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  1. Its ridiculously hard to create a msi file without trouble. To create a msi, there is so much cryptic code. Try it and talk to me
  2. Sadly, compacting actually slows down the computer. It requires more threads to decompress every time you use it
  3. Perfectly safe actually to delete .pf files, Here are some instructions 1)Give %systemroot%\prefetch permission to evryone 2)Add lines [Advanced Prefetch Clean] LangSecRef=3003 Default=True FileKey1=%systemroot%\Prefetch|*.pf to winsys2.ini (Create if not already there) 3)Cleans all of it now!
  4. Using this will waste space because every time you extract the file it will expand to a temp folder
  5. I think i wrote this topic wrong. Really, this folder being attacked by malware is unlikely but it can happen. The main purpose of this folder is to prevent against cracks. Don't crack, no use for files being protected.
  6. Yeah SFC /purgecache does clear it, but the folder serves no purpose unless 1) Your computer is being hacked or 2) You replace system files with modified versions. If you aren't into cracking, etc. and don't have malware than the contents of this are safe to remove. SFC /purgecache does the same thing as deleting the contents of this folder.
  7. Registry Defragmentation is pretty much the same thing as registry cleaner with little difference
  8. Does CCleaner cleanup system restore points that are old? Also, does CCleaner cleanup old uTorrent files that are abandoned and corrupt
  9. Good Idea, but unless firefox crashes often, these don't take up much space
  10. Add a function that clears the Windows File Protection Cache. WFP uses a folder (%systemroot%\system32\dllcache) to hold important files that replace foreign system files to protect the system. It can contain up to a whole expanded windows CD! Highly Fragmented also and slows the computer's index service.
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