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  1. In the German translation of the menu is a little error. The menu for "File, Close" (German: Datei, Beenden) there is written "%Beenden% instead of "&Beenden" (B for the acceleration key).
  2. Yes? Tell me at least one! I suggest, to make that optional and turn the option off by default.
  3. Hello! What do you think to add a commandline-option to run also the registry-cleaner at startup (by default off)? The next thing is, that everytime I clean the registry, I must make the same steps many times, until all registry-errors are solved (Scan for issues, Fix selected issues, Fix all selected issues). At example: After the first run of the regcleaner, it found 733 errors. After the second run, it found 22 errors. After the third 1 error, and after the fourth 0 errors. My suggestion is: An option, the make all this automatically. Scan, Fix, Scan again... until no more erro
  4. What do you think about to add these Features: - Delete Empty folders - Delete 0-byte-files - Delete orphaned lnk-files - Delete invalid files and folders With "invalid files and folders", I mean the problem, that occurs with robocopy, if you try to copy your userprofile and forgot to exclude Junctions with /XJ, at example: robocopy C:\Users\Username X:\BackupDrive /e It is also discussed here: http://www.vistax64.com/vista-file-managem...opy-broken.html http://ask-leo.com/why_cant_i_delete_this_file.html
  5. If I place a file with the ending *.url in the Autostart-Folder, this is not shown in the autostart-list of CCleaner.
  6. I found the source of this error. I tried Defraggler on many machines and on everyone the same error. Also on several complete new installed virtual Machines for testing purposes. But after I disabled networking, the error was gone (only a messagebox, that there's no internet connection was appearing). Our Internet-connection goes over a proxy. In the control panel under Internet options is a proxy configured with the port 3128. Back on my own machine, I opened the registry and created the key "UpdateCheck" (dword) with value 0 at HKCU\Software\Piriform\Defraggler. Now it was possi
  7. Immediatley after opening Defraggler 1.14 there appears the following error: unknown software exception (0xc000000d) at 0x004c7fcd I have Windows XP SP3 german, Pentium Dual E2220, 2,4 GHz, 2 GB Ram.
  8. It would be great, to have MSI-Installer-Files for all Piriform-products, especially CCleaner and Defraggler. I use these wonderful programs all over my network with > 50 computers, but it's annoying to install them and also upgrade them manually. The first rollout I did with PSEXEC, but the problem was, that I must give PSEXEC an admin-account. So the Piriform-products were installed with the admin-account and Icons in the Programs-Folder were missing for the user, because they are installed in the %USERPROFILE%-Folder, but not in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE%-Folder. Also, the standard-langua
  9. That's not a good idea, because it's hard to find duplicates. First, on what basis you want to find them? filename, file-content, both? And from where the software should know if the file is necessary for the system? Scan the windows-folder for duplicates and you will find much of them. But I never would delete one of them. I use a dup-finder especially for pictures (jpg) and movies, sometime office-documents, but nothing else. A dup-finder has nothing to do with CCleaner, so let this task to other programs. I suggest AllDup (www.alldup.de). It's free and available in german (and I think a
  10. That would be a great Feature. I want this too!
  11. It would be great, if you release CCleaner as MSI-Package (Windows Installer). With a MSI, it's very easy to roll out a big number of clients. What do you think about this?
  12. It would be great, if you release Defraggler (and of course CClenaer) as Windows-Installer-Package (MSI). With an MSI it's much more easier to deploy it to all my clients in my Active Directory (about 60 clients).
  13. I was on translate.piriform.com, but how can I create an account to login?
  14. It would be great to have an option for df.exe to create a task. And another option to create a task not only for a specified date/time, but also for "computer is idle" (Windows taskplanner has such an option).
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