with an aurora of lights
  2. Sometimes when i have my system on mute and i watch a flash video, i try to unmute but a message pops up and says no mixer was found, the program will now close. Yet i have a mixer and sound does work most the time
  3. IE6 is a little bit better because its simpler
  4. Honestly, I made my own program to keep WGA off and shut it up. I like the HOSTS element because it's very clean
  5. comper6


    Can someone give the link to the winsys2.ini, sorta like winapp2.ini with a big list of apps Thanks
  6. I checked not too long ago just to see if it's still up, and it is
  7. Piriform 2009 is the best, personally
  8. My advice for you guys is to get yourself out of the legal- hot water and just add these entries to your HOSTS file. # Copyright ? 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.## This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.## This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one# space.## Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual# lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.## For example:## rhino.acme.com # source server# x.acme.com # x client host127.0.0.1 localhost#Prevents WGA from phoning home127.0.0.1 mpa.one.microsoft.com #for XP/2003127.0.0.1 sls.microsoft.com #for Vista Also to Augeas: This tool replicates spyware so there are some ethical issues behind it, and the tools main process is to check your hardware hash with product key that's activated with windows. So, if you do a hardware upgrade on certain elements of your system, the hardware hash changes and WGA complains. Usually, it depends on your luck Also to Dennis: Nice dock and backround!
  9. Wouldn't it be cool if CCleaner worked on the iPhone/iTouch, and cleared cache, history, etc?
  10. It will say this update can't be removed
  11. Did you unregister the dll?
  12. comper6

    SMART error

    I am quite shocked to say this, but i think recuva had something to do with a crash on my computer. I started getting a SMART error about Reallocated Sector Count. Now using active@ disk monitor i have a 2% health
  13. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...amp;hl=cylinder
  14. Three points of Vista 1) UAC 2) Legacy Apps compatibility 3) Vista= More than 6 versions, XP=3ish versions
  15. Some people complain about how many errors on there computer they have and they use windows ME. Just making sure you aren't using a messed up os
  16. comper6


    Same as what Keith and Dennis said, but i'm pretty sure its a backdoor trojan that is imitating NTDETECT.COM. I had a similar issue with a process WINLOGO.EXE ( No typo) imitating winlogon.exe
  17. Keith, its your lucky day, check these instructions out here
  18. Vista's graphic subsystem requires 256 mb RAM, which is a lot more than some would like Edit: I wish they could support XP and Vista like they did for NT and 98
  19. You have about every OS there is!
  20. comper6

    2 CPUs?

    Yeah, that's it because when I boot up there is the little HT thing on the side of the pentium 4
  21. comper6

    2 CPUs?

    When I ran devmgmt.msc on my XP machine, it stated that i had 2 Intel Pentium 4 3.00 ghz CPUs. I have not upgraded the computer to 2 CPUs so is there really 2 CPUs
  22. Does anyone know why Windows Genuine Advantage has the 'Advantage' in it. To me it seems that if you have a non-genuine Windows, WGA makes your life miserable.
  23. Do you have a 64-bit OS, thats probably the cause. CCleaner is 32-bit and 32-bit won't recognize more than 3.5 GB memory.
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